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Reocur vs. Recur: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Reocur" is an incorrect spelling, while "Recur" is correct, indicating a repeated or recurring event.

Which is correct: Reocur or Recur

How to spell Recur?

Reocur is Incorrect

Recur is Correct


Key Differences

Remember, “recurring” issues, which has one "r" following "cu."
The “e” in “Recur” can be linked to “event” which often recurs.
Link “Recur” with “Return” as they both relate to things happening again.
Recall “Recur” as something happening in a “Current” repeatedly, sharing “cur.”
Associate “Recur” with “occur” as both dealing with events happening and having one "o."

Correct usage of Recur

It's strange how these events reocur.
It's strange how these events recur.
This problem cannot be allowed to reocur.
This problem cannot be allowed to recur.
We don't want this mistake to reocur.
We don't want this mistake to recur.
The issue seems to reocur every few months.
The issue seems to recur every few months.
Symptoms are likely to reocur if treatment is stopped.
Symptoms are likely to recur if treatment is stopped.

Recur Definitions

Return to one's attention
The thought recurred to him.
Appear again
Symptoms tend to recur.
Happen again
The event will recur annually.
Come back
The theme recurred throughout the book.
To happen or occur again or repeatedly
The pain recurred after eating.
To return to one's attention or memory
The thought recurred to her late at night.
To return in thought or discourse
He recurred to the subject right after dinner.
(Archaic) To have recourse; resort
"When ... direct taxes are not necessary, they will not be recurred to" (James Madison).
(intransitive) To happen again.
The theme of the prodigal son recurs later in the third act.
To come to the mind again.
(dated) To speak, write or think about something again; to return or go back (to a subject).
(obsolete) To go back to using or doing something.
(obsolete) To have recourse (to someone or something) for assistance, support etc.; to turn or appeal to (someone or something).
(obsolete) To go to a location again; to return (to a place).
To recurse.
To come back; to return again or repeatedly; to come again to mind.
When any word has been used to signify an idea, the old idea will recur in the mind when the word is heard.
To occur at a stated interval, or according to some regular rule; as, the fever will recur to-night.
To resort; to have recourse; to go for help.
If, to avoid succession in eternal existence, they recur to the "punctum stans" of the schools, they will thereby very little help us to a more positive idea of infinite duration.
Happen or occur again;
This is a recurring story
Return in thought or speech to something
Have recourse to;
The government resorted to rationing meat
Be repeated
The pattern recurred in the data.

Recur Sentences

We've noticed the error tends to recur under pressure.
The dream seems to recur every night.
She was worried the pain might recur.
Historically, such crises recur every few decades.
They've taken steps to ensure the problem doesn't recur.
The question is likely to recur in future discussions.
The phenomenon is expected to recur next year.
Memories of that day recur in his mind.
They hoped the bug would not recur in the new software version.
The cycle of the seasons is a natural recur.
She expressed fear that the conflict might recur.
Certain conditions can cause these symptoms to recur.

Recur Idioms & Phrases

Recur to one's mind

To come back to one's thoughts repeatedly.
The melody would often recur to his mind.

Recur with regularity

Happening at consistent intervals.
The celebrations recur with regularity every year.


Why is it called Recur?

Derived from Latin "recurrere" meaning to run back.

What is the plural form of Recur?


Which conjunction is used with Recur?

No specific conjunction is routinely used.

What is the verb form of Recur?


Which article is used with Recur?

"A" or "the."

Is Recur a negative or positive word?


What is the pronunciation of Recur?


What is the root word of Recur?

Recurrere (Latin).

Which vowel is used before Recur?

“A” as in “a recurring event.”

What is the singular form of Recur?


How do we divide Recur into syllables?


What is a stressed syllable in Recur?

The second syllable, “cur.”

What is the third form of Recur?


Which preposition is used with Recur?

"To," as in “recur to mind.”

Is Recur an adverb?


Is Recur an abstract noun?


Is Recur a collective noun?


Is the Recur term a metaphor?

No, but it can be used metaphorically.

What is the opposite of Recur?


What is the first form of Recur?


Is Recur a noun or adjective?


Is Recur a vowel or consonant?

It’s a word, not a letter.

Is Recur a countable noun?


What is another term for Recur?


Which determiner is used with Recur?

No specific determiner is universally used.

How is Recur used in a sentence?

"The meetings recur every week."

Is the word Recur imperative?

It can be used in an imperative sentence.

How many syllables are in Recur?


What part of speech is Recur?


What is the second form of Recur?

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