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Axel vs. Axle: What's the Difference?

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Axel is a figure skating jump, while axle refers to a rod or spindle that supports and rotates wheels or gears.

Key Differences

Axel, a term from figure skating, denotes a jump with a forward takeoff and multiple rotations in the air. Axle, in contrast, is a mechanical component, essential for the rotation of wheels in vehicles.
The axel is characterized by its athletic and artistic nature, showcasing skill and grace. Conversely, the axle is a fundamental part of vehicle engineering, crucial for mobility and stability.
The axel is celebrated for its elegance and difficulty in sports, the axle is appreciated for its functionality and durability in machinery. These terms, despite their phonetic similarity, occupy distinct realms of language, reflecting the diversity of human activities and inventions.

Comparison Chart


A figure skating jump with a forward takeoff.
A rod or spindle supporting and rotating wheels.


Figure skating, sports.
Mechanics, vehicles.


Describes a specific type of jump.
Refers to a component of a vehicle.


Athleticism, grace.
Functionality, support.

Linguistic Function

Noun, specific to figure skating.
Noun, related to mechanical engineering.

Axel and Axle Definitions


A figure skating jump with a forward takeoff.
The skater executed a perfect axel in her routine.


A central shaft for rotating wheel assemblies.
The truck's axle was reinforced for heavy loads.


A jump in figure skating that involves one and a half rotations.
He's been practicing his axel for weeks.


A crucial component in the mechanism of wheeled vehicles.
Regular maintenance of the axle is essential for safety.


A term used in figure skating to describe a specific jump.
She added a double axel to her program.


A part of a vehicle's suspension system.
The axle helps distribute the weight of the car evenly.


A challenging move in figure skating.
Landing a clean axel is a sign of a skilled skater.


A bar or shaft that connects wheels on opposite sides.
The axle ensures that the wheels turn in unison.


A maneuver in figure skating that requires precision and skill.
The axel is one of the most difficult jumps to master.


A rod or spindle that supports and rotates wheels or gears.
The car's axle broke, leaving it immobile.


A jump in figure skating that is initiated from the outer forward edge of one skate, followed by one and one-half midair turns and a return to the outer backward edge of the other skate.


(figure skating) A jump that includes one (or more than one) complete turn and a half turn while in the air.


What is an axel?

An axel is a figure skating jump with a forward takeoff.

Is axle specific to cars?

No, axle is used in various vehicles and machinery with rotating wheels.

Can axel be used outside of figure skating?

Axel is primarily used in the context of figure skating.

Are there different types of axels in figure skating?

Yes, there are single, double, and triple axels.

What is an axle?

An axle is a rod or spindle that supports and rotates wheels or gears.

Is axle always made of metal?

Axles are typically made of metal, but other materials can be used.

Can axle refer to a non-rotating part?

No, axle specifically refers to rotating parts.

How many rotations does a standard axel have?

A standard axel has one and a half rotations.

What skills are needed to perform an axel?

Strength, balance, and precision are essential for an axel.

What are the types of axles in vehicles?

Common types include live, dead, and tandem axles.

How does axle wear affect vehicle performance?

Worn axles can lead to instability and unsafe driving conditions.

Are axles visible on all vehicles?

Axles are not always visible, as they can be enclosed in the vehicle's structure.

Can an axel be performed on both feet?

Typically, an axel is performed with a takeoff from one foot.

Can axel be pluralized?

Yes, as in "She landed three axels in her routine."

Is the axel jump named after someone?

Yes, it's named after Norwegian skater Axel Paulsen.

What maintenance is required for axles?

Regular inspections and lubrication are important for axle maintenance.

Can axle damage be repaired?

Depending on the extent of the damage, axles can often be repaired or replaced.

What role does the axle play in vehicle safety?

The axle is crucial for vehicle stability and weight distribution.

Is there a difference between front and rear axles?

Yes, front and rear axles have different functions and designs.

Are axels judged differently in competitions?

Yes, the execution and difficulty of axels are factors in scoring.
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