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Knowlegeable vs. Knowledgeable: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Knowlegeable" is a misspelling; the correct spelling is "Knowledgeable," which means possessing or showing knowledge or intelligence.

Which is correct: Knowlegeable or Knowledgeable

How to spell Knowledgeable?

Knowlegeable is Incorrect

Knowledgeable is Correct


Key Differences

Remember "Knowledge" is at the heart of "Knowledgeable," unlike "Knowlegeable."
Think of the 'd' in "Knowledgeable" as the 'depth' of knowledge missing in "Knowlegeable."
"Knowledgeable" contains "ledge," a solid base of knowledge, absent in "Knowlegeable."
"Knowledgeable" has the same number of syllables as "knowledge," unlike "Knowlegeable."
Link "Knowledgeable" with "edge" – it has an 'edge' in knowledge, unlike "Knowlegeable."

Correct usage of Knowledgeable

Our guide was knowlegeable about all the historical sites we visited.
Our guide was knowledgeable about all the historical sites we visited.
You need to be more knowlegeable before giving a lecture on this topic.
You need to be more knowledgeable before giving a lecture on this topic.
She is surprisingly knowlegeable about rare plants.
She is surprisingly knowledgeable about rare plants.
He is very knowlegeable about ancient history.
He is very knowledgeable about ancient history.
My teacher is the most knowlegeable person I know.
My teacher is the most knowledgeable person I know.

Knowledgeable Definitions

Possessing a deep understanding or awareness.
She was knowledgeable about the latest technological trends.
Well-informed or educated in a particular field or subject.
The knowledgeable historian easily answered the complex questions.
Demonstrating profound, often specialized, knowledge.
The professor was knowledgeable in ancient languages.
Having a vast amount of information or expertise.
The guide was knowledgeable about the city's history.
Exhibiting comprehension or cognizance.
He was knowledgeable in matters of law and justice.
Possessing or showing knowledge or intelligence; perceptive and well-informed.
Having knowledge, especially of a particular subject.
A knowledgeable man
Educated and well informed.

Knowledgeable Sentences

To become more knowledgeable, he reads a new book every week.
The seminar aims to make students more knowledgeable about internet safety.
Our teacher is incredibly knowledgeable about world religions.
He's knowledgeable about all the hiking trails in the area.
A knowledgeable librarian helped us find all the books we needed for our project.
Her grandfather is knowledgeable about Native American history.
He is knowledgeable in the field of renewable energy.
The mechanic was knowledgeable and fixed the car in no time.
Being knowledgeable about your rights is very important.
She's very knowledgeable when it comes to cooking Italian cuisine.
It's helpful to be knowledgeable about basic first aid.
She is knowledgeable about the latest fashion trends.
To write a good research paper, you have to be knowledgeable about the topic.
A knowledgeable investor understands the risks and benefits of the stock market.
Gardeners who are knowledgeable about plants can grow a beautiful garden.
She's knowledgeable about the history of art.
Being knowledgeable about nutrition can help you make healthier food choices.
Knowing a lot about technology makes you a knowledgeable person in today's world.
To be a good journalist, you need to be knowledgeable about current events.
Being knowledgeable about different cultures makes traveling more enriching.
Knowing how to code makes you knowledgeable in a very in-demand skill.
A knowledgeable salesperson can provide the best shopping advice.
A knowledgeable guide can enhance your experience at a museum.
A knowledgeable teacher makes learning exciting and fun.
He became knowledgeable about birds after years of birdwatching.


What is the root word of knowledgeable?

The root word is "knowledge."

What is the singular form of knowledgeable?

"Knowledgeable" is an adjective and does not have a singular or plural form.

Which preposition is used with knowledgeable?

"About" or "in" are often used with "knowledgeable" (e.g., knowledgeable about/in).

Which conjunction is used with knowledgeable?

Common conjunctions like "and" or "but" can be used (e.g., knowledgeable and experienced).

What is the plural form of knowledgeable?

As an adjective, "knowledgeable" doesn't have a plural form.

Why is it called knowledgeable?

It is called "knowledgeable" because it describes someone who has or shows knowledge.

What is the verb form of knowledgeable?

There is no verb form of "knowledgeable"; it's an adjective.

What is the pronunciation of knowledgeable?

"Knowledgeable" is pronounced as /ˈnɑlɪdʒəbəl/.

Which vowel is used before knowledgeable?

The vowel 'e' is used before "knowledgeable" in the word "knowledge."

Is knowledgeable an adverb?

No, "knowledgeable" is not an adverb.

Is knowledgeable a negative or positive word?

"Knowledgeable" generally has a positive connotation.

Is the knowledgeable term a metaphor?

"Knowledgeable" can be used metaphorically but is usually literal.

Which article is used with knowledgeable?

"A" or "the" can be used depending on the context (e.g., a knowledgeable person).

How many syllables are in knowledgeable?

"Knowledgeable" has four syllables.

How do we divide knowledgeable into syllables?

"Knowledgeable" is divided as knowl-edge-a-ble.

What is a stressed syllable in knowledgeable?

The first syllable is stressed in "knowledgeable."

What is another term for knowledgeable?

Another term is "informed" or "well-versed."

What is the opposite of knowledgeable?

The opposite is "ignorant" or "uninformed."

Which determiner is used with knowledgeable?

Determiners like "a," "the," or "every" can be used with "knowledgeable."

What is the second form of knowledgeable?

"Knowledgeable" does not have different forms being an adjective.

Is the word knowledgeable imperative?

No, "knowledgeable" is not an imperative; it's descriptive.

What is the first form of knowledgeable?

As an adjective, "knowledgeable" does not have verb forms.

What is the third form of knowledgeable?

"Knowledgeable" remains constant as an adjective.

Is knowledgeable a noun or adjective?

"Knowledgeable" is an adjective.

Is knowledgeable an abstract noun?

"Knowledgeable" is not a noun; it's an adjective.

Is knowledgeable a collective noun?

No, "knowledgeable" is not a collective noun.

How is knowledgeable used in a sentence?

Example: "The knowledgeable critic provided insightful reviews of the latest films."

Is knowledgeable a vowel or consonant?

"Knowledgeable" is a word composed of both vowels and consonants.

Is knowledgeable a countable noun?

"Knowledgeable" is an adjective, not a noun, so it's not countable.

What part of speech is knowledgeable?

"Knowledgeable" is an adjective.
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