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Hostle vs. Hostel: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Hostle" is a misspelling. The correct spelling is "Hostel," which refers to a budget accommodation, often shared among travelers.

Which is correct: Hostle or Hostel

How to spell Hostel?

Hostle is Incorrect

Hostel is Correct


Key Differences

Associate "Hostel" with backpackers, as it's a common accommodation for them.
"Hostel" sounds like "host" + "el" – think of a place that 'hosts' travelers.
"Hostel" ends with "el" not "le."
Think of the common term "youth hostel" to retain the correct spelling.
Remember, it's spelled like "hotel" but with an "s" instead of a "t."

Correct usage of Hostel

I stayed at a cheap hostle during my trip to Europe.
I stayed at a cheap hostel during my trip to Europe.
The hostle offers free breakfast and Wi-Fi to guests.
The hostel offers free breakfast and Wi-Fi to guests.
Can you recommend a good hostle near the city center?
Can you recommend a good hostel near the city center?
She had never stayed in a hostle before her backpacking journey.
She had never stayed in a hostel before her backpacking journey.
We found a hostle that rents beds in dormitory-style rooms.
We found a hostel that rents beds in dormitory-style rooms.

Hostel Definitions

Hostels often emphasize communal living with shared facilities.
The hostel had a shared kitchen and lounge area.
A hostel can be a place providing shelter or care.
The charity runs a hostel for the homeless.
Hostel can refer to student housing at educational institutions.
The university's hostel provides rooms for international students.
A hostel is a budget accommodation offering shared rooms, often used by travelers.
Many backpackers prefer to stay in hostels to save money.
A supervised, inexpensive lodging place for travelers, especially young travelers.
An inn; a hotel.
To stay at hostels while traveling.
A commercial overnight lodging place, with dormitory accommodation and shared facilities, especially a youth hostel
A rundown hostel
(not US) A temporary refuge for the homeless providing a bed and sometimes food
(obsolete) A small, unendowed college in Oxford or Cambridge.
(intransitive) To stay in a hostel during one's travels.
(transitive) To lodge (a person) in a hostel.
An inn.
So pass I hostel, hall, and grange.
A small, unendowed college in Oxford or Cambridge.
A hotel providing overnight lodging for travelers
Inexpensive supervised lodging (especially for youths on bicycling trips)
Some hostels are specifically designed for youth or backpackers.
The youth hostel has a vibrant atmosphere and organizes daily tours.

Hostel Sentences

The hostel had a cozy common room where travelers could socialize.
He booked a bed in a hostel to save money on accommodation.
They chose the hostel for its affordable rates and clean facilities.
Staying at a hostel is a great way to meet other travelers.
The hostel staff was very friendly and helpful.
The hostel offered guided tours to popular tourist attractions.
The kitchen in the hostel was well-equipped for guests to cook their meals.
The hostel organized nightly events for guests to mingle.
The hostel provided free maps and advice on sightseeing.
The hostel had a strict policy against bringing in outside guests.
The eco-friendly hostel used solar power and recycled water.
They stayed in a hostel that was converted from an old factory.
Booking a hostel with free Wi-Fi helped him stay connected.
She found a hostel with private rooms as well as dorms.
He read reviews to choose a hostel that was safe and clean.
The hostel had a book exchange for guests to swap travel reads.


Why is it called Hostel?

It derives from the medieval Latin word "hospitale," meaning an inn or lodging.

What is the verb form of Hostel?

The word "hostel" is primarily a noun. There isn't a widely accepted verb form.

What is the pronunciation of Hostel?

It's pronounced /ˈhɒstəl/ or /ˈhoʊstəl/ depending on the region.

What is the plural form of Hostel?


Which conjunction is used with Hostel?

Any conjunction can be used based on the sentence structure.

What is the singular form of Hostel?

"Hostel" itself is singular.

What is the root word of Hostel?

The root word is "hospitale" from medieval Latin.

Which vowel is used before Hostel?

The vowel "o" is used at the beginning of "hostel."

Is Hostel a negative or positive word?

It is neutral, simply describing a type of accommodation.

Is Hostel an abstract noun?

No, it refers to a tangible place or establishment.

Which preposition is used with Hostel?

"In" or "at" as in "staying in/at a hostel."

Is the Hostel term a metaphor?

Not typically, but it can be used metaphorically in broader contexts.

How do we divide Hostel into syllables?


What is the third form of Hostel?

Not applicable since "hostel" is a noun.

Is Hostel a noun or adjective?

"Hostel" is primarily a noun.

Is Hostel a vowel or consonant?

"Hostel" is a word containing both vowels and consonants.

Is the word Hostel imperative?

No, it's not an imperative form.

What is another term for Hostel?

Inn, dormitory, or lodging.

Which article is used with Hostel?

Both "a" and "the" can be used, e.g., "a hostel" or "the hostel."

Is Hostel a countable noun?

Yes, you can have one hostel or multiple hostels.

How many syllables are in Hostel?

Two syllables.

What is a stressed syllable in Hostel?

The stress is on the first syllable: "Hos."

Which determiner is used with Hostel?

"This," "that," "a," or "the" can be used depending on context.

Is Hostel an adverb?

No, "hostel" is not an adverb.

Is Hostel a collective noun?

No, it isn't.

What part of speech is Hostel?

It is a noun.

What is the opposite of Hostel?

Luxury hotel or resort.

What is the first form of Hostel?

"Hostel" as it's primarily a noun.

What is the second form of Hostel?

Not applicable since "hostel" is a noun.

How is Hostel used in a sentence?

"I booked a bed in a popular hostel located in the heart of the city."
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