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Responsability vs. Responsibility: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Responsability" is the incorrect spelling, whereas "Responsibility" is the correct spelling, denoting an obligation or duty one has.

Which is correct: Responsability or Responsibility

How to spell Responsibility?

Responsability is Incorrect

Responsibility is Correct


Key Differences

Note that "-ability" is a common suffix, not "-ability."
Remember that "responsibility" has the same ending as "ability."
Consider that "responsible" + "ity" = "responsibility."
Use mnemonic: "With ability comes responsibility."
Visualize someone being "responsible" to embed the correct spelling.

Correct usage of Responsibility

Her responsability at work includes managing emails.
Her responsibility at work includes managing emails.
The team leader has a lot of responsability.
The team leader has a lot of responsibility.
Children learn about responsability by doing chores.
Children learn about responsibility by doing chores.
It's your responsability to lock the door at night.
It's your responsibility to lock the door at night.
He takes his responsability very seriously.
He takes his responsibility very seriously.

Responsibility Definitions

The state of being answerable or accountable.
She took responsibility for the mistake.
A particular burden or obligation one must uphold.
Managing the team is her primary responsibility.
The quality of being dependable or trustworthy.
Demonstrating responsibility is crucial in leadership roles.
The duty or obligation to do something.
It's his responsibility to lock up every night.
A task or duty assigned to a person.
His main responsibility is overseeing the project.
The state, quality, or fact of being responsible.
A duty or obligation that one is responsible for.
An expense, debt, or financial burden that one must pay.
The amount of such expense, debt, or financial burden.
The state of being responsible, accountable, or answerable. 18
Responsibility is a heavy burden.
The state of being liable, culpable, or responsible for something in particular.
A duty, obligation or liability for which someone is held accountable.
Why didn't you clean the house? That was your responsibility!
(military) The obligation to carry forward an assigned task to a successful conclusion. With responsibility goes authority to direct and take the necessary action to ensure success.
(military) The obligation for the proper custody, care, and safekeeping of property or funds entrusted to the possession or supervision of an individual.
The state of being responsible, accountable, or answerable, as for a trust, debt, or obligation.
That for which anyone is responsible or accountable; as, the resonsibilities of power.
Ability to answer in payment; means of paying.
The social force that binds you to your obligations and the courses of action demanded by that force;
We must instill a sense of duty in our children
Every right implies a responsibility; every opportunity, an obligation; every possession, a duty
The proper sphere or extent of your activities;
It was his province to take care of himself
A form of trustworthiness; the trait of being answerable to someone for something or being responsible for one's conduct;
He holds a position of great responsibility

Responsibility Sentences

Everyone has a responsibility to be kind to others.
Cleaning up the playground is our shared responsibility.
She felt a sense of responsibility to help her younger brother with his project.
When you borrow something, it's your responsibility to return it.
Walking the dog every morning is my responsibility.
Recycling is a responsibility we all have to protect the environment.
Each student has the responsibility to listen and learn during class.
It's my responsibility to do my homework every day.
Keeping our classroom clean is a responsibility we all share.
If you make a mess, it's your responsibility to clean it up.
Turning in assignments on time is an important responsibility.
The responsibility of being a team captain is to encourage everyone.
Following the rules at school is a responsibility that helps everyone.
Respecting other people's property is a basic responsibility.
Our teacher taught us that responsibility is an important part of growing up.
Taking care of the earth is a big responsibility that we all share.
Doing chores is one way to learn about responsibility.
As part of a community, we have the responsibility to help each other.
She learned the responsibility of saving money by having a piggy bank.
It's the teacher's responsibility to create a safe learning environment.
Remember, it's your responsibility to be safe online.
Being a good friend includes the responsibility of being there when you're needed.
Leaders have the responsibility to make good decisions.

Responsibility Idioms & Phrases

Take responsibility for

To accept accountability for something.
He took responsibility for the mistake and apologized.

Shirk responsibility

To avoid or neglect one's duties.
It's not good to shirk responsibility; it only leads to more problems.


What is the root word of Responsibility?

The root word is "responsible."

Which vowel is used before Responsibility?

The vowel "i" is used in "Responsibility."

Why is it called Responsibility?

It's called "Responsibility" as it refers to the state of being responsible or answerable for something.

Which preposition is used with Responsibility?

"For" and "of" can be used, as in "responsibility for" or "responsibility of."

Which article is used with Responsibility?

Both "a" and "the" can be used, depending on the context.

What is the verb form of Responsibility?

The verb form related to "responsibility" is "responsibilize," though it's less common. "Responsible" is an adjective form.

Is Responsibility an adverb?

No, "Responsibility" is not an adverb.

What is the singular form of Responsibility?

"Responsibility" is already in its singular form.

What is the pronunciation of Responsibility?

It is pronounced as /rɪˌspɒnsəˈbɪlɪti/.

What is the plural form of Responsibility?

The plural form is "responsibilities."

Is Responsibility a countable noun?

Yes, for example, "He has many responsibilities."

Is the word Responsibility imperative?

No, it is not used as an imperative.

Is Responsibility a noun or adjective?

Responsibility is a noun. "Responsible" is the adjective form.

What is another term for Responsibility?

Another term is "duty" or "obligation."

What is the third form of Responsibility?

For the verb "responsibilize," the past participle form is "responsibilized."

Which conjunction is used with Responsibility?

Responsibility doesn't have a specific conjunction tied to it; it depends on the sentence.

Is Responsibility an abstract noun?

Yes, "Responsibility" is an abstract noun as it refers to a concept.

Is Responsibility a negative or positive word?

Responsibility is neutral, but it often has a positive connotation in contexts of accountability.

How many syllables are in Responsibility?

There are six syllables in "Responsibility."

How do we divide Responsibility into syllables?

It can be divided as Re-spon-si-bil-i-ty.

What part of speech is Responsibility?

"Responsibility" is a noun.

Is Responsibility a collective noun?

No, "Responsibility" is not a collective noun.

What is the opposite of Responsibility?

The opposite could be "irresponsibility" or "negligence."

Is the Responsibility term a metaphor?

No, it's a direct term, though it can be used metaphorically in some contexts.

How is Responsibility used in a sentence?

"Taking care of the environment is everyone's responsibility."

Is Responsibility a vowel or consonant?

"Responsibility" is a word and contains both vowels and consonants.

What is a stressed syllable in Responsibility?

The fourth syllable "bil" is stressed.

Which determiner is used with Responsibility?

Determiners like "this", "that", "his", "her", and "the" can be used with "Responsibility."

What is the first form of Responsibility?

As a noun, it doesn't have verb forms. However, related verb forms would come from "responsibilize."

What is the second form of Responsibility?

Responsibility is a noun and doesn't have verb forms. For the verb "responsibilize," the past form would be "responsibilized."
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