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Choclate vs. Chocolate: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Choclate" is an incorrect spelling. The correct spelling is "Chocolate," a sweet treat made from cacao beans.

Which is correct: Choclate or Chocolate

How to spell Chocolate?

Choclate is Incorrect

Chocolate is Correct


Key Differences

Every bar of chocolate ends with “late”, so does the spelling.
Mnemonic: Choco-Lovers Always Taste Euphoria.
Recall that chocolate has the word "late" at the end.
Think of cocoa being an ingredient, hence "cho-co-late."
Remember "choco" like "choco-late" which sums up to "chocolate."

Correct usage of Chocolate

Choclate is my favorite dessert.
Chocolate is my favorite dessert.
Can you pass the choclate syrup?
Can you pass the chocolate syrup?
This cake has a rich choclate flavor.
This cake has a rich chocolate flavor.
I prefer dark choclate over milk choclate.
I prefer dark chocolate over milk chocolate.
She gave me a box of choclate for my birthday.
She gave me a box of chocolate for my birthday.

Chocolate Definitions

A candy filled or coated with chocolate.
The box contained assorted chocolates.
Chocolate is a sweet, usually brown, food made from cacao beans.
He bought a bar of chocolate.
A drink made by mixing chocolate powder with milk.
She sipped her hot chocolate.
Chocolate can refer to cacao beans or its by-products.
The recipe requires pure chocolate.
Fermented, roasted, shelled, and ground cacao seeds, often combined with a sweetener or flavoring agent.
A beverage made by mixing water or milk with chocolate.
A small, chocolate-covered candy with a hard or soft center.
A grayish to deep reddish brown to deep grayish brown.
Made or flavored with chocolate
Chocolate pudding.
Of a grayish to deep reddish brown to deep grayish brown.
A food made from ground roasted cocoa beans.
Chocolate is a very popular treat.
A drink made by dissolving this food in boiling milk or water.
(countable) A single, small piece of confectionery made from chocolate.
He bought her some chocolates as a gift. She ate one chocolate and threw the rest away.
(uncountable) A dark, reddish-brown colour/color, like that of chocolate (also called chocolate brown).
As he cooked it the whole thing turned a rich, deep chocolate.
A black person; (uncountable) blackness.
Made of or containing chocolate.
Having a dark reddish-brown colour/color.
(slang) Black relating to any of various ethnic groups having dark pigmentation of the skin.
To add chocolate to; to cover (food) in chocolate.
To treat blood agar by heating in order to lyse the red blood cells in the medium.
A paste or cake composed of the roasted seeds of the Theobroma Cacao ground and mixed with other ingredients, usually sugar, and cinnamon or vanilla.
The beverage made by dissolving a portion of the paste or cake in boiling water or milk.
A beverage made from cocoa powder and milk and sugar; usually drunk hot
A food made from roasted ground cacao beans
A medium to dark brown color
The color resembling that of the food item.
She wore a chocolate-colored dress.

Chocolate Sentences

My mom makes the best chocolate chip cookies.
The recipe calls for one cup of chocolate chips.
The chocolate cake was decorated with strawberries.
We visited a chocolate factory during our trip.
The Easter bunny brought me a chocolate egg.
I love hot chocolate on a cold day.
Dark chocolate is healthier than white chocolate.
Chocolate and orange is a delicious flavor combination.
The chocolate pudding needs to chill before serving.
The chef drizzled chocolate sauce over the pancakes.
Chocolate-covered almonds are a tasty snack.
She likes her coffee with chocolate-flavored creamer.
I added chocolate shavings on top of the dessert.
She ordered a chocolate frappuccino at the café.
I enjoy reading with a piece of chocolate and tea.
For Valentine's Day, he gave her a chocolate heart.
The chocolate fountain was the highlight of the party.
They shared a chocolate bar while watching the movie.
We made chocolate-dipped strawberries for the party.
He found a recipe for homemade chocolate truffles.
Chocolate mousse is my favorite dessert at the restaurant.
I love the smell of chocolate baking in the oven.
The chocolate ice cream melted in the sun.

Chocolate Idioms & Phrases

Death by chocolate

Used to describe desserts that are very rich in chocolate.
For her birthday, she ordered a death by chocolate cake from her favorite bakery.


Describing scenery or art that is very pretty but in an old-fashioned or overly sentimental way.
The village’s chocolate-box appearance makes it a popular tourist spot.

Like water for chocolate

Being very passionate, often used in the context of anger or intensity.
She was like water for chocolate after hearing the unfair decision.

To turn into a chocolate teapot

Something that is useless or ineffective.
In the heat of the argument, his excuses turned into a chocolate teapot.

A chocolate soldier

Someone who looks effective but is actually weak or cowardly.
Despite his tough talk, he was just a chocolate soldier when faced with real challenges.

Sweet as chocolate

Describing something or someone very sweet or pleasing.
His compliments were sweet as chocolate, making her blush.

The chocolate side of life

Experiencing the pleasurable or indulgent aspects of life.
On vacation, we really enjoyed the chocolate side of life, eating and relaxing as much as we wanted.

Melting like chocolate

Describing something that is easily melting or softening, often used to describe emotional softening.
Her heart started melting like chocolate when she saw the puppy.

As smooth as chocolate

Describing something very smooth and pleasant.
His voice was as smooth as chocolate, calming everyone in the room.

Chocolate on the pillow

A small, unexpected gesture of care or hospitality.
The hotel surprised us with chocolate on the pillow each evening.

To be in chocolate heaven

To be extremely pleased or happy, especially when eating chocolate.
With every bite of the chocolate cake, she felt like she was in chocolate heaven.

Bitter-sweet like dark chocolate

Referring to a mix of positive and negative feelings.
Their farewell was bittersweet like dark chocolate, happy for the new opportunities but sad to part ways.


Disguising something unpleasant with something appealing.
The proposal was essentially a chocolate-covered demand.

To break a piece of chocolate

Sharing something good or enjoyable with someone else.
Let's break a piece of chocolate and celebrate our success together.

To have chocolate ears

Not listening or pretending not to hear, similar to the idiom "to have cloth ears."
Whenever it's time to do chores, he suddenly has chocolate ears.


What is the pronunciation of Chocolate?

/ˈʧɑːk.lət/ or /ˈʧɑːk.ə.lɪt/

Which vowel is used before Chocolate?

The vowel "a" as in "a chocolate."

Why is it called Chocolate?

Derived from the Nahuatl word "xocolātl" which means "bitter water."

What is the root word of Chocolate?

Derived from the Nahuatl "xocolātl."

What is the plural form of Chocolate?

"Chocolates" (when referring to individual pieces or varieties).

What is the singular form of Chocolate?


Which preposition is used with Chocolate?

"Of" as in "piece of chocolate."

Which conjunction is used with Chocolate?

Any conjunction can be used, depending on the context.

What is the verb form of Chocolate?

Chocolate is primarily a noun; there isn't a verb form.

Is Chocolate a noun or adjective?

Primarily a noun, but can be an adjective in contexts like "chocolate cake."

Is Chocolate a countable noun?

When referring to types or pieces, yes; otherwise, generally uncountable.

Is the Chocolate term a metaphor?

Not inherently, but can be used metaphorically in contexts like "life is like a box of chocolates."

Is Chocolate an abstract noun?


Is Chocolate a negative or positive word?

Generally positive due to its association with sweetness and treats.

Is Chocolate a vowel or consonant?

"Chocolate" is a word containing both vowels and consonants.

Is Chocolate a collective noun?


What is another term for Chocolate?


What is the first form of Chocolate?

"Chocolate" (it's primarily a noun).

What is the third form of Chocolate?

N/A as "chocolate" is primarily a noun.

Is Chocolate an adverb?


How many syllables are in Chocolate?

Three syllables.

What is the second form of Chocolate?

N/A as "chocolate" is primarily a noun.

Is the word Chocolate imperative?


What is a stressed syllable in Chocolate?

The first syllable, "Cho."

What part of speech is Chocolate?

Noun (and sometimes adjective).

Which determiner is used with Chocolate?

"This" or "that" can be used.

How is Chocolate used in a sentence?

She craved a piece of rich, dark chocolate.

How do we divide Chocolate into syllables?


What is the opposite of Chocolate?

There isn't a direct opposite, but "vanilla" is often contrasted with chocolate in flavor contexts.

Which article is used with Chocolate?

Both "a" and "the" can be used.
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