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A4 Size Paper vs. A5 Size Paper: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 27, 2024
A4 Size Paper (210mm x 297mm) is twice the size of A5 Size Paper (148mm x 210mm), each being part of the international ISO 216 standard.

Key Differences

A4 Size Paper is a standard document size (210mm x 297mm) widely used in offices and academic settings. A5 Size Paper is half the size of A4 (148mm x 210mm) and is commonly used for smaller documents like brochures.
In printing, A4 Size Paper is preferred for official documents and reports, due to its moderate size. A5 Size Paper, being smaller, is ideal for flyers and small booklets.
The dimensions of A4 Size Paper make it perfect for letters and professional documents. A5 Size Paper, on the other hand, is more suited for personal note-taking and invitations.
When considering storage, A4 Size Paper requires standard file folders. In contrast, A5 Size Paper is more compact, fitting easily in smaller folders or binders.
The weight and postage cost for A4 Size Paper can be higher due to its larger size. Conversely, A5 Size Paper is lighter and more economical for mailing.

Comparison Chart


210mm x 297mm
148mm x 210mm

Common Usage

Official documents
Brochures, flyers

Storage Requirements

Standard folders
Smaller binders

Postal Considerations

Higher weight & cost
Lighter & economical

Print Suitability

Reports, letters
Invitations, notes

A4 Size Paper and A5 Size Paper Definitions

A4 Size Paper

A4 Size Paper is a preferred choice for creating professional presentations and resumes.
He prepared his resume on A4 Size Paper to make a good impression.

A5 Size Paper

A5 Size Paper is suitable for small-scale printing and handouts.
The workshop handouts were conveniently printed on A5 Size Paper.

A4 Size Paper

A4 Size Paper is widely used in international correspondence and academic papers.
Her thesis was neatly typed on A4 Size Paper.

A5 Size Paper

A5 Size Paper is ideal for compact journals and notepads.
He carried a notepad of A5 Size Paper for quick notes.

A4 Size Paper

A4 Size Paper is a standard document size, part of the A series, measuring 210mm x 297mm.
The report was printed on A4 Size Paper for the meeting.

A5 Size Paper

A5 Size Paper is half the size of A4, measuring 148mm x 210mm, often used for personal stationery.
She wrote her personal diary entries on A5 Size Paper.

A4 Size Paper

A4 Size Paper is ideal for detailed graphs and extensive text due to its size.
The detailed project plan was laid out on several sheets of A4 Size Paper.

A5 Size Paper

A5 Size Paper is commonly used for flyers and small booklets due to its compact size.
The event flyers were printed on colorful A5 Size Paper.

A4 Size Paper

A4 Size Paper serves as the base size for many printers and photocopiers.
Please load the printer with A4 Size Paper.

A5 Size Paper

A5 Size Paper is favored for creating personal invitations and greeting cards.
Their wedding invitations were elegantly designed on A5 Size Paper.


What is the standard dimension of A4 Size Paper?

A4 measures 210mm x 297mm.

What is the standard dimension of A5 Size Paper?

A5 measures 148mm x 210mm.

Can A4 Size Paper fit in standard printers?

Yes, A4 is compatible with most standard printers.

How does the weight of A4 Size Paper compare to A5?

A4 is heavier than A5.

For what purposes is A5 Size Paper typically used?

A5 is used for brochures, flyers, and small booklets.

Is A4 Size Paper commonly used in offices?

Yes, A4 is widely used in professional settings.

Is A5 Size Paper suitable for formal documents?

A5 is less commonly used for formal documents due to its smaller size.

Are there environmental considerations for using A4 vs. A5 Size Paper?

Yes, using A5 can be more eco-friendly due to less material use.

What is the postal cost difference between A4 and A5 Size Paper?

Mailing A4 Size Paper generally costs more due to its larger size and weight.

Can A4 Size Paper be easily photocopied?

Yes, A4 is suitable for photocopying.

Is A4 Size Paper suitable for academic submissions?

Yes, A4 is often used for academic papers.

Can A5 Size Paper be used for professional presentations?

It's less common, but can be used for compact presentations.

Are both A4 and A5 Size Paper recyclable?

Yes, both are generally recyclable.

Can A4 Size Paper be folded to fit A5 envelopes?

Yes, A4 can be folded in half to fit A5 envelopes.

What is the aspect ratio of A4 and A5 Size Paper?

Both have an aspect ratio of 1:√2.

Is A4 Size Paper ideal for detailed project plans?

Yes, its larger size accommodates more details.

Are A4 Size Paper and A5 part of an international standard?

Yes, both are part of the ISO 216 standard.

Is A5 Size Paper used for personal notebooks?

Yes, A5 is often used for personal diaries and notebooks.

Is A5 Size Paper good for making children’s books?

Yes, its smaller size is ideal for children's books.

Can A5 Size Paper be used for official letters?

It's not typical, as A4 is the standard for letters.
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