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Amenable vs. Amendable: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Updated on October 6, 2023
Amenable means being open and responsive to suggestions; Amendable refers to having the capability to be changed, modified, or corrected.

Key Differences

Amenable primarily refers to a person's willingness or openness to be persuaded or to cooperate. It can be used to describe someone who is responsive to advice, suggestions, or recommendations. Conversely, Amendable is not used to describe people but rather laws, documents, or situations. It means that something can be changed, modified, or corrected, typically through a formal process.
Amenable has applications in legal and organizational contexts and is often used to describe someone who is agreeable to abide by the expectations of a group or the mandates of an authority. On the other hand, Amendable is often used in legislative contexts where laws or policies are subject to modification or revision. It reflects the adaptability and flexibility of rules or documents to meet new circumstances or rectify issues.
Being amenable is a characteristic attributed to individuals and signifies a cooperative and agreeable nature. It reflects a positive quality in individuals who are willing to comply or who are easily managed or handled. In contrast, being amendable is not a human characteristic but a quality of a text or a set of rules, indicating that they can be altered or revised to accommodate new information or changing needs.
When a person is amenable, they show a disposition to be agreeable or accommodating. It does not imply any changes or modifications to their inherent characteristics or beliefs. However, when something is amendable, it suggests that improvements or alterations can be made to its current state or form to fit a purpose or to correct errors or inadequacies.

Comparison Chart


Describes a person’s willingness or openness.
Refers to the capability of being changed or modified.


Applied to people.
Applied to laws, documents, or situations.


Legal, organizational.
Legislative, procedural.


Cooperation, responsiveness.
Correctability, adaptability.


Agreeable or compliant disposition.
The state of being subject to revisions or modifications.

Amenable and Amendable Definitions


Capable of being acted upon in a particular way; susceptible.
The data is amenable to analysis.


Open to adjustments or modifications.
The schedule is amendable depending on the availability of the participants.


Ready to consent or submit.
She was amenable to the contract terms and signed the agreement.


Subject to being changed or corrected.
The document is amendable to accommodate the new clauses.


Pleasant and good-natured.
His amenable personality made him a favorite amongst his peers.


Adaptable to modifications or alterations.
The software code is amendable to enhance its functionality.


Willing to agree or to accept something that is wanted or asked for.
The manager was amenable to the employees’ suggestions.


Capable of being modified, reformed, or improved.
The constitution is amendable through a strict process.


Responsive to advice, authority, or suggestion; willing.
The child was amenable and listened to his teacher attentively.


Suitable for amendments or revisions.
The draft policy is amendable before its final approval.


Willing to accept a suggestion or submit to authority
"a class that is all the more amenable to control for living perpetually under the threat of deportation" (Amitav Ghosh).


To change for the better; improve
"The confinement appeared to have had very little effect in amending his conduct" (Horatio Alger).


Ready to consent; agreeable
Are you amenable to a change in schedule?.


To alter the wording of (a legal document, for example) so as to make more suitable or acceptable.


Responsible to higher authority; accountable
Amenable to the law.


To enrich (soil), especially by mixing in organic matter or sand.


Susceptible or open, as to testing or criticism
"The phenomenon of mind ... is much more complex, though also more amenable to scientific investigation, than anyone suspected" (Michael D. Lemonick).


To better one's conduct; reform.


Willing to respond to persuasion or suggestions.


Capable of being amended.


Willing to comply; easily led.


Capable of being amended; as, an amendable writ or error.


Liable to be brought to account, to a charge or claim; responsible; accountable; answerable.


Capable of being corrected by additions;
An amendable flaw


(law) Liable to the legal authority of (something).
Decisions of the Boards of Appeal are amenable to actions before the Court of Justice of the European Communities


Being a locally compact topological group carrying a kind of averaging operation on bounded functions that is invariant under translation by group elements.


Easy to be led; governable, as a woman by her husband.


Liable to be brought to account or punishment; answerable; responsible; accountable; as, amenable to law.
Nor is man too diminutive . . . to be amenable to the divine government.


Liable to punishment, a charge, a claim, etc.


Willing to yield or submit; responsive; tractable.
Sterling . . . always was amenable enough to counsel.


Disposed or willing to comply;
Someone amenable to persuasion
The spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak


Readily reacting to suggestions and influences;
A responsive student


Liable to answer to a higher authority;
The president is amenable to the constitutional court


Does amenable refer to a person's character?

Yes, amenable typically describes a person's willingness or openness.

Is amendable used in legislative contexts?

Yes, amendable is commonly used to describe laws or policies that can be revised.

Can laws be amendable?

Yes, laws are often amendable to address changes in society.

Is being amenable considered a positive trait?

Generally, yes. It implies a cooperative and agreeable nature.

Can organizations be amenable?

Amenable usually describes individuals, but it can metaphorically refer to organizations’ willingness.

Can amenable refer to a willingness to accept conditions?

Yes, an amenable person is often willing to accept conditions or requirements.

Is amenable synonymous with agreeable?

Yes, amenable is often synonymous with agreeable or willing.

Is a contract amendable?

Yes, contracts are often amendable to accommodate changes agreed upon by the parties involved.

Can a budget be amendable?

Yes, budgets are often amendable to reflect changes in income or expenses.

Can amenable be used to describe adaptability?

While amenable primarily relates to willingness, it can also imply adaptability in terms of being responsive to changes.

Can amendable refer to correcting errors?

Yes, if something is amendable, it can be corrected or improved.

Does being amenable mean being submissive?

Not necessarily. Being amenable means being cooperative, but it doesn’t imply lack of assertiveness or submissiveness.

Can a schedule be amendable?

Yes, schedules can be amendable to accommodate changes.

Can a plan be amendable?

Yes, plans are often amendable to adjust to new circumstances or information.

Can being amenable relate to compliance with the law?

Yes, a person who is amenable to the law is willing to abide by it.
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