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Accur vs. Occur: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Accur" is an incorrect spelling; the correct spelling is "occur". "Occur" is a verb meaning to happen or take place.

Which is correct: Accur or Occur

How to spell Occur?

Accur is Incorrect

Occur is Correct


Key Differences

Associate "occur" with "occurring" events, emphasizing the double 'c'.
Use the mnemonic i.e. "Only Correct Choice for URgency is Occur."
Recall that "accurate" is spelled with "ac-", whereas "occur" is not related to accuracy.
Remember the prefix "oc-" means "towards" or "against," fitting the meaning of occur.
Think of "occur" containing "cur," like "current events" that happen.

Correct usage of Occur

Can you believe such a coincidence could accur?
Can you believe such a coincidence could occur?
It didn't accur to me to ask for directions.
It didn't occur to me to ask for directions.
Did the accident accur on this road?
Did the accident occur on this road?
The meeting will accur next Monday.
The meeting will occur next Monday.
How often do these errors accur in the system?
How often do these errors occur in the system?

Occur Definitions

To come into one's mind; to be thought of or considered.
A brilliant idea occurred to her.
To happen or take place.
The accident occurred at the intersection.
To appear or exist; to be prevalent.
Strikes occur frequently in this industry.
To be found or present in a particular place or situation.
This species occurs only in the Amazon rainforest.
To come into existence or begin to be noticed; emerge.
New trends often occur in fashion.
To take place; come about.
To be found to exist or appear
Copper deposits occur in the region.
To come to mind
The idea never occurred to me.

Occur Sentences

The concert will occur on Friday night.
Season changes occur four times a year.
Accidents often occur when people are not paying attention.
It's rare for such events to occur in our small town.
It didn't occur to him that he could simply apologize.
Volcanic eruptions occur along the Earth's tectonic plates.
The teacher explained how chemical reactions occur.
Rare solar eclipses occur when the moon covers the sun.
How do earthquakes occur?
Changes in the weather can occur suddenly.
It's amazing how quickly changes can occur in technology.
Many historical events occur that shape the world.
The meeting will occur in the library this afternoon.
When do the majority of shark attacks occur?
The discussion on how to solve the problem will occur tomorrow.
Mistakes occur when you rush your work.

Occur Idioms & Phrases

Let occur naturally

Allowing events to unfold without interference.
Rather than forcing a decision, let's let it occur naturally.

Make something occur

To cause or ensure that an event takes place.
He did everything within his power to make the meeting occur.

Occur in sequence

When events happen in a specific order.
The steps must occur in sequence for the experiment to work.

Occur out of nowhere

When something happens suddenly and unexpectedly.
The solution occurred out of nowhere after hours of brainstorming.

Occur to someone

When an idea or thought comes into someone's mind.
It never occurred to me that I could lose.

Occur all at once

When multiple events happen simultaneously.
Problems seem to occur all at once when we least expect them.

Occur on the spur of the moment

Deciding to do something impulsively.
Our trip occurred on the spur of the moment, with no real planning involved.

Occur by chance

When something happens without planning or expectation.
We met at the party, it all occurred by chance.

Rarely occur

Something that seldom happens.
Such opportunities rarely occur, so we must take advantage of them.

Occur to the best

Acknowledging that mistakes can happen to anyone.
Errors occur to the best of us, so don't be too hard on yourself.

Occur without a hitch

When something happens smoothly without any problems.
The event occurred without a hitch, thanks to thorough planning.


What is the verb form of occur?

The verb form of "occur" is "occur" itself, used in present tense.

What is the pronunciation of occur?

Occur is pronounced as /əˈkɜr/.

What is the root word of occur?

The root word of "occur" is the Latin "occurrere."

Which vowel is used before occur?

Typically, no vowel is used directly before "occur."

Why is it called occur?

Occur is derived from the Latin "occurrere," meaning to run to meet, present itself, or appear.

What is the plural form of occur?

"Occur" does not have a plural form as it is a verb.

Is occur an adverb?

No, "occur" is not an adverb.

What is the singular form of occur?

The singular form is "occur."

Is occur an abstract noun?

No, "occur" is a verb, not an abstract noun.

Is the occur term a metaphor?

"Occur" itself is not a metaphor; it's a literal verb.

Is the word occur imperative?

"Occur" can be used in an imperative form, e.g., "Let it occur."

How do we divide occur into syllables?

Occur is divided as oc-cur.

What is another term for occur?

Another term for "occur" is "happen."

What is the first form of occur?

The first form is "occur."

Which preposition is used with occur?

Prepositions like "at," "in," or "during" are often used with "occur."

Is occur a negative or positive word?

"Occur" is neutral; it can be used in both negative and positive contexts.

What is a stressed syllable in occur?

The second syllable, "cur," is stressed in "occur."

Which determiner is used with occur?

Determiners are not typically used with "occur" as it is a verb.

Which conjunction is used with occur?

Conjunctions such as "and," "but," or "when" can be used with "occur."

How many syllables are in occur?

There are two syllables in "occur."

What is the third form of occur?

The third form is also "occurred."

Is occur a noun or adjective?

"Occur" is a verb, not a noun or adjective.

Is occur a vowel or consonant?

"Occur" is a word, not a vowel or consonant.

What part of speech is occur?

"Occur" is a verb.

What is the opposite of occur?

The opposite of "occur" can be "cease" or "not happen."

How is occur used in a sentence?

Example: "The meeting will occur tomorrow at noon."

Which article is used with occur?

As a verb, "occur" doesn't typically require an article.

Is occur a countable noun?

"Occur" is not a noun; it's a verb.

Is occur a collective noun?

No, "occur" is not a collective noun.

What is the second form of occur?

The second form is "occurred."
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