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Waight vs. Weight: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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Waight is an incorrect spelling; the correct spelling is weight. Weight refers to the measurement of how heavy something is.

Which is correct: Waight or Weight

How to spell Weight?

Waight is Incorrect

Weight is Correct


Key Differences

Connect weight with eight; both share the 'eigh' pattern.
Remember that 'weight' has the same 'ei' as in 'height,' another measurement.
Link 'weight' to 'freight' – both deal with heavy loads and share 'eigh'.
Use the mnemonic: "We gain weight when we eat (‘ei’ sequence)."
Think of the 'gh' in 'weight' as a 'heavy' pair of letters, symbolizing heaviness.

Correct usage of Weight

He wrote down his waight on the form.
He wrote down his weight on the form.
The box's waight was too much for the small table.
The box's weight was too much for the small table.
Your luggage waight cannot exceed 50 pounds.
Your luggage weight cannot exceed 50 pounds.
The waight of the evidence was overwhelming.
The weight of the evidence was overwhelming.
She tried to lift the heavy waight.
She tried to lift the heavy weight.

Weight Definitions

The force exerted by a mass under gravity.
The astronaut experienced less weight on the moon.
A heavy object used for exercising or balancing.
He lifted weights at the gym to build muscle.
Importance or influence attributed to something.
His opinion carries a lot of weight in the committee.
The measurement of how heavy something is.
The weight of the package was over 50 pounds.
A burden or pressure, either physical or emotional.
The weight of responsibility weighed heavily on her.
A measure of the heaviness of an object
A contest to guess the weight of a pig.
The force with which a body is attracted to Earth or another celestial body, equal to the product of the object's mass and the acceleration of gravity.
A unit measure of gravitational force
A table of weights and measures.

Weight Sentences

He added more weight to the barbell before his next lift.
The weight of the backpack made it difficult for him to walk up the hill.
She checks her weight on the scale every morning.
The weight of the snow caused the branch to snap.
They had to measure the weight of each ingredient for the recipe.
The doctor advised him to manage his weight for better health.
The weight of her words made everyone in the room pause.
Balancing the weight on both sides of the scale was crucial.
The bridge has a weight limit to prevent accidents.
The project's success was a weight off his shoulders.
The weight of the evidence led to a guilty verdict.
Adjusting the weight on the machine changed the difficulty level.
In science class, they learned how gravity affects weight.
The weight of the responsibility made her hesitant to accept the job.
To lose weight, he started jogging every day.
The heavy snow added extra weight to the roof.
The weight of the curtain helped it hang nicely.
Her opinion carried a lot of weight in the meeting.
The weightlifter won the competition by lifting the heaviest weight.
Her goal was to gain weight to improve her health.
The weight class in the boxing match was determined by the fighters' weights.
Losing weight was his main goal for the year.
The weight of the package determined the shipping cost.
Managing the weight of their backpacks was essential for the hikers.
The book gave a lot of weight to historical accuracy.

Weight Idioms & Phrases

Weight off one's shoulders

A relief from a burden or stress.
Finishing the project was a huge weight off my shoulders.

Worth its weight in gold

Extremely valuable or useful.
This old book on repairs has been worth its weight in gold for fixing things around the house.

Carry the weight of the world on one's shoulders

To feel very stressed or burdened by many troubles.
He looks like he's carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders with all that work.

A weight has been lifted

A feeling of relief when a problem is resolved or a burden is removed.
When she apologized, a weight was lifted, and I felt much better.

Punch above one's weight

To perform or operate in a way that is more successful or advanced than is expected based on one's position, experience, or ranking.
Despite being a small company, they are punching above their weight in the industry.

Throw weight behind

To give support or endorsement to something.
The mayor threw his weight behind the new environmental policy.

Throw one's weight around

To use one's power or influence to get what one wants in an aggressive or showy manner.
The new manager is throwing his weight around, changing everything in the office.

Pull one's weight

To do one's fair share of work.
Everyone on the team needs to pull their weight for the project to succeed.

Under weight

Below a normal or required weight.
The rescued dog was underweight, but with care, it started to gain weight.

Tip the scales/weight

To cause a change by adding a small amount of weight or influence.
His last-minute support tipped the weight in favor of the proposal.

Wait weight hand and foot

To serve or attend to someone very attentively or excessively.
On their luxury cruise, they were waited on hand and foot.

Over weight

Above a normal or healthy weight.
Concerned about being overweight, he decided to start a fitness program.

Dead weight

Something or someone that is not useful and may be an impediment.
Without enough evidence, the suspect's testimony was considered dead weight in the case.

Weight in gold

If something is as good as or equivalent to gold in value.
A loyal friend is worth their weight in gold.

Weight around one's neck

A heavy burden or responsibility.
The failing project felt like a weight around his neck.

Take the weight off one's feet

To sit down and rest.
After a long day of walking, it felt good to take the weight off my feet.

Feel the weight of

To be aware of the importance or impact of something.
She felt the weight of her decision as she announced her resignation.

Lighten the load/weight

To reduce the amount of work or burden on someone.
Delegating some of her tasks helped to lighten her weight at work.

Make weight

To reach a weight category, especially in sports like boxing.
He had to diet rigorously to make weight for the fight.

The weight of evidence

The overall effect or influence of evidence.
The weight of evidence was against the defendant.


Why is it called weight?

Weight is called so from Old English "gewiht," meaning heaviness or burden.

What is the verb form of weight?

The verb form of weight is "weigh."

What is the root word of weight?

The root word of weight is the Old English "gewiht."

What is the plural form of weight?

The plural form is "weights."

Which conjunction is used with weight?

"And" is often used with weight (e.g., weight and balance).

Which preposition is used with weight?

"Of" is commonly used with weight (e.g., weight of an object).

What is the pronunciation of weight?

Weight is pronounced as /weɪt/.

What is the singular form of weight?

The singular form is "weight."

Is weight a negative or positive word?

Weight is neutral; it can be either, depending on context.

Which vowel is used before weight?

The vowel 'e' is used before 'weight'.

Is weight an abstract noun?

No, weight is a concrete noun as it refers to a measurable quantity.

What part of speech is weight?

Weight is a noun.

Which article is used with weight?

Both "the" and "a/an" are used, depending on context.

Is weight a collective noun?

No, weight is not a collective noun.

Is the weight term a metaphor?

Yes, weight can be used metaphorically to indicate burden or importance.

Is the word weight imperative?

No, weight is not an imperative form.

How many syllables are in weight?

There is one syllable in weight.

How do we divide weight into syllables?

Weight is a single syllable word.

Is weight a countable noun?

Yes, in the context of weights for lifting, it is countable.

What is the second form of weight?

The second form, as a verb, is "weighed."

Is weight a noun or adjective?

Weight is primarily a noun.

What is another term for weight?

Mass or heaviness can be other terms for weight.

Which determiner is used with weight?

Determiners like "the," "a," or "his/her" can be used with weight.

What is the first form of weight?

The first form is "weight."

Is weight an adverb?

No, weight is not an adverb.

Is weight a vowel or consonant?

The word weight starts with the consonant letter 'w'.

What is a stressed syllable in weight?

Since weight has only one syllable, that syllable is stressed.

What is the opposite of weight?

Lightness is the opposite of weight.

What is the third form of weight?

The third form, as a verb, is "weighed."

How is weight used in a sentence?

Example: The weight of the evidence was against him.
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