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Among vs. Amid: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on December 26, 2023
"Among" is used for being in or part of a group or items, while "amid" means being surrounded by or in the middle of something, especially something that encompasses or envelops.

Key Differences

Among typically refers to being part of a group or a number of items, suggesting a sense of inclusion or association. Conversely, amid implies being in the middle of or surrounded by something, often with a sense of immersion or enclosure.
Among is often used to describe a position within a group or amongst different entities, highlighting a sense of belonging. Amid, however, conveys the idea of being surrounded by a setting or environment, often used to describe a literal or figurative enclosure.
The word among is generally used when referring to distinctions or relationships within a group. In contrast, amid is used to indicate a setting or background situation, often suggesting an engulfing atmosphere.
Among can denote being in the company of others or part of a collective, emphasizing a sense of community or connection. Amid usually refers to being encircled or encompassed by surroundings, emphasizing more the context or environment than the relationship.
Among can imply a distribution or scattering within a group, while amid often conveys a sense of being in the midst of a general condition or environment, highlighting a central position rather than a relational one.

Comparison Chart

Context of Use

In or part of a group or items
Surrounded by or in the middle of something


Inclusion, association
Immersion, enclosure

Typical Usage

Relationships within a group
Setting or background situation


Community, connection
Context, environment


Distribution within a group
Central position in a condition

Among and Amid Definitions


To be surrounded by differing things or people.
Her house stood among tall trees.


During; in the process of.
Amid much fanfare, the ceremony began.


Being a member or included in a specific group.
He was among the chosen few.


In the presence of a particular situation.
They continued to work amid the crisis.


Being included or involved in a group.
She felt comfortable among friends.


In an atmosphere or against a backdrop of.
She remained calm amid the chaos.


Indicating a part of a larger number.
Among the options, pizza was his favorite.


Being encircled by something.
The fortress stood amid snow-covered mountains.


To be in the company of others.
He was happiest among his family.


Surrounded by; in the middle of.


In the midst of; surrounded by
A pine tree among cedars.


In the middle of; in the center of; surrounded by.


In the group, number, or class of
She is among the wealthy.


See Amidst.


How is among used in a sentence?

Example: "He was among the guests at the party."

What is the meaning of amid?

Amid means being surrounded by or in the middle of something.

What does among mean?

It refers to being part of a group or among items.

Is amid used for physical surroundings only?

No, it can be used for both physical and figurative surroundings.

Does amid convey a sense of immersion?

Yes, it often implies being engulfed or enclosed.

Can among be used for two items?

Typically, among is used for three or more items.

Can amid indicate a time period?

Yes, like "amid the celebrations."

Can among be used for distribution?

Yes, like "dividing the food among the children."

Can amid be used metaphorically?

Yes, like "standing firm amid adversity."

How does among differ in usage from between?

Among is used for more than two entities, while between is for two.

Is among suitable for denoting a position in a list?

Yes, like "ranked among the top."

Does among imply a relationship?

Yes, it often suggests a connection or association.

Can amid be used in a spatial context?

Yes, like "a house amid the trees."

Does among imply being a part of something?

Yes, it suggests inclusion in a group or set.

Can amid be used to describe emotional states?

Yes, like "finding peace amid turmoil."

Is amid used for contrasting settings?

Yes, like "calm amid chaos."

How is among used in terms of belonging?

Like "one among many."

Does amid suggest a central position?

Yes, it indicates being in the midst of something.

Is among used for describing feelings in a group?

Yes, like "feeling joy among friends."

Is amid appropriate for describing situations?

Yes, particularly complex or challenging situations.
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