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Accesion vs. Accession: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Harlon Moss || By Janet White || Published on March 17, 2024
"Accesion" is incorrect, while "accession" is correct, meaning the act of attaining a position or the addition of something.

Which is correct: Accesion or Accession

How to spell Accession?

Accesion is Incorrect

Accession is Correct


Key Differences

Recall "access" in "accession" for the double 'c'.
"Accession" includes "ion", common in nouns indicating action or condition.
Remember "succession"; like "accession", it has a double 's' and double 'c'.
Use the mnemonic "A Classic Example, Signifying Increasing Official Notability" to remember the spelling of "accession".
Associate "accession" with "accede", both starting with 'acce'.

Correct usage of Accession

The country celebrated the accesion of the new king.
The country celebrated the accession of the new king.
She awaited her accesion to the company's board of directors.
She awaited her accession to the company's board of directors.
His accesion to the throne was marked by a lavish ceremony.
His accession to the throne was marked by a lavish ceremony.
The museum announced the accesion of several rare artifacts.
The museum announced the accession of several rare artifacts.
The accesion of the new territory expanded the kingdom's borders.
The accession of the new territory expanded the kingdom's borders.

Accession Definitions

The act of coming to a high office or throne.
Her accession to the presidency was widely celebrated.
The addition of something, typically to a collection.
The museum's latest accession is a rare painting.
Formal agreement to or joining of an international treaty.
The country's accession to the trade agreement boosted its economy.
The act of acquiring or granting access.
Accession to the exclusive club required a rigorous application process.
A rise to a position of power or prominence.
His accession to the CEO position was unexpected.
The attainment of a dignity or rank
The queen's accession to the throne.
Something that has been acquired or added; an acquisition.

Accession Sentences

The accession of the new queen brought hope to the nation.
With his accession to power, the policies of the government changed significantly.
The accession of new members into the organization boosted its capabilities.
The library's accession of new books happens monthly.
The treaty facilitated the accession of the city-state into the larger empire.
Following his father's death, his accession to the throne was immediate.
The accession process for new countries involves rigorous evaluation.
Her accession to the CEO position marked a new era for the company.
The accession of these ancient manuscripts into the collection was a significant achievement.
Her accession to the board was a result of years of dedication and hard work.
The accession number is used to catalog new items in the museum.
The country's accession to the international community was celebrated worldwide.
The new king's accession ceremony was attended by leaders from around the world.
The accession date of each artifact is noted in the museum's database.
The new ruler's accession was seen as the dawn of a prosperous era.
The company announced the accession of a major competitor.
The archive's accession policy ensures that only relevant documents are preserved.
The gallery's recent accession includes paintings from the Renaissance period.
The accession of new technologies has transformed our daily lives.
The nation's accession to the EU was a milestone in its history.
The accession of the latest technology has improved productivity dramatically.
Each accession to the museum's collection is carefully recorded and preserved.
His accession to the role of director was met with widespread approval.
The accession of this landmark treaty significantly enhanced regional stability.
With the accession of new territories, the empire's influence expanded further.

Accession Idioms & Phrases

At the accession

At the time when someone acquires a new position of authority.
At the accession of the new mayor, several urban development projects were initiated.

Accession day

The anniversary of the day on which a sovereign ascends to the throne.
Accession day is celebrated with much fanfare in the kingdom.

Accession to power

The act of coming into control or authority over a group or country.
His accession to power was marked by significant political reforms.

Through accession

Gaining a position or adding something through a formal process.
Through accession, the library has amassed a vast collection of historical documents.

Accession ceremony

An official ceremony to celebrate someone's coming into power or the addition of a new territory.
The accession ceremony was a grand event attended by dignitaries from around the world.

Make an accession

To add something to a collection, such as in a museum or library.
The curator was thrilled to make an accession of such rare artifacts to the museum's collection.

Accession protocol

A document or agreement that outlines the terms of accession.
The accession protocol detailed the rights and responsibilities of the new member state.

Accession to the throne

The act of becoming a king or queen.
The prince's accession to the throne is expected to bring about a new age of prosperity.

Accession of a new member

The act of a new member joining an organization or group.
The accession of a new member to the team strengthened their chances of winning.

Accession negotiations

Talks conducted to discuss the terms under which a country or territory will join an existing political or economic union.
Accession negotiations between the country and the EU have been ongoing for several years.

Voluntary accession

Choosing to join an organization or accept a position willingly.
Her voluntary accession to the board was welcomed by all members.

Upon accession

When someone has just attained a position of power or when something is added to a collection.
Upon accession to the board, she proposed several innovative strategies.

Accession treaty

A formal agreement marking the addition of a territory or state to another entity.
The accession treaty was signed, marking the historic unification of the two countries.


The period before officially joining an organization or assuming a role.
During the pre-accession phase, the candidate country implemented several reforms.

Unilateral accession

The act of joining an agreement or organization without requiring consent from the current members.
The country's unilateral accession to the treaty raised concerns among existing members.

Finalize accession

To complete the process of joining or adding.
The committee met to finalize accession of the new policies.

Accession rate

The pace at which new members join an organization or new items are added to a collection.
The museum has increased its accession rate thanks to generous donations.

Accelerate accession

To speed up the process of joining or acquiring.
The government took steps to accelerate accession to the trade agreement.


The period after joining an organization or assuming a role.
The post-accession phase involved integrating the new member's systems with those of the organization.

Conditional accession

Joining or acquiring a position based on the fulfillment of certain conditions.
The conditional accession required the company to meet specific environmental standards.


What is the pronunciation of accession?

Accession is pronounced as /əkˈsɛʃən/.

What is the root word of accession?

The root word of accession is "access".

What is the singular form of accession?

The singular form is "accession".

Is accession a noun or adjective?

Accession is primarily used as a noun.

What is the verb form of accession?

The verb form of accession is "accede".

Is accession an abstract noun?

Yes, accession is often considered an abstract noun.

Is accession a negative or positive word?

Accession is neutral; its connotation depends on context.

Why is it called accession?

It is called accession because it denotes the act of attaining or adding, often to power or collections.

Which vowel is used before accession?

The vowel 'a' is used before accession.

Which article is used with accession?

Both "the" and "an" articles can be used with accession.

What is a stressed syllable in accession?

The stressed syllable in accession is 'ces'.

What is the plural form of accession?

The plural form is "accessions".

Which preposition is used with accession?

The preposition "to" is often used with accession.

Is the accession term a metaphor?

Accession can be used metaphorically but is not inherently a metaphor.

What is the opposite of accession?

The opposite of accession is "departure" or "resignation".

Which conjunction is used with accession?

Conjunctions like "and" or "after" can be used with accession.

How many syllables are in accession?

Accession has three syllables.

What part of speech is accession?

Accession is a noun.

What is another term for accession?

Another term for accession is "induction" or "enrollment".

Which determiner is used with accession?

Determiners like "the", "an", or "this" can be used with accession.

What is the second form of accession?

There is no second form; "accession" remains the same as a noun.

Is accession a vowel or consonant?

Accession starts with a vowel sound.

Is accession a collective noun?

No, accession is not typically used as a collective noun.

How do we divide accession into syllables?

Accession is divided as ac-ces-sion.

What is the first form of accession?

The first form is "accession" itself as it is a noun.

Is accession an adverb?

No, accession is not an adverb.

Is the word accession imperative?

No, accession is not an imperative form; it's a noun.

What is the third form of accession?

As a noun, "accession" does not change form.

How is accession used in a sentence?

Example: "The library celebrated the accession of several rare books to its collection."

Is accession a countable noun?

Yes, accession is a countable noun.
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