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Parrallel vs. Parallel: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Updated on March 10, 2024
The incorrect spelling is "parrallel," while the correct spelling is "parallel." Parallel refers to lines, planes, or elements that run equally distant from each other indefinitely.

Which is correct: Parrallel or Parallel

How to spell Parallel?

Parrallel is Incorrect

Parallel is Correct


Key Differences

Think of two "L"s running "parallel" to each other in the word.
The word has three syllables; each 'L' belongs to a different syllable: pa-ral-lel.
Visualize parallel railroad tracks; two lines (the two 'L's) run next to each other but never meet.
The word "parallel" itself has elements that are parallel, the two "L"s.
"One 'R', Two 'L's" can be a quick mnemonic.

Correct usage of Parallel

She drew two parrallel lines on the paper.
She drew two parallel lines on the paper.
Their experiences were parrallel, though they never met.
Their experiences were parallel, though they never met.
The concept of fate in different cultures is often parrallel.
The concept of fate in different cultures is often parallel.
The river runs parrallel to the road.
The river runs parallel to the road.
The lines are parrallel to each other.
The lines are parallel to each other.

Parallel Definitions

Parallel means being an equal distance apart at all points.
The lines are parallel to each other.
Being an equal distance apart everywhere
Dancers in two parallel rows. See Usage Note at absolute.
Of, relating to, or designating two or more straight coplanar lines that do not intersect.
Of, relating to, or designating two or more planes that do not intersect.
Of, relating to, or designating a line and a plane that do not intersect.
Of, relating to, or designating curves or surfaces everywhere equidistant.
Having comparable parts, analogous aspects, or readily recognized similarities
The parallel lives of two contemporaries.
Having the same tendency or direction
Parallel motives and aims.
(Grammar) Having identical or equivalent syntactic constructions in corresponding clauses or phrases.
Moving in the same direction at a fixed interval
Parallel motion.
Parallel fifths.
Having the same tonic. Used of scales and keys
C minor is the parallel minor scale of C major.
(Electronics) Denoting a circuit or part of a circuit connected in parallel.
Of or relating to the simultaneous transmission of all the bits of a byte over separate wires
A parallel port.
A parallel interface.
Of or relating to the simultaneous performance of multiple operations
Parallel processing.
In a parallel relationship or manner
A road and a railway that run parallel.
(Mathematics) One of a set of parallel geometric figures, such as lines or planes.
One that closely resembles or is analogous to another
A unique event, without parallel in history.
A comparison indicating likeness; an analogy.
The condition of being parallel; near similarity or exact agreement in particulars; parallelism.
Any of the imaginary lines representing degrees of latitude that encircle the earth parallel to the plane of the equator.
(Printing) A sign indicating material referred to in a note or reference.
(Electronics) An arrangement of components in a circuit that splits the current into two or more paths. Used chiefly in the phrase in parallel.
To make or place parallel to something else
Paralleled the ditch to the highway.
To be or extend parallel to
A trail that parallels the crater rim.
To be similar or analogous to
Claimed that fetal development parallels the evolution of the species.
To be or provide an equal for; match.
To show to be analogous; compare or liken
Critics who have paralleled the novel's plot to an ancient myth.
Equally distant from one another at all points.
The horizontal lines on my notebook paper are parallel.
Having the same overall direction; the comparison is indicated with "to".
The two railway lines are parallel.
Either not intersecting, or coinciding.
(computing) Involving the processing of multiple tasks at the same time.
A parallel algorithm
With a parallel relationship.
The road runs parallel to the canal.
One of a set of parallel lines.
Direction conformable to that of another line.
A line of latitude.
The 31st parallel passes through the center of my town.
An arrangement of electrical components such that a current flows along two or more paths; see in parallel.
Something identical or similar in essential respects.
A comparison made; elaborate tracing of similarity.
Johnson's parallel between Dryden and Pope
(military) One of a series of long trenches constructed before a besieged fortress, by the besieging force, as a cover for troops supporting the attacking batteries. They are roughly parallel to the line of outer defenses of the fortress.
(printing) A character consisting of two parallel vertical lines, used in the text to direct attention to a similarly marked note in the margin or at the foot of a page.
To construct or place something parallel to something else.
Of a path etc: To be parallel to something else.
Of a process etc: To be analogous to something else.
To compare or liken something to something else.
To make to conform to something else in character, motive, aim, etc.
To equal; to match; to correspond to.
To produce or adduce as a parallel.
Extended in the same direction, and in all parts equally distant; as, parallel lines; parallel planes.
Revolutions . . . parallel to the equinoctial.
Having the same direction or tendency; running side by side; being in accordance (with); tending to the same result; - used with to and with.
When honor runs parallel with the laws of God and our country, it can not be too much cherished.
Continuing a resemblance through many particulars; applicable in all essential parts; like; similar; as, a parallel case; a parallel passage.
A line which, throughout its whole extent, is equidistant from another line; a parallel line, a parallel plane, etc.
Who made the spider parallels design,Sure as De Moivre, without rule or line ?
Direction conformable to that of another line,
Lines that from their parallel decline.
Conformity continued through many particulars or in all essential points; resemblance; similarity.
Twixt earthly females and the moonAll parallels exactly run.
A comparison made; elaborate tracing of similarity; as, Johnson's parallel between Dryden and Pope.
Anything equal to, or resembling, another in all essential particulars; a counterpart.
None but thyself can be thy parallel.
One of the imaginary circles on the surface of the earth, parallel to the equator, marking the latitude; also, the corresponding line on a globe or map; as, the counry was divided into North and South at the 38th parallel.
One of a series of long trenches constructed before a besieged fortress, by the besieging force, as a cover for troops supporting the attacking batteries. They are roughly parallel to the line of outer defenses of the fortress.
A character consisting of two parallel vertical lines (thus, ) used in the text to direct attention to a similarly marked note in the margin or at the foot of a page.
That arrangement of an electrical system in which all positive poles, electrodes, terminals, etc., are joined to one conductor, and all negative poles, etc., to another conductor; - called also multiple. Opposed to series.
To place or set so as to be parallel; to place so as to be parallel to, or to conform in direction with, something else.
The needle . . . doth parallel and place itself upon the true meridian.
Fig.: To make to conform to something else in character, motive, aim, or the like.
His life is paralleledEven with the stroke and line of his great justice.
To be parallel; to correspond; to be like.
Something having the property of being analogous to something else
An imaginary line around the Earth parallel to the equator
Be parallel to;
Their roles are paralleled by ours
Make or place parallel to something;
They paralleled the ditch to the highway
Duplicate or match;
The polished surface twinned his face and chest in reverse
Being everywhere equidistant and not intersecting;
Parallel lines never converge
Concentric circles are parallel
Dancers in two parallel rows
The axes are perpendicular to each other
Of or relating to the simultaneous performance of multiple operations;
Parallel processing
In computing, parallel refers to simultaneous processing.
Parallel computing speeds up the task.
It can refer to something that's metaphorically similar or analogous.
Their lives ran in parallel.
In grammar, parallel refers to a similarity of structure in a pair or series of related words.
The sentence maintains parallel structure.
In electronics, components can be connected in parallel.
The resistors are wired in parallel.

Parallel Sentences

The electrician ensured the wires were parallel to prevent short circuits.
Parallel lines never meet, no matter how long they extend.
His story runs parallel to hers, highlighting similar struggles.
In mathematics, parallel lines are taught as part of geometry.
Drawing parallel lines requires a steady hand and a ruler.
The two athletes' careers were parallel, both achieving greatness in their time.
The engineer designed parallel circuits to distribute the electrical load evenly.
The two roads run parallel to each other for miles.
Parallel computing involves dividing a problem into smaller parts to be solved at the same time.
The teacher used two parallel examples to illustrate the point.
They lived parallel lives, growing up in similar neighborhoods but never crossing paths.
In literature, parallel narratives may converge at a key point in the story.
The tracks of the railroad are laid perfectly parallel.
Learning to draw parallel lines accurately is a basic skill in drafting.
Skiers must keep their skis parallel to maintain control and speed.
The parallel development of technology in different parts of the world is a study in convergence.
The concept of parallel universes fascinates both scientists and science fiction writers.
The twin sisters led surprisingly parallel lives, even after being separated at birth.
Parallel processing allows computers to perform complex tasks more efficiently.
The new highway will run parallel to the coastline.
Parallel parking can be challenging for new drivers.
The debate team prepared arguments on parallel topics to cover all bases.
Artists often use parallel lines to create perspective in their drawings.
The biologist noted parallel evolution in different species living in similar habitats.
The two scientists worked on parallel research projects, leading to similar discoveries.

Parallel Idioms & Phrases

Parallel paths

Two or more journeys or developments that occur simultaneously, with similarities but without crossing.
Though they worked in different fields, their careers took parallel paths.

Parallel lines

Lines in a plane that never meet, no matter how far they are extended.
Geometry class often begins with the study of parallel lines.

In parallel

Doing two or more tasks at the same time.
The company is running two marketing campaigns in parallel to maximize exposure.

Parallel universe

A hypothetical, self-contained separate reality coexisting with one's own.
Science fiction is full of stories about adventures in parallel universes.

Parallel structure

The use of the same pattern of words to show that two or more ideas have the same level of importance.
Good writers use parallel structure to maintain balance and rhythm in their sentences.

Parallel session

Simultaneously held sessions at a conference, allowing attendees to choose which to attend.
The conference offered parallel sessions to cater to different interests.

Parallel processing

The ability of a computer to process multiple tasks simultaneously.
Modern computers use parallel processing to handle complex simulations.

Parallel thinking

A process of reasoning or problem-solving where individuals think about the same point at the same time.
The team used parallel thinking to come up with a unified solution.

Parallel development

The simultaneous development or evolution of similar features in two separate but analogous systems.
Parallel development in technology often occurs when companies independently create similar products.

Parallel course

A direction or path that runs alongside another.
The ships set a parallel course to reach their destination together.

Parallel reality

An alternate situation or universe that exists alongside the known reality.
The concept of parallel reality is popular in many science fiction stories.

Parallel evolution

The development of similar traits or features in species of different lineages, due to similar environmental pressures.
The parallel evolution of the eye in vertebrates and cephalopods is a fascinating study.

Parallel circuit

An electrical circuit in which the current divides into two or more paths before recombining to complete the circuit.
Parallel circuits are used in homes to ensure that if one appliance fails, others continue to work.

Parallel project

Separate projects that are being carried out at the same time, often with related goals.
The R&D department launched parallel projects to explore different solutions to the problem.

Draw parallel

To indicate similarities between two different things.
The historian drew parallels between the two empires' rises and falls.

Parallel strategy

Implementing similar strategies in different markets or segments.
The global brand used a parallel strategy to customize its marketing while maintaining a consistent core message.

Parallel play

When children play next to each other but not directly with each other.
In early childhood development, parallel play is a common stage.

Run parallel

To occur at the same time without intersecting or affecting each other.
The investigations ran parallel, with each team unaware of the other's findings.

Make parallel

To adjust or align something so that it runs evenly alongside something else.
The carpenter made sure to make the shelves parallel to the floor for a uniform appearance.

Parallel market

An unofficial or unauthorized market operating alongside the official market.
In some countries, a parallel market for currency exchange exists due to restrictions on the official exchange rate.


Why is it called parallel?

The term comes from Greek "para-" (beside) and "allel" (one another), signifying running side by side.

Which vowel is used before parallel?

No specific vowel usually precedes "parallel."

What is the plural form of parallel?


What is the root word of parallel?

From the Greek words "para-" and "allel."

Which preposition is used with parallel?

"To" as in "parallel to."

What is the pronunciation of parallel?

Pronounced as /ˈpærəˌlɛl/ in American English.

Is parallel a noun or adjective?

It can be both, depending on context.

Which article is used with parallel?

Both "a" and "the" can be used, depending on context.

What is the verb form of parallel?

The verb form is "to parallel."

What is the singular form of parallel?


Is parallel a countable noun?

Yes, when used as a noun, it can be countable ("multiple parallels").

Is parallel a vowel or consonant?

Parallel is a word, not a vowel or consonant.

Which conjunction is used with parallel?

"And" can often be used with "parallel," as in "parallel and perpendicular."

Is parallel an adverb?

No, it is not an adverb.

Is parallel a negative or positive word?

Neutral; the connotation depends on context.

How do we divide parallel into syllables?


What is another term for parallel?

Equivalent, corresponding.

What is the second form of parallel?

Paralleled (in American English).

Is the parallel term a metaphor?

It can be used metaphorically.

Is the word parallel imperative?

It can be used in an imperative sentence ("Run these tasks in parallel!").

Which determiner is used with parallel?

"The," "a," and "some" can all be used, depending on context.

How is parallel used in a sentence?

"The two roads are parallel to each other."

Is parallel a collective noun?

No, it is not a collective noun.

How many syllables are in parallel?

Three syllables.

What is a stressed syllable in parallel?

The stress is on the first syllable, "pa."

What part of speech is parallel?

It can be both a noun and an adjective, and even a verb ("to parallel").

Is parallel an abstract noun?

It can be considered an abstract noun when referring to a concept or metaphor.

What is the opposite of parallel?


What is the first form of parallel?


What is the third form of parallel?

Paralleling (in American English).
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