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Choosed vs. Chosen: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on March 17, 2024
"Choosed" is an incorrect past tense of "choose," while "chosen" is the correct past participle form, indicating selected or preferred options.

Which is correct: Choosed or Chosen

How to spell Chosen?

Choosed is Incorrect

Chosen is Correct


Key Differences

Remember, "chosen" contains the same "o" sound as "choose," maintaining consistency in spelling.
Think of "chosen" as having an "en" ending, common in past participles like "broken" or "spoken."
Associate "chosen" with "chosen one," a common phrase, to remember it's spelled with an "o" and ends in "en."
Recall that "choose" becomes "chosen" for its past participle, similar to "freeze" becomes "frozen."
Use the mnemonic: "Can't Have 'O' Substituted; 'En' Necessitates" to remember the transition from "o" to "en" in "chosen."

Correct usage of Chosen

Choosed the wrong answer on the test.
Chosen the wrong answer on the test.
She has choosed the blue dress for the party.
She has chosen the blue dress for the party.
He had choosed his words carefully during the speech.
He had chosen his words carefully during the speech.
I have never choosed to go there before.
I have never chosen to go there before.

Chosen Definitions

The one that has been picked out from others.
She was the chosen candidate for the job.
Assigned as a choice by decision.
He was chosen as the team leader for the project.
Specifically selected or preferred for a purpose.
The chosen theme for the conference emphasized innovation.
Voted for or selected by vote.
The chosen president of the council was announced yesterday.
Favoured or selected over others.
This was the chosen location for the new store due to its popularity.
Past participle of choose.
Selected from or preferred above others
The chosen few.

Chosen Sentences

She felt honored to be chosen as the team captain.
She had chosen the perfect gift for her friend's birthday.
The chosen topic for the research paper was very challenging.
They were chosen to represent their school in the competition.
The movie was chosen for its positive message and entertainment value.
He was chosen for the lead role in the school play.
The winning design was chosen by a panel of experts.
After much thought, he had chosen to pursue his studies abroad.
They had chosen a quiet restaurant for the meeting.
The ingredients were carefully chosen for the recipe.
The location for the picnic was chosen because of its beautiful scenery.
The jurors were chosen from a large pool of candidates.
The book was chosen for the book club's next reading.
The dress she had chosen was elegant and simple.
The theme for the party was chosen by the birthday girl herself.
The puppy was chosen because of its friendly nature.
He had chosen to apologize and make things right.
The winners were chosen based on their creativity and originality.
The chosen path led them to a beautiful overlook.
Among the applicants, she was chosen for the scholarship.
She had chosen to volunteer at the local animal shelter.
He had chosen to take the road less traveled.
The chosen method for the project proved to be effective.
They had chosen a peaceful way to resolve the dispute.
The destination was chosen for its cultural significance.

Chosen Idioms & Phrases

Well-chosen words

Carefully selected words that are particularly appropriate or effective.
His well-chosen words during the speech moved the audience.

Chosen path

The specific way or direction someone has decided to follow in life or for a particular purpose.
Despite the challenges, she remained committed to her chosen path.

Chosen field

The particular area of study or work someone has decided to specialize in.
He quickly rose to the top of his chosen field due to his hard work and talent.

Chosen career

The profession or type of work someone has decided to pursue.
After much deliberation, he finally settled on his chosen career in engineering.

The chosen method

The specific technique or approach selected for use in a situation.
The chosen method for solving the problem was both innovative and effective.

Chosen for greatness

Believed to be destined or meant for significant success or impact.
From an early age, it was clear she was chosen for greatness.

Chosen few

A small, select group of people who are given special privileges or opportunities.
The chosen few were invited to a private event at the museum.

Not chosen by chance

Selected with a specific purpose or reason in mind, not randomly.
The participants were not chosen by chance; each brought a unique skill to the project.

The chosen route

The specific path or course of action decided upon.
The chosen route for the hike offered breathtaking views and challenging terrain.

Chosen representatives

Individuals selected to act or speak on behalf of others.
The chosen representatives of the class voiced the students' concerns to the administration.

Chosen words carefully

To select what to say with a lot of thought to avoid misunderstanding or offense.
She chose her words carefully, wanting to offer constructive criticism without hurting feelings.

Chosen subject

The particular topic or area of interest someone has decided to focus on.
Her chosen subject for the thesis was ancient Roman architecture.

Be the chosen one

To be selected or designated for a special task or responsibility.
She felt like the chosen one when she was picked to lead the project.

A chosen circle

A select group of people who are closely associated with each other.
He enjoyed spending time with his chosen circle of friends and colleagues.

Chosen lifestyle

The way of living someone has selected for themselves.
They embraced a chosen lifestyle that prioritized health and well-being.

Chosen by the people

Selected or elected by a vote or consensus of a group.
The new leader was chosen by the people in a fair and democratic election.

Chosen partner

The person someone has selected to be their spouse or life partner.
They knew they were each other's chosen partner from their first date.

Chosen destination

The place specifically selected as the goal or endpoint of a journey.
Their chosen destination for the vacation was a secluded island paradise.

Chosen team

The group of individuals selected to work together or compete as a unit.
The chosen team for the project blended experience with fresh ideas.

A well-chosen example

An example that is particularly apt and effectively illustrates a point.
The professor provided a well-chosen example to explain the complex theory.


Why is it called chosen?

It's called chosen because it's the past participle form of "choose," indicating selection or preference.

What is the pronunciation of chosen?

Chosen is pronounced as /ˈtʃoʊzən/.

Which vowel is used before chosen?

The vowel "o" is used before "sen" in chosen.

Which conjunction is used with chosen?

The conjunction "and" can be used with chosen when linking it with other attributes or selections.

What is the singular form of chosen?

The singular form is "chosen," as it is an adjective or past participle not changing in number.

What is the verb form of chosen?

The verb form from which "chosen" derives is "choose."

Which preposition is used with chosen?

The preposition "as" is commonly used with chosen, as in "chosen as the leader."

Is chosen an adverb?

No, chosen is not an adverb.

What is the root word of chosen?

The root word is "choose."

Is chosen a noun or adjective?

Chosen is primarily used as an adjective, but can also function as the past participle of the verb "choose."

Is chosen an abstract noun?

No, chosen is not an abstract noun; it's an adjective or a verb form.

What is the plural form of chosen?

As an adjective or past participle, "chosen" does not have a plural form; it remains "chosen."

Which article is used with chosen?

The definite article "the" is often used, as in "the chosen one."

What is a stressed syllable in chosen?

The first syllable "cho-" is stressed in "chosen."

Which determiner is used with chosen?

Determiners like "the", "a", and "my" can be used with chosen depending on context.

What is the third form of chosen?

The third (past participle) form is "chosen."

Is chosen a negative or positive word?

Chosen is neutral, but it often has a positive connotation due to its association with selection or preference.

How do we divide chosen into syllables?

Chosen is divided into syllables as "cho-sen."

What is the opposite of chosen?

The opposite of chosen is "rejected" or "overlooked."

What is the second form of chosen?

The second (past simple) form is "chose."

Is chosen a countable noun?

Chosen is not typically considered a countable noun since it's an adjective or a verb form.

Is the chosen term a metaphor?

"Chosen" can be used metaphorically, particularly in phrases like "the chosen one."

How many syllables are in chosen?

There are two syllables in "chosen."

What part of speech is chosen?

Chosen is an adjective and also serves as the past participle of the verb "choose."

Is chosen a vowel or consonant?

The word "chosen" starts with a consonant.

Is chosen a collective noun?

No, chosen is not a collective noun.

Is the word chosen imperative?

No, chosen is not imperative; it is a past participle or an adjective.

What is another term for chosen?

Another term for chosen is "selected" or "elected."

What is the first form of chosen?

The first (present) form is "choose."

How is chosen used in a sentence?

"After much deliberation, the blue design was chosen for the team uniforms."
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