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Suposedly vs. Supposedly: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Updated on March 10, 2024
Incorrect: Suposedly. Correct: Supposedly. Supposedly implies something is assumed or believed to be the case.

Which is correct: Suposedly or Supposedly

How to spell Supposedly?

Suposedly is Incorrect

Supposedly is Correct


Key Differences

Visualize "pose" within "supposedly," like a model's pose, needing attention to detail.
Link "supposedly" with "allegedly," both indicating assumption.
Breakdown: "sup-pose-ed-ly" for clarity.
"Supposedly" has double "p," unlike "suposedly."
Remember the root word "suppose," which has double "p."

Correct usage of Supposedly

The treasure is suposedly hidden in the old mansion.
The treasure is supposedly hidden in the old mansion.
She is suposedly moving to France next month.
She is supposedly moving to France next month.
The program is suposedly easy to use.
The program is supposedly easy to use.
This is suposedly the oldest tree in the region.
This is supposedly the oldest tree in the region.
He is suposedly the best player on the team.
He is supposedly the best player on the team.

Supposedly Definitions

Often used to express doubt or skepticism.
He's supposedly an expert, but I have doubts.
Indicates something is presumed but not confirmed.
Supposedly, they're arriving tomorrow.
Believed or assumed to be true.
Supposedly, the train is on time.
Used to convey hearsay.
Supposedly, the concert was amazing.
(also sə-pōzĭd) Presumed to be true or real without conclusive evidence
A supposed spy.
The supposed decline of culture.
(also sə-pōst) Intended
Medication that is supposed to relieve pain.
He is supposed to go to the store.
We are not supposed to smoke here.
Firmly believed; expected
You're supposed to be my friend.
As a matter of supposition; in the beliefs or according to the claims of some people.
People from other planets have supposedly visited Earth in flying saucers.
According to your testimony, you were supposedly at home watching TV when the murder occurred.
Believed or reputed to be the case
Implies something is generally assumed.
Supposedly, eating carrots improves your vision.

Supposedly Sentences

He's supposedly retired, but he still shows up at the office.
The app is supposedly user-friendly, but I found it complicated.
The artifact was supposedly found in the 16th century.
The movie is supposedly based on a true story.
He was supposedly at home all night, according to his alibi.
She's supposedly the author's muse for the main character.
This plant is supposedly good for your health.
The painting is supposedly worth millions of dollars.
The software update is supposedly going to fix the issue.
The secret ingredient is supposedly what makes the dish unique.
They're supposedly making a sequel to the popular film.
Supposedly, the new policy will take effect next year.
The castle is supposedly over a thousand years old.
The festival is supposedly the best time to visit the city.
This diet is supposedly the key to losing weight quickly.
The technology is supposedly going to change the world.
He's supposedly an expert in renewable energy.
She's supposedly related to royalty, though there's no proof.
This method is supposedly the most effective way to learn a language.
The ghost town is supposedly haunted by the former residents.


What is the root word of Supposedly?

The root word is "suppose."

Which vowel is used before Supposedly?

The vowel "u" is used before "supposedly."

What is the verb form of Supposedly?

The verb form is "suppose."

What is the pronunciation of Supposedly?

Pronunciation: \sə-ˈpō-zəd-lē.

Why is it called Supposedly?

It's called "supposedly" because it refers to something that is supposed or assumed.

Which conjunction is used with Supposedly?

No specific conjunction is typically used with "supposedly."

What is the singular form of Supposedly?

"Supposedly" doesn't have a singular or plural form; it’s an adverb.

Is Supposedly a noun or adjective?

No, "supposedly" is an adverb.

What is the plural form of Supposedly?

"Supposedly" doesn't have a singular or plural form; it’s used the same way in all contexts.

Is Supposedly a negative or positive word?

It's neutral; context determines the connotation.

How do we divide Supposedly into syllables?

Divide as sup-posed-ly.

What is a stressed syllable in Supposedly?

The second syllable "posed" is stressed.

Which preposition is used with Supposedly?

Prepositions are not typically used with "supposedly."

How many syllables are in Supposedly?

There are four syllables.

Is Supposedly an abstract noun?

No, it's not a noun; it's an adverb.

Is Supposedly a vowel or consonant?

"Supposedly" is a word; it contains both vowels and consonants.

Is Supposedly a countable noun?

No, it's not a noun.

Which determiner is used with Supposedly?

Determiners are not typically used with "supposedly."

What is the first form of Supposedly?

The first form is "suppose."

How is Supposedly used in a sentence?

"Supposedly, the meeting starts at 9 AM, but I haven't seen anyone yet."

Is Supposedly a collective noun?

No, it's not a collective noun.

Is the word Supposedly is imperative?

No, it's not an imperative.

What is the opposite of Supposedly?

The opposite could be "certainly" or "definitely."

Which article is used with Supposedly?

Articles are not typically used with "supposedly."

Is Supposedly an adverb?

Yes, "supposedly" is an adverb.

Is the Supposedly term a metaphor?

Not typically, but it can be used metaphorically.

What part of speech is Supposedly?

It's an adverb.

What is another term for Supposedly?

Another term could be "allegedly" or "presumably."

What is the second form of Supposedly?

The second form is "supposed."

What is the third form of Supposedly?

The third form is "supposed."
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