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Authorized vs. Unauthorized: What's the Difference?

Edited by Harlon Moss || By Janet White || Updated on November 19, 2023
Authorized refers to having official permission or approval, while unauthorized means lacking such permission or approval.

Key Differences

Authorized indicates that something has been officially approved or sanctioned, often by a person in authority or an institution. This approval grants legitimacy to actions, decisions, or access. Unauthorized, in contrast, signifies actions or access that lack official approval or sanction, often implying illegality or non-compliance with established rules.
When something is authorized, it means it is done with the consent or endorsement of someone with the power to give such consent. This could involve legal, professional, or organizational contexts. Unauthorized actions or uses are done without such consent, potentially leading to legal consequences, penalties, or sanctions.
In the context of products or services, authorized often means that the product or service meets certain standards or has been endorsed by the brand or governing body. Unauthorized products or services, meanwhile, are those that are distributed or provided without the consent of the original creator or trademark owner, often violating intellectual property rights.
Authorized access to information or locations means that the person has been granted permission, often after meeting certain criteria or qualifications. On the other hand, unauthorized access refers to gaining entry or obtaining information without permission, which can be considered trespassing or breaching confidentiality.
In terms of digital and online usage, authorized refers to actions or access that have been granted permission, typically through passwords, user agreements, or digital rights management. Unauthorized in this context often relates to hacking, piracy, or violation of digital rights, reflecting actions that breach digital security or copyright laws.

Comparison Chart


Has official permission or approval
Lacks official permission or approval


Implies compliance with laws or regulations
Often implies illegality or non-compliance

Source of Approval

Granted by a person or body with the authority to give approval
Done without consent from an authoritative source


Generally legal and accepted
Can lead to legal consequences or penalties


Professional, legal, digital security
Trespassing, piracy, violation of policies or rights

Authorized and Unauthorized Definitions


Sanctioned or endorsed by authority.
The project was authorized by the board.


Illegitimately carried out or unrecognized.
Unauthorized software can pose security risks.


Legitimately allowed or recognized.
The software installation was authorized by the IT department.


Not certified or accredited officially.
The workshop operated as an unauthorized repair center.


Officially certified or accredited.
The repair service was authorized by the manufacturer.


Not having official permission or approval.
Unauthorized entry to the property is prohibited.


Having received permission.
He was authorized to access the confidential files.


Without received permission.
He faced charges for unauthorized use of company funds.


Officially permitted or approved.
She was an authorized dealer of the brand.


Lacking sanction or endorsement by authority.
The publication of the book was unauthorized.


To grant authority or power to.


Not having any authority


To give permission for (something); sanction
The city agency that authorizes construction projects.


Without official authorization


Explicitly allowed.


Not endowed with authority


Simple past tense and past participle of authorize


Without official authorization;
An unauthorized strike
Wildcat work stoppage


Possessed of or endowed with authority; as, an authorized agent.


Sanctioned by authority.


Endowed with authority


Sanctioned by established authority;
An authoritative communique
The authorized biography


Can a person be authorized?

Yes, a person can be authorized to perform specific actions or access certain information.

What does authorized mean?

It means having official permission or approval.

Are authorized actions always legal?

Generally, yes, as they are done with official approval.

Is unauthorized use of property considered theft?

It can be, depending on the laws and the nature of the use.

How do companies prevent unauthorized access?

Through security measures like passwords, encryption, and access controls.

How does one become authorized to access sensitive information?

Typically through gaining clearance or meeting specific criteria set by the authority.

What is an authorized signature?

It's a signature of a person who has the authority to legally bind an organization or individual.

What is an authorized dealer?

A dealer officially approved to sell a certain brand or product.

Are authorized transactions reversible?

It depends on the terms of the transaction and the policies of the involved parties.

What does unauthorized mean?

It refers to lacking official permission or approval.

What constitutes unauthorized access?

Unauthorized access occurs when someone enters a place or accesses information without permission.

Can unauthorized work be copyrighted?

Yes, but it may infringe on the rights of the original creator.

Can an authorized person delegate their authority?

It depends on their level of authority and the policies of the organization.

Is unauthorized internet usage common?

Yes, it includes actions like using someone else's Wi-Fi without permission.

Can unauthorized actions lead to legal consequences?

Yes, they often lead to legal issues due to lack of official sanction.

What are the risks of unauthorized software?

Risks include security threats, malware, and legal issues.

Are unauthorized biographies legal?

They can be legal but may face ethical and credibility challenges.

What is an authorized account?

An account that is officially approved for specific transactions or uses.

Can unauthorized actions ever be justified?

In rare cases, like emergencies, but usually, they are not justified.

How is authorization granted in a professional setting?

Through official channels like contracts, permissions, or executive decisions.
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