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Article Writing vs. Report Writing: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on December 27, 2023
Article writing involves creative and informative content for a broad audience, whereas report writing focuses on factual, structured presentation of information, often for a specific audience or purpose.

Key Differences

Article writing is aimed at informing or entertaining a general audience, often incorporating the writer's opinion or narrative style. Report writing is primarily for presenting factual information, analysis, or findings, typically in a more formal or academic context.
Articles often feature a conversational, engaging style to appeal to readers, using storytelling or descriptive techniques. Reports are more straightforward, emphasizing clarity and precision, often following a strict format.
The audience for articles can be the general public or readers interested in specific topics, whereas reports are usually intended for a specific group, such as academics, business executives, or professionals in a field.
Articles cover a wide range of topics, from current events to specialized subjects, and can be subjective. Reports are focused on specific subjects, presenting data, analysis, and conclusions in an objective manner.
Articles may have a flexible structure, allowing for creative expression. Reports typically follow a formal structure, including sections like abstract, methodology, results, and conclusions.

Comparison Chart


Engage and inform a broad audience
Present factual information for specific purposes


Conversational, narrative
Formal, structured


General public or specific interest groups
Specific groups or professionals


Broad topics, can be subjective
Specific subjects, objective analysis


Flexible, creative
Formal, often with predefined sections

Article Writing and Report Writing Definitions

Article Writing

Articles expressing the writer's viewpoint.
His article writing often includes strong opinions on political matters.

Report Writing

Creating reports on technical subjects.
His technical report writing simplifies complex engineering concepts.

Article Writing

Writing that provides information on various topics.
Her article writing skills made complex subjects easily understandable.

Report Writing

Documenting the progress or results of projects.
His report writing is crucial for our project documentation.

Article Writing

Writing editorials that reflect the stance of the publication.
His editorial article writing influences public opinion.

Report Writing

Writing reports that interpret data findings.
Her report writing skills excel in data interpretation and presentation.

Article Writing

Independent writing for various publications.
She excels in freelance article writing for lifestyle magazines.

Report Writing

Writing reports for business analysis or strategy.
His report writing skills are essential for our market analyses.

Article Writing

Crafting detailed articles on specific subjects or stories.
Her feature on local cuisine showcases her article writing talent.

Report Writing

Presenting findings of academic research.
Her report writing in the scientific study was commendable.


How does the style differ between article and report writing?

Article writing is more narrative and conversational, while report writing is formal and structured.

What is the main goal of report writing?

To present structured, factual information for specific purposes.

What is the main goal of article writing?

To inform, entertain, and engage a broad audience.

Who are the typical audiences for articles and reports?

Articles target the general public or interest groups, while reports are for specific professional or academic groups.

Is storytelling used in report writing?

No, report writing focuses on factual presentation without storytelling.

Can both articles and reports include visuals?

Yes, both can include visuals, but in reports, they are strictly used to support data.

What types of content are found in articles vs. reports?

Articles cover a wide range of topics and can be subjective, whereas reports focus on objective analysis of specific subjects.

How is the structure different in article writing compared to report writing?

Articles have a flexible structure, while reports follow a formal, often predefined structure.

Can personal opinions be included in article writing?

Yes, personal opinions are often part of article writing.

Should report writing include personal opinions?

No, report writing should be objective and fact-based.

Is there room for creativity in report writing?

Report writing is less about creativity and more about clear, precise presentation of information.

Is citation important in report writing?

Yes, citing sources is crucial in report writing for credibility and reference.

Is creative expression a part of article writing?

Yes, article writing often involves creative expression to engage readers.

Should report writing be objective?

Yes, objectivity is a fundamental aspect of report writing to ensure unbiased information presentation.

Is storytelling a part of article writing?

Yes, storytelling can be an integral part of articles.

What is the importance of structure in report writing?

A clear, logical structure is essential in report writing for easy comprehension and reference.

Are sources cited in article writing?

Sources may be cited in articles, especially in journalistic or research-based writing.

Should report writing always be formal?

Generally, report writing maintains a formal tone to convey professionalism and accuracy.

How important is the narrative flow in article writing?

Narrative flow is key in article writing to keep the reader engaged.

Can article writing be informal?

Yes, articles can adopt an informal tone depending on the audience and publication.

Can article writing be subjective?

Yes, articles can be subjective, especially in opinion pieces and editorials.
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