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Explanitory vs. Explanatory: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Explanitory" is the incorrect spelling. The correct spelling is "explanatory," which is used to describe something that explains or clarifies.

Which is correct: Explanitory or Explanatory

How to spell Explanatory?

Explanitory is Incorrect

Explanatory is Correct


Key Differences

Remember that 'o' follows 't' in "explanatory," not 'i.'
Note that "explanatory" has four syllables, while the incorrect "explanitory" would have five.
Think of the word "explain," which lacks the extra 'i' after 'n', just like "explanatory."
Split it as "ex-plan-a-to-ry" to better visualize the correct spelling.
"Explanatory" has the word "plan" in it, without an 'i'.

Correct usage of Explanatory

His explanitory note didn't make much sense.
His explanatory note didn't make much sense.
The teacher provided an explanitory diagram that confused the class.
The teacher provided an explanatory diagram that clarified the topic.
I need an explanitory statement on this issue.
I need an explanatory statement on this issue.
The manual's explanitory section is hard to understand.
The manual's explanatory section is easy to understand.
The article includes an explanitory section that doesn't help.
The article includes an explanatory section that helps understand the concept.

Explanatory Definitions

Used to describe details that clarify a subject or topic.
The explanatory text helped me understand the diagram.
Relating to scientific description or interpretation.
The explanatory model was compelling.
Explanatory refers to something that provides an explanation or clarification.
She provided an explanatory note.
Pertaining to commentary that interprets or elucidates.
The explanatory comments were helpful.
Serving to account for a situation or justify an action.
His explanatory statement addressed all concerns.
Serving or intended to explain
An explanatory paragraph.
Intended to serve as an explanation.
Below the diagram is an explanatory text.
(of a person) Disposed to explain.
Serving to explain; containing explanation; as explanatory notes.
Serving or intended to explain or make clear;
Explanatory notes
An explanatory paragraph

Explanatory Sentences

During the meeting, he gave a brief explanatory overview of the project.
The explanatory remarks at the beginning of the book set the context perfectly.
The book's explanatory section on photosynthesis was very informative.
She gave an explanatory speech on the importance of recycling.
She added an explanatory note to her gift to make its significance clear.
The teacher's explanatory skills make difficult subjects much easier to grasp.
The guide included explanatory illustrations to make assembly straightforward.
After reading the explanatory chapter, I finally understood how to solve the equation.
The website has an explanatory FAQ section that answers common questions.
The explanatory video helped the students understand complex science concepts easily.
His explanatory emails are always clear and concise, leaving no room for confusion.
The explanatory text beneath the painting provided insight into its background.
The documentary included explanatory captions to enhance viewer understanding of historical events.
The software's help file is filled with explanatory information on its features.
The explanatory labels on the exhibit made understanding the artifacts much easier.
The teacher asked for an explanatory paragraph on the student's science project.
The tour guide's explanatory commentary made the historical site come alive.
An explanatory session on the new policy was held for all employees.
The cookbook includes explanatory notes on each recipe for beginner chefs.
The explanatory material at the start of the course made the objectives clear.
In his essay, he used several explanatory examples to support his argument.
The explanatory panels at the museum made the exhibits much more engaging.
The explanatory diagram showed how the machine parts fit together.
The explanatory leaflet inside the medication package lists all the side effects.
His explanatory approach in discussions helps everyone stay on the same page.


What is the verb form of explanatory?


What is the root word of explanatory?

The root word is "explain."

What is the pronunciation of explanatory?

/ɪkˈsplænəˌtɔri/ in American English.

What is the singular form of explanatory?


What is the plural form of explanatory?

Explanatory has no plural form; it's an adjective.

Is explanatory an adverb?


Why is it called explanatory?

It comes from the verb "explain," indicating its function to explain or clarify.

Which vowel is used before explanatory?

"An," as in "an explanatory note."

Which conjunction is used with explanatory?

"And," as in "clear and explanatory."

Which article is used with explanatory?

"An," as in "an explanatory note."

Is the explanatory term a metaphor?


Which preposition is used with explanatory?

"Of," as in "explanatory of the phenomenon."

Is explanatory a countable noun?

It's not a noun, so it's not countable.

What is a stressed syllable in explanatory?

The second syllable, "plan."

What part of speech is explanatory?


Is explanatory a noun or adjective?


Is explanatory an abstract noun?


What is the opposite of explanatory?

Confusing or ambiguous.

Which determiner is used with explanatory?

"An," as in "an explanatory note."

What is the second form of explanatory?


What is the third form of explanatory?


How is explanatory used in a sentence?

"The teacher gave an explanatory lecture on the topic."

Is explanatory a negative or positive word?


Is explanatory a collective noun?


How many syllables are in explanatory?


Is explanatory a vowel or consonant?

It starts with a consonant (E).

Is the word explanatory imperative?


How do we divide explanatory into syllables?


What is another term for explanatory?


What is the first form of explanatory?

It's an adjective; it doesn't have "forms" like a verb.
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