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Add vs. Addition: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on January 28, 2024
Add is a verb meaning to join or combine, while addition is a noun referring to the act of adding or the thing added.

Key Differences

Add and addition are connected through their root meanings but differ in grammatical usage. Add functions as a verb, implying the action of combining or joining things together. Addition, on the other hand, is a noun, denoting the result of adding or the process itself.
In context, add is used to describe the act of including something, as in arithmetic or in a broader context. Addition is the outcome of this action or the element that has been included. For example, adding numbers results in an addition.
Add is an action, while addition often refers to a supplementary component. In construction, an addition is an extra part added to a building. In mathematics, an addition is the sum.
Add requires a direct object, something to add to. Addition can stand alone or with modifiers, describing what has been added or the act of adding itself.
Usage in a sentence differentiates them further. To add spice to a dish versus the addition of a new room to a house shows their distinct roles as a verb and a noun, respectively.

Comparison Chart

Part of Speech



To join or combine elements
The act or result of adding

Contextual Example

Add sugar to the tea.
The addition of sugar sweetens tea.

Use in Mathematics

To perform the action of calculation
The result of a calculation

In Literature

To include more content or detail
A supplementary section or chapter

Add and Addition Definitions


To increase in number.
Adding more guests will require extra seats.


The act or process of adding.
The addition of a new wing to the hospital was necessary.


To say or write further.
He added that he would be late.


A new or extra item included.
The latest software update is a useful addition.


To combine or join together.
Add the flour to the mixture.


Something added.
The pool is a recent addition to the house.


In mathematics, to perform addition.
Add 5 and 3 to get 8.


In mathematics, the sum or total.
The addition of 5 and 3 is 8.


To include as an extra item.
Add a signature at the end of the letter.


An extra part or extension.
A sunroom is a pleasant addition to a home.


To join or combine (numbers) through addition
If you add 5 and 10 and 17, the result is 32. If you add 6 to 8, you get 14.


The operation that, for positive integers, consists of increasing by a definite number of increments of 1. The operation is extended to other numbers according to the additive properties of positive integers and other algebraic properties.


To join or unite so as to increase in size, quantity, quality, or scope
Added 12 inches to the deck.
Flowers that added beauty to the dinner table.


Any of certain analogous operations involving mathematical objects other than numbers.


The process of adding or joining something to something else, typically to make it larger
The addition of a porch to the house would increase its resale value.


What does addition mean in construction?

In construction, an addition is a part added to a building, like a new room.

Is add always about quantity?

Not always. Add can refer to increasing quantity or introducing new elements in various contexts.

What is the primary function of the word add?

Add is a verb used to combine or join things together.

Can add be used in mathematics?

Yes, add refers to performing addition in mathematics.

Does addition always involve physical objects?

No, addition can refer to abstract concepts, like ideas or features.

Can add imply a temporal aspect?

Yes, as in "Add five minutes to the timer."

How is addition used in a sentence?

Addition is a noun, often referring to something that has been added or the process of adding.

How do you use add in a social context?

It can mean to include someone in a group or list, like adding a friend on social media.

Can addition be used in art?

Yes, it can refer to new elements added to an artwork.

Is addition used in finance?

Yes, it can refer to adding funds or resources.

Can add be used in cooking?

Yes, for example, "Add salt to taste."

In literature, what does addition mean?

It can refer to supplementary content or chapters in a book.

Can addition have multiple meanings?

Yes, it can vary based on context, from mathematical sums to new building sections.

Can add be metaphorical?

Yes, as in "add color to a story."

Is addition used in academic writing?

Yes, it can refer to extra material or sections added to a paper.

How does add function in technology?

It can mean to include more features or data, like adding an app to a device.

Does add have different forms?

Yes, it can be conjugated based on tense, like added, adding.

What does addition mean in music?

It can refer to adding a new instrument or section to a piece.

Is add used in computer programming?

Yes, it can refer to adding data or functionality to a program.

How is addition used in sports?

It can refer to new players or features added to a team or game.
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