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Envolve vs. Involve: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Envolve" is an incorrect spelling, while "involve" is correct. Involve means to include someone or something in an activity or situation.

Which is correct: Envolve or Involve

How to spell Involve?

Envolve is Incorrect

Involve is Correct


Key Differences

Link "involve" with "integral," both starting with 'i' for correctness.
Think of "involvement" to remember the correct 'i' start in "involve."
Remember "envolve" is missing the 'i' for 'inclusion'.
Use the mnemonic, "In every involvement, 'i' comes first," emphasizing the 'i' in "involve."
Associate "involve" with "inside" to recall it starts with an 'i'.

Correct usage of Involve

They plan to envolve more technology in their processes.
They plan to involve more technology in their processes.
She wants to envolve in the community project.
She wants to involve in the community project.

Involve Definitions

To entangle or embroil in a situation.
He became involved in a complicated legal dispute.
To include as a necessary part or result.
The project will involve several different teams.
To engage emotionally or intellectually.
The novel's plot deeply involves its readers.
To require as a necessary component.
Repairing the car will involve significant expense.
To affect or concern.
This decision involves important issues.
To have as a necessary feature or consequence; entail
Was told that the job would involve travel.
To relate to or affect
The matter is serious because it involves your reputation.
To cause to burn; spread to
The blaze involved the house next door.
To engage as a participant; embroil
The bystanders got involved in a dispute with the police.
To show to be a participant; connect or implicate
Evidence that involved the governor in the scandal.
To engage (oneself) in a love affair
Was involved with a colleague at work.
To occupy or engage the interest of
A story that completely involved me for the rest of the evening.
To wrap; envelop
A castle that was involved in mist.
(Archaic) To wind or coil about.
(transitive) To comprise or include; to have as a related part.
My job involves forecasting economic trends.
(transitive) To cause or engage (someone or something) to participate or to become connected or implicated.
How can we involve the audience more during the show?
By involving herself in her local community, Mary met lots of people and also helped make it a nicer place to live.
I don't want to involve him in my personal affairs.
We are always trying to involve new technology in our products.
To envelop, enfold, entangle.
To involve a person in debt or misery
To complicate or make intricate.
(largely obsolete) To take in; to gather in; to mingle, blend or merge.
To raise to any assigned power; to multiply, as a quantity, into itself a given number of times.
A quantity involved to the third or fourth power
(archaic) To roll or fold up; to wind round; to entwine.
(archaic) To envelop completely; to surround; to cover; to hide.
To involve in darkness or obscurity
(archaic) To connect with something as a natural or logical consequence or effect; to include necessarily; to imply.
To roll or fold up; to wind round; to entwine.
Some of serpent kind . . . involvedTheir snaky folds.
To envelop completely; to surround; to cover; to hide; to involve in darkness or obscurity.
And leave a singèd bottom all involvedWith stench and smoke.
To complicate or make intricate, as in grammatical structure.
To connect with something as a natural or logical consequence or effect; to include necessarily; to imply.
He knowsHis end with mine involved.
The contrary necessarily involves a contradiction.
To take in; to gather in; to mingle confusedly; to blend or merge.
The gathering number, as it moves along,Involves a vast involuntary throng.
Earth with hellTo mingle and involve.
To envelop, infold, entangle, or embarrass; as, to involve a person in debt or misery.
To engage thoroughly; to occupy, employ, or absorb.
To raise to any assigned power; to multiply, as a quantity, into itself a given number of times; as, a quantity involved to the third or fourth power.
Connect closely and often incriminatingly;
This new ruling affects your business
Engage as a participant;
Don't involve me in your family affairs!
Have as a necessary feature or consequence; entail;
This decision involves many changes
Require as useful, just, or proper;
It takes nerve to do what she did
Success usually requires hard work
This job asks a lot of patience and skill
This position demands a lot of personal sacrifice
This dinner calls for a spectacular dessert
This intervention does not postulates a patient's consent
Contain as a part;
Dinner at Joe's always involves at least six courses
The tower was involved in mist
Occupy or engage the interest of;
His story completely involved me during the entire afternoon
Make complex or intricate or complicated;
The situation was rather involved

Involve Sentences

I want to involve everyone in the planning of the event.
Can you involve your brother in the cleanup?


What is the verb form of involve?

The verb form is "involve."

What is the pronunciation of involve?

Involve is pronounced as /ɪnˈvɒlv/ in American English.

Why is it called involve?

"Involve" comes from Latin "involvere," meaning "to roll into" or "to entwine."

What is the singular form of involve?

The singular form is "involve."

Is involve a noun or adjective?

Involve is a verb.

What is the root word of involve?

The root word is the Latin "involvere."

What is the plural form of involve?

As a verb, "involve" does not have a plural form.

Is involve an adverb?

No, "involve" is not an adverb.

How do we divide involve into syllables?

Involve is divided as "in-volve."

What is the third form of involve?

The third form is "involved."

Which vowel is used before involve?

The vowel 'i' is used at the beginning of "involve."

Which preposition is used with involve?

Prepositions like "in," "with," and "by" are often used with "involve."

Which conjunction is used with involve?

Conjunctions like "and," "or," and "but" can be used with "involve."

Is involve a negative or positive word?

"Involve" is neutral; its connotation depends on context.

What is a stressed syllable in involve?

The second syllable "volve" is stressed in "involve."

What is the opposite of involve?

The opposite of "involve" could be "exclude" or "disengage."

Which determiner is used with involve?

As a verb, "involve" typically doesn't use a determiner.

What is the first form of involve?

The first form is "involve."

Is the involve term a metaphor?

"Involve" can be used metaphorically in some contexts.

Is the word involve imperative?

"Involve" can be used in imperative sentences.

What part of speech is involve?

"Involve" is a verb.

What is another term for involve?

Another term for "involve" is "entail."

Which article is used with involve?

As a verb, "involve" doesn't typically require an article.

Is involve an abstract noun?

"Involve" is not a noun; it's a verb.

Is involve a countable noun?

"Involve" is not a noun; it's a verb.

Is involve a collective noun?

"Involve" is not a collective noun.

How many syllables are in involve?

There are three syllables in "involve."

Is involve a vowel or consonant?

The word "involve" begins with the vowel 'i.'

What is the second form of involve?

The second form is "involved."

How is involve used in a sentence?

Example: "The new policy will involve changes to the schedule."
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