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Brige vs. Bridge: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on March 17, 2024
"Brige" is a misspelling, whereas "bridge" is correct, denoting a structure built to span physical obstacles for passage over them.

Which is correct: Brige or Bridge

How to spell Bridge?

Brige is Incorrect

Bridge is Correct


Key Differences

Associate 'bridge' with 'ridge' – both share the 'idge' sound, and both involve elevation.
Recall that 'bridge' includes 'D', representing the solid foundation a bridge provides.
Link the 'dg' sound in 'bridge' with 'edge', emphasizing the connection to edges or banks of rivers.
Imagine the letter 'D' as the support or the arch in the structure of a bridge.
A bridge connects two points; hence it's longer than 'brige', just as 'bridge' is longer by one letter.

Correct usage of Bridge

The old brige has been closed for safety reasons.
The old bridge has been closed for safety reasons.
Can this brige support the weight of heavy trucks?
Can this bridge support the weight of heavy trucks?
Let's meet at the brige in the park.
Let's meet at the bridge in the park.
They are planning to build a pedestrian brige over the river.
They are planning to build a pedestrian bridge over the river.
The construction of the new brige will start next month.
The construction of the new bridge will start next month.

Bridge Definitions

In music, a bridge connects contrasting sections of a composition, offering a transitional passage.
The bridge in the song provided a compelling contrast.
A bridge is a structure carrying a pathway or roadway over a depression or obstacle.
The Golden Gate Bridge is an iconic landmark.
Bridge is a card game where strategy and skill are employed in partnership.
They played bridge to pass the time during the cruise.
A bridge can refer to a connection or means of contact between people or groups.
The translator acted as a bridge between the two delegations.
A dental bridge replaces missing teeth, spanning the area where teeth are absent.
Her smile was improved with a dental bridge.
A structure spanning and providing passage over a gap or barrier, such as a river or roadway.
Something resembling or analogous to this structure in form or function
A land bridge between the continents.
A bridge of understanding between two countries.

Bridge Sentences

The Golden Gate Bridge is an iconic landmark.
We crossed the bridge on our morning walk.
There's a beautiful stone bridge in the old part of town.
The railway bridge is being inspected for safety.
The bridge collapsed during the storm.
A troll lives under the bridge, according to the story.
They're repairing the bridge downtown.
Engineers are designing a new suspension bridge.
The bridge connects the two parts of the city.
The footbridge over the creek is made of wood.
The bridge has a weight limit for vehicles.
The bridge offers a stunning view of the sunset.
Traffic was heavy on the bridge today.
The pedestrian bridge makes it easy to walk to the park.
The drawbridge opens to let boats through.
The bridge was decorated with lights for the festival.
The new bridge will shorten the travel time significantly.
Walking across the bridge is a peaceful experience.
The bridge spans a wide river.
The bridge is a popular spot for photographers.
The bridge lights up at night, creating a beautiful scene.
This bridge has stood for over a hundred years.
The bridge was named after a local hero.
The bridge's architecture is admired by many.
They're building a bridge to improve access to the island.

Bridge Idioms & Phrases

Bridge the gap

To reduce the differences between two things or groups.
The new program aims to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor.

Bridge over

To create a connection or means of overcoming a problem or gap.
The new highway will bridge over the previously inaccessible forested area.

Under the bridge

Referring to something that has happened and been resolved or forgotten.
We had our differences, but it's all under the bridge now.

Make a bridge

To create a way of overcoming an obstacle.
We can make a bridge over these issues with proper communication.

Water under the bridge

Past events that are no longer important or relevant.
They decided to let their past arguments be water under the bridge and moved on.

Cross that bridge when you come to it

To deal with a problem if and when it becomes necessary, not before.
I'm not worried about potential problems with the project; we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

A bridge too far

An act or plan that is too ambitious.
Trying to implement all those changes at once might be a bridge too far.

Bridge the divide

Similar to "bridge the gap," focusing on overcoming a clear division.
The peace talks aimed to bridge the divide between the two countries.

The bridge stands firm

A metaphor indicating resilience or stability through challenges.
Despite the economic turmoil, the bridge stands firm, symbolizing the company's enduring strength.

A bridge between two worlds

Something that connects or brings together two very different things.
The translator acted as a bridge between two worlds at the international conference.

To be on the bridge

To be in charge or in a position of command.
When the captain is asleep, the first mate is on the bridge.

Burning the midnight oil at both ends of the bridge

Working extremely hard or excessively, to the point of exhaustion.
She was burning the midnight oil at both ends of the bridge to finish the project on time.

Look under every bridge

To explore every possibility or investigate thoroughly.
We'll need to look under every bridge to find a solution to this issue.

The bridge is crossed

The point of no return has been reached.
Once the announcement is made, the bridge is crossed, and there's no going back.

Cross a bridge before one comes to it

To worry about future problems prematurely.
You're crossing a bridge before you come to it by worrying about next year's challenges already.

To bridge differences

To resolve disagreements or disputes.
The mediator helped to bridge differences between the two parties during negotiations.


What is the pronunciation of bridge?

Bridge is pronounced as /brɪdʒ/.

What is the root word of bridge?

The root of "bridge" is the Old English 'brycg'.

Why is it called bridge?

The term "bridge" derives from the Old English 'brycg', which means a structure built to cross a river, road, or other obstacles.

What is the singular form of bridge?

The singular form is "bridge".

Which article is used with bridge?

The indefinite article "a" or the definite article "the" is used with "bridge".

Is bridge a negative or positive word?

"Bridge" is neutral; it is neither inherently negative nor positive.

Which vowel is used before bridge?

The indefinite article 'a' is used before "bridge".

What is the plural form of bridge?

The plural form is "bridges".

What is the verb form of bridge?

The verb form of "bridge" is also "bridge", meaning to make a connection or overcome a gap.

Which preposition is used with bridge?

The preposition "over" is often used with "bridge" (e.g., bridge over water).

Is bridge a noun or adjective?

"Bridge" is primarily a noun, but it can also be used as a verb.

Is bridge an adverb?

No, "bridge" is not an adverb.

Is bridge a countable noun?

Yes, "bridge" is a countable noun (e.g., one bridge, two bridges).

Is the bridge term a metaphor?

The term "bridge" can be used metaphorically to denote a connection or a means of overcoming a gap.

How many syllables are in bridge?

"Bridge" has one syllable.

What is the opposite of bridge?

Conceptually, the opposite could be "divide" or "barrier".

What is the first form of bridge?

The first form of "bridge" as a verb is "bridge".

What is the second form of bridge?

The second form of "bridge" as a verb is "bridged".

How is bridge used in a sentence?

"The new bridge connected the two previously isolated communities."

Which conjunction is used with bridge?

Common conjunctions used with "bridge" include "and" and "or".

How do we divide bridge into syllables?

"Bridge" is one syllable and is not divided.

What is a stressed syllable in bridge?

In "bridge", the entire word is the stressed syllable, as it's monosyllabic.

Which determiner is used with bridge?

Determiners like "a," "the," "this," and "that" are commonly used with "bridge".

Is bridge a collective noun?

No, "bridge" is not a collective noun.

What part of speech is bridge?

"Bridge" is primarily a noun but can also serve as a verb.

What is another term for bridge?

Another term for "bridge" can be "overpass" or "viaduct" in the context of roadways, or "link" metaphorically.

What is the third form of bridge?

The third form of "bridge" as a verb is also "bridged".

Is bridge an abstract noun?

No, "bridge" is a concrete noun as it refers to a tangible structure or concept.

Is bridge a vowel or consonant?

"Bridge" starts with the consonant 'b'.

Is the word bridge imperative?

"Bridge" can be used imperatively in its verb form, as in "bridge the gap."
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