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Similiar vs. Similar: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Similiar" is the incorrect spelling. The correct spelling is "Similar," which describes things that resemble each other but aren't identical.

Which is correct: Similiar or Similar

How to spell Similar?

Similiar is Incorrect

Similar is Correct


Key Differences

Remember, "Similar" has one "i" after the "S" and before the "l."
Visualize similar things and see that they have only one unique aspect, just like the word has only one "i."
The word "Similar" is similar in structure to "familiar," but without the "fa."
Think of "Simi" as in "Simi Valley" and then just add “lar.”
Associate with the word "Simple." Both start with "Sim" and have a single "i."

Correct usage of Similar

I've read a similiar book before.
I've read a similar book before.
His work ethic is very similiar to mine.
His work ethic is very similar to mine.
Their proposals were quite similiar in scope.
Their proposals were quite similar in scope.
The patterns on the vases look similiar.
The patterns on the vases look similar.
The climate in California is similiar to that of Italy.
The climate in California is similar to that of Italy.

Similar Definitions

Resembling someone or something without being identical.
The two paintings are similar in style.
Of the same kind or nature.
They spoke in similar tones.
Having a likeness or resemblance.
Their reactions were similar.
Corresponding in some respects.
He looked similar to his father.
Having a resemblance in appearance or nature; alike though not identical.
(Mathematics) Having corresponding angles equal and corresponding line segments proportional. Used of geometric figures
Similar triangles.
Having traits or characteristics in common; alike, comparable.
My new car is similar to my old one, except it has a bit more space in the back.
(mathematics) Of geometrical figures including triangles, squares, ellipses, arcs and more complex figures, having the same shape but possibly different size, rotational orientation, and position; in particular, having corresponding angles equal and corresponding line segments proportional; such that one can be had from the other using a sequence of rotations, translations and scalings.
Of two square matrices; being such that a conjugation sends one matrix to the other.
That which is similar to, or resembles, something else, as in quality, form, etc.
(homeopathy) A material that produces an effect that resembles the symptoms of a particular disease.
Exactly corresponding; resembling in all respects; precisely like.
Nearly corresponding; resembling in many respects; somewhat like; having a general likeness.
Homogenous; uniform.
Marked by correspondence or resemblance;
Similar food at similar prices
Problems similar to mine
They wore similar coats
Having the same or similar characteristics;
All politicians are alike
They looked utterly alike
Friends are generaly alike in background and taste
Resembling or similar; having the same or some of the same characteristics; often used in combination;
Suits of like design
A limited circle of like minds
Members of the cat family have like dispositions
As like as two peas in a pod
Doglike devotion
A dreamlike quality
(of words) expressing closely related meanings
Capable of replacing or changing places with something else;
Interchangeable parts
Comparable in certain respects.
The experience was similar to that of previous years.

Similar Sentences

The two paintings are remarkably similar.
Our ideas for the project are similar.
The structure of the two buildings is quite similar.
He bears a similar resemblance to his brother.
She has a similar interest in classical music.
The siblings have similar features.
They shared a similar background, which made them great friends.
The twins have similar hobbies and interests.
Many people have similar tastes in fashion.
Their viewpoints on the issue are quite similar.
The two experiments produced similar results.
She feels a similar sense of excitement about the trip.
Her writing style is similar to yours.
Your drawing looks similar to the one I saw in the gallery.
This case is similar to one we studied last semester.
Their reactions to the movie were surprisingly similar.
The storyline of the book is similar to a movie I've seen.
I've experienced a similar situation before.
These two songs have a similar rhythm.
The climate here is similar to the one in my hometown.
I've noticed that your handwriting is similar to mine.
The layout of the two apartments is almost identical, very similar.
We have a similar approach to solving problems.
Both chefs use similar ingredients in their recipes.
We live in neighborhoods that are similar in many ways.


Why is it called Similar?

The term "Similar" originates from the Latin "similis," meaning "like."

What is the root word of Similar?

The root word is the Latin "similis," meaning "like."

What is the pronunciation of Similar?

It's pronounced as /ˈsɪm.ə.lər/.

What is the singular form of Similar?

"Similar" is already in singular form.

Which conjunction is used with Similar?

No specific conjunction is uniquely associated with "Similar."

Which article is used with Similar?

Both "a" and "the" can be used.

What is the verb form of Similar?

"Similar" doesn't have a verb form; however, "resemble" is a verb with a similar meaning.

Which vowel is used before Similar?

Typically, the article "a" is used.

Which preposition is used with Similar?

"To" is often used, as in "similar to."

Is Similar a collective noun?


What is the plural form of Similar?

"Similar" is an adjective and doesn't have a plural form.

What is a stressed syllable in Similar?

The first syllable, "Si."

What is the first form of Similar?

The word itself, "Similar."

What is the third form of Similar?


Is Similar an adverb?

No, "Similar" is not an adverb.

Is Similar a negative or positive word?


Is Similar a vowel or consonant?

"Similar" is a word containing both vowels and consonants.

What is another term for Similar?


Is the word Similar imperative?


How do we divide Similar into syllables?


What part of speech is Similar?

"Similar" is an adjective.

How is Similar used in a sentence?

Their opinions on the topic were surprisingly similar.

Is Similar an abstract noun?

No, it's an adjective.

Is Similar a countable noun?

"Similar" is an adjective, not a noun.

Is the Similar term a metaphor?

No, but it can be used in metaphorical contexts.

How many syllables are in Similar?

Three syllables.

Is Similar a noun or adjective?

"Similar" is an adjective.

What is the opposite of Similar?

Dissimilar or different.

Which determiner is used with Similar?

"This" or "that" can be used.

What is the second form of Similar?

N/A, as "Similar" is an adjective.
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