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Descuss vs. Discuss: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Descuss" is incorrect. The correct spelling is "Discuss," meaning to talk about a particular topic in detail.

Which is correct: Descuss or Discuss

How to spell Discuss?

Descuss is Incorrect

Discuss is Correct


Key Differences

Think of the word “Discussion,” which clearly starts with “di.”
Remember that "Discuss" has only one 'e' and begins with 'di,' not 'de.'
Remember the phrase “Did I discuss that?” emphasizing the “di.”
Think of the prefix "dis-" as in distance or distract.
It's like "dissect" but with a "cuss" instead of a "sect."

Correct usage of Discuss

She wants to descuss the new marketing strategy.
She wants to discuss the new marketing strategy.
They planned to descuss the issue at the meeting.
They planned to discuss the issue at the meeting.
Can we descuss your performance review today?
Can we discuss your performance review today?
It's important to descuss all the options available.
It's important to discuss all the options available.
We need to descuss the project timeline.
We need to discuss the project timeline.

Discuss Definitions

To talk or write about a subject in detail. Let's discuss our plans for the weekend.
To examine or consider a subject.
The article discusses the environmental impacts.
To converse about; to debate.
They met to discuss business strategies.
To deliberate or consider, usually with another person.
To speak with another or others about; talk over
Discussed the matter briefly.
To examine or consider (a subject) in speech or writing
The book discusses the challenges that journalists face today.
To speak with another or others about something
As we discussed yesterday, the problem could have more than one solution.
To examine or consider a subject in speech or writing.
To come to an agreement as a result of a discussion
As we discussed, you will clean your room before going out.
(transitive) To converse or debate concerning a particular topic.
Let's sit down and discuss this rationally.
I don't wish to discuss this further. Let's talk about something else.
To communicate, tell, or disclose (information, a message, etc.).
To break to pieces; to shatter.
To deal with, in eating or drinking; consume.
To examine or search thoroughly; to exhaust a remedy against, as against a principal debtor before proceeding against the surety.
To drive away, disperse, shake off; said especially of tumors.
To break up; to disperse; to scatter; to dissipate; to drive away; - said especially of tumors.
Many arts were used to discuss the beginnings of new affection.
A pomade . . . of virtue to discuss pimples.
To shake; to put away; to finish.
All regard of shame she had discussed.
To examine in detail or by disputation; to reason upon by presenting favorable and adverse considerations; to debate; to sift; to investigate; to ventilate.
To deal with, in eating or drinking.
We sat quietly down and discussed a cold fowl that we had brought with us.
To consider or examine in speech or writing;
The article covered all the different aspects of this question
The class discussed Dante's `Inferno'
Speak with others about (something); talk (something) over in detail; have a discussion;
We discussed our household budget
They discussed the issue privately.
To describe, explain, or state by detailing particulars.
Scholars often discuss complex philosophical topics.

Discuss Sentences

Can you discuss the differences between the two reports?
We need to discuss the budget before making any purchases.
The book club will discuss the novel at their next meeting.
Parents should discuss internet safety with their children.
Let's discuss our vacation plans over dinner.
It's crucial to discuss safety procedures with the entire team.
He wants to discuss his ideas for the new project.
The teacher will discuss the importance of reading in class today.
The committee will discuss the proposal next Thursday.
Can we discuss how to improve our workflow?
They didn't have time to discuss the matter thoroughly.
I'd like to discuss your progress in learning English.
Let's discuss your expectations for this role.
We'll discuss how to tackle these challenges together.
We will discuss the election results during our next meeting.
Let's discuss what we learned from this experience.
She's looking forward to discussing her research findings.
The conference will discuss future technology trends.
The review will discuss the performance of the new software.
The team needs to discuss how to address customer complaints.
We should discuss the schedule to avoid conflicts.
The meeting will discuss the company's expansion plans.
They need to discuss how to integrate the new members.
The seminar will discuss various leadership styles.
Can we discuss arrangements for the upcoming event?


Why is it called Discuss?

The term "Discuss" originates from Latin "discutere" meaning "to break up."

What is the root word of Discuss?

Derived from the Latin word "discutere."

What is the pronunciation of Discuss?


Which vowel is used before Discuss?

The vowel "u" is used.

Which conjunction is used with Discuss?

Conjunctions like "and" or "but" can be used, depending on the context.

What is the verb form of Discuss?

Discuss is already in its verb form.

What is the singular form of Discuss?

Discuss (it's a verb and does not have a singular/plural distinction).

What is the plural form of Discuss?

Verbs don't have a plural form.

Is Discuss an abstract noun?

No, but its derivative "discussion" can be.

Is Discuss a vowel or consonant?

It's a word, containing both vowels and consonants.

Is the Discuss term a metaphor?

No, but it can be used metaphorically.

Which preposition is used with Discuss?

"About" as in "discuss about a topic."

Which article is used with Discuss?

"The" can be used with its noun derivative, discussion.

Is Discuss an adverb?


What is the second form of Discuss?


What is the first form of Discuss?


Is Discuss a collective noun?


Is the word Discuss imperative?

It can be, e.g., "Discuss the matter with him."

What is another term for Discuss?


What is the third form of Discuss?


Is Discuss a noun or adjective?


How many syllables are in Discuss?

Two syllables.

What is a stressed syllable in Discuss?

The second syllable, "cuss."

How is Discuss used in a sentence?

"We need to discuss our future plans."

Is Discuss a negative or positive word?


Is Discuss a countable noun?

It's a verb, not a noun.

How do we divide Discuss into syllables?


What part of speech is Discuss?


What is the opposite of Discuss?

Withhold or refrain from discussing.

Which determiner is used with Discuss?

Determiners aren't typically used with verbs.
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