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Automatised vs. Automatized: What's the Difference?

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Automatised and automatized are essentially synonymous, both referring to the process of making something operate automatically.

Key Differences

Both automatised and automatized mean to make a process or system operate automatically. They are often used interchangeably in various contexts.
Automatised and automatized are used in technological and industrial contexts, describing the conversion of manual processes to automatic operations.
While both terms are used similarly, there might be regional preferences in usage. Some regions may prefer one term over the other, but the meanings remain the same.
In industry and technology, both terms describe the implementation of automation in systems or processes to improve efficiency and reduce human intervention.
As technology evolves, the terms automatised and automatized are increasingly used to describe the adoption of automated systems in various sectors.

Comparison Chart


Making something operate automatically
Making something operate automatically

Usage Contexts

Technological, industrial
Technological, industrial

Linguistic Preference

May vary regionally
May vary regionally

Application in Industry

Implementation of automation
Implementation of automation

Relation to Technology

Describes evolving automated systems
Describes evolving automated systems

Automatised and Automatized Definitions


Integrating technology into systems.
Their payment system is fully automatised.


Changing processes to function automatically.
The plant’s operations were automatized last year.


Enhancing efficiency through automation.
Automatised assembly lines reduce errors.


Streamlining operations through automation.
Automatized systems have streamlined our data handling.


Introducing automated processes.
The factory was automatised to increase production.


Embedding technological solutions.
They have automatized their inventory management.


Decreasing the need for manual labor.
With automatised sorting, the workflow improved.


Minimizing human labor in operations.
Automatized machinery has reduced the workforce needed.


Upgrading systems to operate automatically.
Their security system was recently automatised.


Modernizing systems for automatic functioning.
Their heating system is fully automatized.


Simple past tense and past participle of automatise


To make automatic.


To turn into an automaton.


Simple past tense and past participle of automatize


What does automatized refer to?

Similar to automatised, it refers to making something automatic.

Can a small business be automatised?

Yes, even small processes can be automatised for efficiency.

What does automatised mean?

It means making a process or system operate automatically.

Where is automatised commonly used?

In industrial and technological contexts.

What benefits does automatized bring to manufacturing?

Increased production speed and reduced errors.

Are automatised systems expensive?

Initial setup can be costly but often saves money long-term.

Are automatised and automatized interchangeable?

Yes, in most contexts, they are used interchangeably.

What contexts use automatized?

Also in industrial and technological contexts.

Is automatized used in large industries?

Yes, it's commonly used in large-scale industrial automation.

Does automatised imply full automation?

Not always; it can refer to partial automation too.

How does automatised improve efficiency?

By reducing manual labor and increasing precision.

What skills are needed to manage automatised systems?

Technical skills, particularly in IT and engineering.

Can automatized systems still require human oversight?

Yes, some automatized systems may need human monitoring.

How do automatised systems impact quality control?

They often improve consistency and quality.

Can automatized processes be reverted?

Technically yes, but it's often not practical.

Does automatised reduce employment opportunities?

It can, by replacing some manual jobs with machines.

What industries benefit from automatized processes?

Manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and more.

Can automatized systems adapt to changes?

Some can, especially those with AI integration.

Are automatized processes environmentally friendly?

They can be, by reducing waste and improving efficiency.

How will automatised technology evolve?

It's likely to become more advanced, integrated, and AI-driven.
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