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0% Milk vs. Skim Milk: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on January 16, 2024
0% Milk refers to milk with virtually no fat content, often used interchangeably with skim milk. Skim Milk refers to milk from which all the cream (fat) has been removed, typically labeled as 0% fat.

Key Differences

0% milk, also known as non-fat milk, contains no more than 0.5% milk fat by weight. Skim milk, essentially the same, has had all the cream removed, reducing its fat content to less than 0.5%.
Both 0% milk and skim milk undergo a process to remove fat, resulting in a lower calorie count compared to whole or reduced-fat milks. This process ensures that they retain essential nutrients like calcium and vitamin D.
The texture of 0% milk is thinner and less creamy than whole milk due to the absence of fat. Skim milk shares this characteristic, often described as having a lighter, more watery consistency.
0% milk is often chosen by individuals seeking to reduce calorie and fat intake. Similarly, skim milk is popular among those following a low-fat diet or for weight management purposes.
In cooking, 0% milk can replace higher-fat milks to lower the fat content of recipes. Skim milk is also used in cooking for the same purpose, providing a healthier alternative without significantly altering the taste.

Comparison Chart

Fat Content

Less than 0.5%
Less than 0.5%


Lower than whole milk
Lower than whole milk


Thinner, less creamy
Thinner, less creamy

Diet Suitability

Low-fat diets, weight management
Low-fat diets, weight management

Use in Cooking

Reduces fat in recipes
Reduces fat in recipes

0% Milk and Skim Milk Definitions

0% Milk

Milk with virtually no fat, often used in low-fat diets.
She switched to 0% milk to reduce her daily fat intake.

Skim Milk

Dairy milk with less than 0.5% fat, maintaining key nutrients.
Skim milk is rich in calcium and vitamin D, despite being low in fat.

0% Milk

Milk often chosen for dietary and health reasons.
His doctor recommended 0% milk as part of his heart-healthy diet.

Skim Milk

A lighter alternative to whole milk with fewer calories.
Skim milk helped her manage her weight without giving up milk.

0% Milk

A version of milk with reduced calories and no cream.
0% milk is a good choice for those watching their calorie consumption.

Skim Milk

Non-fat milk used in cooking and baking as a healthy substitute.
She used skim milk in her pancake batter for a lower-fat version.

0% Milk

A dairy product with less than 0.5% fat.
0% milk still provides essential nutrients, despite the low fat content.

Skim Milk

Milk from which all the cream has been removed.
Skim milk was her preferred choice for cereal.

0% Milk

Non-fat milk commonly used as a healthier alternative.
For his smoothie, he preferred using 0% milk.

Skim Milk

A non-fat milk variant, ideal for low-fat diets.
He used skim milk in his coffee to cut down on fat.


Does skim milk have the same nutrients as whole milk?

Yes, except for the fat-soluble vitamins which are less due to the reduced fat content.

Are 0% milk and skim milk the same?

Essentially, yes, both have the same fat content and are often used interchangeably.

What is 0% milk?

Milk with no more than 0.5% fat, also known as non-fat milk.

Can 0% milk be used in baking?

Yes, it's a great low-fat alternative in baking recipes.

Is 0% milk fortified with vitamins?

Often, it's fortified with vitamins A and D to replace what's lost when fat is removed.

How is skim milk produced?

By removing the cream from whole milk.

Is 0% milk good for weight loss?

It can be beneficial due to its lower calorie and fat content.

Is skim milk lactose-free?

No, it contains lactose, as it's made from regular cow's milk.

Can skim milk help with cholesterol management?

Yes, its low-fat content can be beneficial for cholesterol levels.

Does 0% milk have added sugar?

No, it doesn't contain added sugars unless it's flavored.

Is skim milk a good source of protein?

Yes, it retains the protein content of whole milk.

What is skim milk?

Milk from which all the cream has been removed, also under 0.5% fat.

How long does 0% milk last after opening?

Similar to regular milk, usually up to 7 days if refrigerated properly.

Can lactose-intolerant people drink skim milk?

Generally no, as it still contains lactose.

Does 0% milk taste different from whole milk?

Yes, it has a thinner, less creamy taste due to the lack of fat.

Can I use 0% milk in coffee?

Absolutely, it's a great low-fat option for coffee.

Is 0% milk dairy-free?

No, it's still a dairy product, just with reduced fat.

Is 0% milk beneficial for bone health?

Yes, it still provides calcium and vitamin D, essential for bone health.

Does skim milk have fewer calories than whole milk?

Yes, due to the absence of fat.

Can skim milk be used in weight management diets?

Yes, its low calorie and fat content make it suitable.
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