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Shovelling vs. Shoveling: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Shovelling" is the British spelling, while "Shoveling" is the correct American spelling, referring to the act of using a shovel.

Which is correct: Shovelling or Shoveling

How to spell Shoveling?

Shovelling is Incorrect

Shoveling is Correct


Key Differences

American English often uses a single "l" for words ending in "eling" (e.g., traveling, shoveling).
Associate with "level" which also has a single "l" in American English.
Visualize the word "shovel" and just add "ing."
Think: "One shovel, one L."
British English often doubles the "l" in verbs, so if it's American, keep it single.

Correct usage of Shoveling

The workers started shovelling dirt on the construction site.
The workers started shoveling dirt on the construction site.
He was tired from shovelling snow all morning.
He was tired from shoveling snow all morning.
They spent the afternoon shovelling mulch into the garden beds.
They spent the afternoon shoveling mulch into the garden beds.
I need to buy a new snow shovelling shovel before winter.
I need to buy a new snow shoveling shovel before winter.
She kept shovelling sand into the bucket to build a sandcastle.
She kept shoveling sand into the bucket to build a sandcastle.

Shoveling Definitions

It can indicate hurried or careless eating.
He was shoveling food into his mouth.
Shoveling implies working with a shovel.
Shoveling can be tiring work.
It can refer to the act of scooping or lifting with a shovel.
She spent the afternoon shoveling dirt into the garden bed.
A tool with a handle and a broad scoop or blade for digging and moving material, such as dirt or snow.
A large mechanical device or vehicle for heavy digging or excavation.
The amount that a shovel can hold; a shovelful
One shovel of dirt.
To move or remove with a shovel.
To make with a shovel
Shoveled a path through the snow.
To convey or throw in a rough or hasty way, as if with a shovel
He shoveled the food into his mouth.
To clear or excavate with or as if with a shovel
Shoveling off the driveway after the snowstorm.
Shovels out the hall closet once a year.
To dig or work with a shovel.
(American spelling) shovel
Alternative form of shovelling
Shoveling means using a shovel to move material.
He was shoveling snow off his driveway.
Shoveling can also signify a rapid or forceful movement.
The worker was shoveling coal into the furnace.

Shoveling Sentences

She prefers shoveling in the early morning when it's still quiet and peaceful.
They took turns shoveling the sidewalk clear of snow.
Shoveling out the car was harder than I thought it would be after the snowstorm.
I bought a new shovel for shoveling snow, and it makes the job much easier.
Shoveling snow can be good exercise, but you have to be careful not to strain your back.
Every winter, we spend countless hours shoveling snow off our paths.
After shoveling the driveway, he was ready for a hot cup of cocoa.
He made a game out of shoveling to keep the kids engaged and helpful.
Without proper gloves, shoveling can really hurt your hands.
Shoveling the heavy, wet snow is the toughest part of winter for me.
My strategy for shoveling snow is to do a little bit at a time, so it doesn't pile up.
They competed to see who could finish shoveling their part of the driveway first.
After years of shoveling, he finally invested in a snow blower.
Shoveling the garden paths clear of leaves and debris prepares them for visitors.
She showed her son the proper way to shovel to avoid getting hurt.
Shoveling under the bright sun, he wished for a cloud to offer some shade.
Shoveling together, the neighborhood cleared the entire block's sidewalks.
After shoveling all morning, they enjoyed a well-deserved break.
Despite the cold, there was a certain satisfaction in shoveling and seeing the clear path you've made.
Shoveling early in the morning lets you start the day with a sense of accomplishment.
Shoveling can be a solitary task, giving you time to think and reflect.
Shoveling isn't just about moving snow; it's about clearing a path for new opportunities.
Learning the most efficient way to shovel takes time and practice.
The rhythm of shoveling can be almost meditative, helping to clear the mind.
After shoveling, they admired their handiwork, proud of the clean and safe walkways.


What is the pronunciation of Shoveling?


What is the root word of Shoveling?

The root word is "shovel."

Which vowel is used before Shoveling?

"A," as in "a shoveling task."

What is the verb form of Shoveling?

"Shovel" is the base verb.

Which preposition is used with Shoveling?

"Of," as in "shoveling of snow."

What is the singular form of Shoveling?

"Shoveling" itself is singular.

Is Shoveling an adverb?


Is Shoveling an abstract noun?

No, it's a concrete action.

Why is it called Shoveling?

It's derived from the tool "shovel" used in the act.

Is the word Shoveling imperative?

It can be, as in "Start shoveling!"

What is the plural form of Shoveling?

Not applicable as "shoveling" is primarily a verb or gerund.

Is Shoveling a vowel or consonant?

"Shoveling" is a word containing both vowels and consonants.

What is the opposite of Shoveling?

Depending on context, but potentially "dumping" or "emptying."

What is the second form of Shoveling?

Shoveled (American) or Shovelled (British).

Which conjunction is used with Shoveling?

Any conjunction can be used based on the sentence, like "and" or "but."

How do we divide Shoveling into syllables?


Which article is used with Shoveling?

"The" can be used, as in "the shoveling of the driveway."

Is the Shoveling term a metaphor?

Not inherently, but it can be used metaphorically.

What is a stressed syllable in Shoveling?

The stress is on the first syllable: "Shov."

What part of speech is Shoveling?

Primarily a verb or a gerund (noun).

What is the first form of Shoveling?


How is Shoveling used in a sentence?

"After the snowstorm, many residents were out shoveling their sidewalks."

Is Shoveling a negative or positive word?

Neutral, it describes an action.

Is Shoveling a countable noun?

No, when used as a noun, it's uncountable.

Is Shoveling a collective noun?


How many syllables are in Shoveling?

Three syllables.

Is Shoveling a noun or adjective?

Can be a noun (gerund) when referring to the act, or an adjective describing someone performing the act.

What is another term for Shoveling?

Digging, when referring to soil.

Which determiner is used with Shoveling?

"This" or "that" can be used.

What is the third form of Shoveling?

Shoveled (American) or Shovelled (British).
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