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Attitude vs. Character: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on January 8, 2024
Attitude is a person's perspective or mental stance towards situations, while character is the set of moral and mental qualities distinguishing an individual.

Key Differences

Attitude refers to the way a person views life and approaches situations, often visible through their reactions and expressions. Character, on the other hand, is the deeper set of qualities and values that consistently define a person's actions and beliefs, regardless of circumstances.
Attitude can be altered with experiences and is often situation-specific, displaying how one feels about something at a given moment. Character embodies a person's core principles and virtues, shaping their consistent behavior over time.
A positive attitude can influence interactions and decision-making, reflecting a person's mindset in specific scenarios. Character reveals itself through ethical decisions and integrity, illustrating a person's moral compass and stability.
Attitudes are often externally influenced, subject to change based on social, environmental, and emotional factors. Character is built over a lifetime, deeply ingrained, and less susceptible to superficial changes.
In essence, while attitude is about one's outward display in particular situations, character is about the ingrained traits that guide a person's conduct and life choices consistently.

Comparison Chart


Mental and emotional stance
Ingrained moral and ethical qualities


Often observable
Revealed through consistent behavior


Can vary with situations
Generally stable and enduring


Affected by external factors
Shaped by internal principles


Affects immediate reactions
Dictates overall life choices

Attitude and Character Definitions


It's an individual's predisposed state of mind.
His skeptical attitude often leads to unnecessary doubts.


It refers to the distinctive traits of a person.
Her kindness is a testament to her good character.


Attitude is a person's viewpoint on something.
Her positive attitude towards work inspires her colleagues.


Character is the ethical and moral fiber of a person.
He is known for his character of integrity.


It's the way someone feels about particular things.
His dismissive attitude towards feedback hinders his growth.


Character is the mental and moral qualities of an individual.
His honesty shows strong character.


Attitude is the orientation of an individual towards certain ideas or people.
Her friendly attitude makes her approachable.


It's the sum total of a person's values and principles.
Her steadfast character helps her overcome challenges.


Attitude encompasses one's mental position regarding a fact.
Her attitude of gratitude makes her loved by all.


Character encompasses the enduring traits that define a person.
His generous character is admired by everyone.


A manner of thinking, feeling, or behaving that reflects a state of mind or disposition
Has a positive attitude about work.
Kept a dignified attitude throughout the crisis.


The combination of mental characteristics and behavior that distinguishes a person or group.


The distinguishing nature of something.


What influences attitude?

Social environment, experiences, and emotions influence attitude.

Can attitude change?

Yes, attitudes can change with experiences and insights.

What is a negative attitude?

A negative attitude is a pessimistic or unconstructive viewpoint.

Can a person's character evolve?

Yes, character can evolve with self-awareness and life experiences.

Can attitude be measured?

While subjective, attitude can be inferred from behavior and expressions.

What is attitude?

Attitude is a person's mental stance towards people, situations, or objects.

Is attitude important for success?

Yes, a positive attitude can significantly contribute to success.

What defines character?

Character is defined by a person's moral and ethical qualities.

Is character innate or learned?

Character is developed over time, influenced by experiences and values.

Can attitude affect relationships?

Absolutely, attitude plays a crucial role in shaping relationships.

How can one improve their attitude?

By self-reflection, positive thinking, and embracing change.

Is attitude linked to personality?

Yes, attitude is a component of one's overall personality.

What distinguishes good character?

Good character is marked by honesty, integrity, and compassion.

Can character be misjudged?

Yes, character can be misjudged based on superficial observations.

How is character revealed?

Character is revealed through consistent actions and decisions.

How does attitude reflect a person's thinking?

Attitude mirrors one's thoughts and feelings about specific situations.

Why is character important in society?

Character is crucial for trust, reliability, and social harmony.

How does character impact leadership?

Strong character fosters trust and respect, essential for effective leadership.

Why is character critical in decision-making?

Character guides ethical and moral choices in decision-making.

Does character influence one's legacy?

Absolutely, character significantly shapes how one is remembered.
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