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Achievment vs. Achievement: Mastering the Correct Spelling

By Janet White || Updated on March 11, 2024
Achievment is a common misspelling; the correct spelling is Achievement, which means the act of accomplishing or attaining a goal.

Which is correct: Achievment or Achievement

How to spell Achievement?

Achievment is Incorrect

Achievement is Correct


Key Differences

Use mnemonic devices, like "At Chief Events, I Even Memorized Every Notable Trophy," where each word's starting letter helps spell "ACHIEVEMENT."
Mentally replace "ment" with "moment"; at the moment of your "achievement."
Picture the "EVE" in Achievement as an event where goals are celebrated.
Recall the phrase, "Every Victory Earns" to remember the "EVE" sequence in Achievement.
Remember "Achieve" is the base word, and "ment" is the suffix; combine them to get "Achievement."

Correct usage of Achievement

His lifelong dream was to receive an award for his achievment in literature.
His lifelong dream was to receive an award for his achievement in literature.
The company recognized the employee's achievment with a special award.
The company recognized the employee's achievement with a special award.
Completing the marathon was a personal achievment for him.
Completing the marathon was a personal achievement for him.
She was very proud of her latest achievment in the science fair.
She was very proud of her latest achievement in the science fair.
The team celebrated their great achievment after winning the championship.
The team celebrated their great achievement after winning the championship.

Achievement Definitions

Achievement refers to a thing done successfully through effort and skill.
Winning the marathon was a significant achievement for Lisa.
Achievement signifies mastery or conquest in a particular field.
His groundbreaking research is a notable achievement in science.
Achievement is the completion of a task or accomplishment.
Finishing the book was a personal achievement for him.
Achievement is the realization of an aim or purpose.
Her business success was a great achievement.
The process of achieving something
She devoted her life to the achievement of voting rights for women.
Something that has been achieved, especially by means of skill or perseverance
The discovery of antibiotics is one of the great achievements of modern medicine.
The act of achieving or performing; a successful performance; accomplishment.
A great or heroic deed or feat; something accomplished by valor or boldness.
(heraldry) An escutcheon or ensign armorial; a full display or depiction of all the heraldic components to which the bearer of a coat of arms is entitled; a funeral shield: the hatchment.
(video games) An award for completing a particular task or meeting an objective in a video game.
Finishing the game does not give you a 100% score until you have unlocked all of the achievements.
The lexical aspect (aktionsart) of verbs or predicates that change in an instant.
(sociology) The successful completion of a socially defined goal or task, highlighting individual or group accomplishment.
The act of achieving or performing; an obtaining by exertion; successful performance; accomplishment; as, the achievement of his object.
A great or heroic deed; something accomplished by valor, boldness, or praiseworthy exertion; a feat.
[The exploits] of the ancient saints . . . do far surpass the most famous achievements of pagan heroes.
The highest achievements of the human intellect.
An escutcheon or ensign armorial; now generally applied to the funeral shield commonly called hatchment.
The action of accomplishing something
Achievement indicates a special accomplishment, attainment, or award.
She received an achievement badge for her service.

Achievement Sentences

Completing the project ahead of schedule was a major achievement for the company.
Winning the science competition was a significant achievement for her.
Reaching the summit of Mount Everest is considered a remarkable achievement in mountaineering.
The museum's opening was hailed as a cultural achievement for the city.
His achievement in mathematics earned him a scholarship to a prestigious university.
Graduating with honors was an achievement that fulfilled her family's dreams.
The team's achievement was celebrated with a victory parade in their hometown.
The author's latest book is an achievement in both storytelling and research.
Securing the peace agreement was an achievement that earned him the Nobel Peace Prize.
Earning their trust was an achievement that meant a lot to me.
The film's critical acclaim was an achievement for the director.
Her achievement in breaking the sales record was recognized at the annual meeting.
The chef's achievement in winning the international cooking contest was celebrated by his peers.
The community's achievement in restoring the historic park was recognized with an award.
She received a medal for her achievement in community service.
Overcoming his fear of public speaking was a personal achievement he was very proud of.
The athlete's achievement of winning gold medals in three Olympics is unparalleled.
Documenting the rare species was an achievement that contributed significantly to their conservation.
Organizing the charity event successfully was a notable achievement for the volunteers.
The team's achievement in developing a sustainable energy solution was widely acclaimed.
Completing the novel was an achievement that took years of dedication.
His achievement of mastering multiple languages is admired by many.
The invention of the new technology was an achievement that changed the industry.
The student's achievement in science earned him a place in the national competition.
For many, buying their first home is considered a major life achievement.

Achievement Idioms & Phrases

A crowning achievement

The greatest or most notable success in someone's career or life.
Publishing her first novel was her crowning achievement.

A sense of achievement

The feeling of pride and fulfillment that comes from accomplishing something significant.
Finishing the marathon gave him a great sense of achievement.

A milestone achievement

An important achievement that represents a significant stage in progress.
The launch of the new product was a milestone achievement for the company.

Achievement unlocked

A phrase borrowed from video gaming, used to signify that a significant milestone has been reached.
Graduating with top honors-achievement unlocked!

A lifetime achievement

An award or recognition for a person's accomplishments over their entire career.
The artist was honored with a lifetime achievement award for his contribution to music.

Mark of achievement

A sign or symbol of a significant accomplishment.
The diploma was a mark of achievement, representing years of hard work.

A notable achievement

An accomplishment that stands out as significant among others.
Her notable achievement in the field of science earned her many accolades.

To bask in the glow of achievement

To enjoy the satisfaction and recognition from achieving something.
After the successful event, the team basked in the glow of achievement.

Hallmark of achievement

A distinguishing feature or characteristic signifying a high level of accomplishment.
The innovation is a hallmark of achievement in technology.

Symbol of achievement

An object or action that represents the accomplishment of something noteworthy.
The trophy is a symbol of achievement for the winning team.

A story of achievement

A narrative or account highlighting someone's or something's accomplishments.
The documentary tells a story of achievement, detailing the athlete's journey to the Olympics.

The fruits of achievement

The rewards or benefits that come from having achieved something.
Enjoying the fruits of achievement, she took a well-deserved vacation after the project's completion.

Personal achievement

An accomplishment that is significant on a personal level, regardless of recognition by others.
Completing the painting was a personal achievement for him.

The pinnacle of achievement

The highest or most successful point of achievement.
Being elected president was the pinnacle of achievement in his political career.


Describing a person or culture that places a high value on achieving goals and success.
The company's achievement-oriented culture pushes employees to strive for excellence.

An embodiment of achievement

Someone or something that exemplifies or represents a high level of success or accomplishment.
The renowned scientist is an embodiment of achievement in her field.

A testament to achievement

Evidence or proof of someone's or something's achievement.
The completed bridge is a testament to the achievement of the engineers.

Breakthrough achievement

An accomplishment that represents a significant advance, especially in knowledge or technology.
The development of the vaccine was a breakthrough achievement.

In recognition of achievement

A phrase used to acknowledge and honor someone's success or accomplishment.
The award was given in recognition of his achievement in environmental conservation.


What is the root word of Achievement?

The root word of Achievement is "achieve."

Which vowel is used before Achievement?

The indefinite article "an" is used before Achievement when it's necessary.

Why is it called Achievement?

It is called "Achievement" because it derives from the verb "achieve," meaning to accomplish or attain.

What is the pronunciation of Achievement?

Achievement is pronounced as /əˈCHēvmənt/.

What is the plural form of Achievement?

The plural form is "Achievements."

Which article is used with Achievement?

"An" or "the" can be used with Achievement, depending on context.

Which preposition is used with Achievement?

Various prepositions can be used with Achievement, but "of" (as in "Achievement of a goal") is common.

What is the verb form of Achievement?

The verb form of Achievement is "achieve."

What is the singular form of Achievement?

The singular form is "Achievement."

Which conjunction is used with Achievement?

Any conjunction can be used with "Achievement" based on context; there isn't a specific one tied to the word.

Is Achievement a countable noun?

Yes, Achievement can be countable (e.g., "many achievements").

How many syllables are in Achievement?

Achievement has four syllables.

What part of speech is Achievement?

Achievement is a noun.

What is the opposite of Achievement?

The opposite of Achievement is "failure."

What is the first form of Achievement?

The term "first form" typically refers to verbs. Since "Achievement" is a noun, it doesn't have verb forms. The base verb is "achieve."

Is Achievement an abstract noun?

Yes, Achievement is an abstract noun.

Is Achievement a negative or positive word?

Achievement is generally viewed as a positive word.

Is Achievement a collective noun?

No, Achievement is not a collective noun.

Is the Achievement term a metaphor?

Achievement is not inherently a metaphor, but it can be used metaphorically in some contexts.

Is the word Achievement imperative?

No, Achievement is not an imperative verb.

What is a stressed syllable in Achievement?

The stressed syllable is "chieve."

How do we divide Achievement into syllables?

Achievement is divided as A-chieve-ment.

Is Achievement a noun or adjective?

Achievement is a noun.

Is Achievement an adverb?

No, Achievement is not an adverb.

Is Achievement a vowel or consonant?

"Achievement" is a word, not a single letter, so it contains both vowels and consonants.

What is another term for Achievement?

Another term for Achievement is "accomplishment."

Which determiner is used with Achievement?

Determiners like "this," "that," "my," "her," "an," and "the" can be used with Achievement based on context.

What is the second form of Achievement?

Similarly, "Achievement" does not have verb forms. The past tense of the verb "achieve" is "achieved."

What is the third form of Achievement?

The third form or past participle of the verb "achieve" is "achieved."

How is Achievement used in a sentence?

Earning her Ph.D. was a monumental achievement in her academic career.
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