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Rehersal vs. Rehearsal: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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Rehersal is an incorrect spelling; the correct form is rehearsal. Rehearsal refers to a practice session in preparation for a public performance.

Which is correct: Rehersal or Rehearsal

How to spell Rehearsal?

Rehersal is Incorrect

Rehearsal is Correct


Key Differences

Remember the 'hear' in rehearsal, as in hearing a performance.
Rehearsal rhymes with 'recital,' another performance-related word.
Link rehearsal with 'hear' to think of listening to a performance.
Focus on the pronunciation, where the 'hear' part is emphasized.
Envision the extra 'e' in rehearsal as an extra stage for practicing.

Correct usage of Rehearsal

We have a rehersal scheduled for the play tonight.
We have a rehearsal scheduled for the play tonight.
Can you attend the music rehersal tomorrow?
Can you attend the music rehearsal tomorrow?
The final rehersal will be the day before the concert.
The final rehearsal will be the day before the concert.
The dance rehersal was very productive.
The dance rehearsal was very productive.
She missed the last rehersal and was unprepared.
She missed the last rehearsal and was unprepared.

Rehearsal Definitions

A repetition of an action or event.
The rehearsal went smoothly.
A practice session for a performance.
The actors had rehearsal daily.
A run-through of a performance.
They scheduled a dress rehearsal.
The act of rehearsing.
Rehearsal improved their confidence.
The process of practicing for a public show.
The band's rehearsal was intense.
The act of practicing in preparation for a public performance.
A session of practice for a performance, as of a play.
A detailed enumeration or repetition
A long rehearsal of his woes.
The practicing of something which is to be performed before an audience, usually to test or improve the interaction between several participating people, or to allow technical adjustments with respect to staging to be done.
A preparatory activity analogous to the rehearsal of a show.
The forest fires are just a rehearsal for the devastation that will be caused if climate change continues to worsen.
The act of rehearsing or contriving something; the fact of something's being rehearsed.
The prosecution argued that the defendant's exact repetition of his account of the events several times demonstrated the rehearsal of his story.
The act of rehearsing; recital; narration; repetition; specifically, a private recital, performance, or season of practice, in preparation for a public exhibition or exercise.
In rehearsal of our Lord's Prayer.
Here's marvelous convenient place for our rehearsal.
A practice session in preparation for a public performance (as of a play or speech or concert);
He missed too many rehearsals
A rehearsal will be held the day before the wedding
(psychology) a form of practice; repetition of information (silently or aloud) in order to keep it in short-term memory

Rehearsal Sentences

During rehearsal, the director decided to change the ending.
The rehearsal went on for two hours to perfect the scenes.
I need to pick up my costume after rehearsal.
The choir has rehearsal every Thursday evening.
There's a dress rehearsal scheduled for the night before the opening.
The rehearsal dinner will be a casual affair.
They set up the stage during the afternoon rehearsal.
The band's rehearsal is at the studio downtown.
She practices her lines at home to prepare for the rehearsal.
He was nervous during his first rehearsal with the group.
The rehearsal schedule is posted on the bulletin board.
The cast received notes after the rehearsal to improve their performance.
She arrived early to warm up before the rehearsal.
The rehearsal pianist played beautifully, enhancing the experience.
Make sure to bring all your props to the rehearsal.
The rehearsal space is booked for the entire month.
The rehearsal process helps the actors develop their characters.
The orchestra's rehearsal is closed to the public.
The lighting and sound will be tested during the technical rehearsal.
The rehearsal was stopped briefly for a costume adjustment.

Rehearsal Idioms & Phrases

Dress rehearsal

A final rehearsal with all costumes and effects before the first public performance.
The dress rehearsal went smoothly, which is a good sign for the premiere.

Blocking rehearsal

A rehearsal to plan where actors will move and stand so that they are in the correct position for each scene.
During the blocking rehearsal, we'll figure out all the movement on stage.

Tech rehearsal

A rehearsal focused on the technical aspects, such as lighting, sound, and set changes.
The tech rehearsal is crucial to ensure all the technical elements are synchronized with the performance.


Why is it called rehearsal?

It's called rehearsal because it involves rehearsing or practicing for a performance.

What is the pronunciation of rehearsal?

Pronounced as /rɪˈhɜːr.səl/.

What is the singular form of rehearsal?

It remains rehearsal in singular form.

What is the verb form of rehearsal?

The verb form is 'rehearse.'

What is the root word of rehearsal?

The root word is 'hearse,' an old term for rehearsing.

What is the plural form of rehearsal?

The plural form is rehearsals.

Is rehearsal a noun or adjective?

Rehearsal is a noun.

Which vowel is used before rehearsal?

The vowel 'e' is used before the 'h' in rehearsal.

Is rehearsal an adverb?

No, it is not an adverb.

Which conjunction is used with rehearsal?

Conjunctions like 'and' or 'but' can be used, depending on context.

Which preposition is used with rehearsal?

'At' and 'for' are commonly used, as in "at the rehearsal" or "for rehearsal."

Is rehearsal an abstract noun?

Yes, it is an abstract noun.

Is rehearsal a negative or positive word?

It is neutral; neither inherently negative nor positive.

What is a stressed syllable in rehearsal?

The second syllable 'hear' is stressed.

What part of speech is rehearsal?

It's a noun.

What is another term for rehearsal?

Practice or run-through.

What is the first form of rehearsal?

The first form is 'rehearse' (verb).

What is the third form of rehearsal?

The third form does not apply; it remains 'rehearse.'

Is rehearsal a collective noun?

No, it is not typically considered a collective noun.

Is the word rehearsal imperative?

No, it's not an imperative form.

What is the second form of rehearsal?

There is no second form; it remains 'rehearse.'

Which article is used with rehearsal?

'The' or 'a/an', depending on specific or general reference.

Is rehearsal a countable noun?

Yes, it is a countable noun.

Is the rehearsal term a metaphor?

No, it is used literally.

How many syllables are in rehearsal?

There are three syllables.

How do we divide rehearsal into syllables?


What is the opposite of rehearsal?

Performance or execution.

Which determiner is used with rehearsal?

'The', 'a', or 'this', depending on context.

How is rehearsal used in a sentence?

"The dance troupe's rehearsal was scheduled for 6 PM."

Is rehearsal a vowel or consonant?

It is a word, not a vowel or consonant.
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