Difference Between Aqueous Humor vs. Vitreous Humor


Main Difference

There are two types of humors are present inside the human eye from which the Aqueous Humor is one which’s primarily a clear liquid found inside the space present between the cornea and the lens of the human eye. It is the vital efficiency of the Aqueous Humor to generate constantly all via your complete lifetime of individuals. The Aqueous Humor is able to perform this efficiency by pigmented and non-pigmented epithelium of the ciliary physique. The aqueous humor is produced and drained on the cost of about 1 to 2.5 per minute respectively. The location of the Vitreous humor inside the human eye could be observed inside the rear part of the eyeball. The area of the Vitreous humor consists of the realm that is present between the lens and the retina. On your complete, it is a clear, gel-like substance. The Vitreous humor is present inside the human eye merely because of the secretion of the non-pigmented ciliary physique.


What is Aqueous Humor?

The manufacturing and drain cost of 1 to 2.5 per minute inside the Aqueous Humor might be very obligatory. Or else, the Aqueous Humor will amplify or reduce the ocular stress which will result in many types of glaucoma. The zero.2ml liquid is present inside the aqueous humor of a median specific particular person. But given that development of the lens inside the human eye is occurred because of rising age, the amount of this liquid lastly decreases. From the title of the Aqueous Humor, you presumably can merely guess that it includes primarily water which is as a lot as about 98.69%. The completely different parts of the Aqueous Humor are proteins, electrolytes, glucose, lactase, amino acids, lipids, coagulation and cell improvement inhibitors, ascorbate, oxygen and additional.


What is Vitreous Humor?

Most of the time, the Vitreous Humor is free of microorganism that is not frequent inside the surrounding tissues. The vitreous humor is correctly protected with a set of sturdy membranes that forestalls the doorway of the microorganism. There is little doubt that the vitreous humor is enclosed nonetheless it is not an inert part of the eye because of prime goal that the Vitreous Humor includes a small number of cells. The phagocytic cells are moreover present inside the Vitreous Humor the intention of which is to destroy the abroad particles and microorganisms. The basic of the Vitreous Humor is water nonetheless; completely different substances like salts, sugars, vitrosin and others are moreover present.

Key Differences

  1. The place of the Aqueous humor is between the cornea and the lens of eye nonetheless you could possibly discover the vitreous humor inside the rear part of the eyeball between the lens and retina.
  2. The vitreous humor is especially a clear gelatinous mass whereas the Aqueous humor is a clear liquid.
  3. The eye produces the Aqueous humor on regular basis and it consistently drains from the doorway area of the eye till dying. On the alternative hand, the manufacturing of the vitreous humor is only one time that is all through the embryonic stage. It stays in your complete lifetime of the eye.
  4. The aqueous humor refills regularly whereas the Vitreous humor in no way replenish.
  5. In a single eye, the amount of aqueous humor is decrease than that of Vitreous humor.