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Panick vs. Panic: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Panick" is an incorrect spelling. The correct spelling is "Panic," which refers to a sudden, overwhelming fear.

Which is correct: Panick or Panic

How to spell Panic?

Panick is Incorrect

Panic is Correct


Key Differences

Think of the phrase: "Stay calm, no k in Panic."
Visualize a panicking person without a walking stick ('k').
Mnemonic: "In a panic, you drop the stick ('k')."
Link: Just as "picnic" has no extra 'k', neither does "panic."
Remember: "Panic" has no extra 'k' at the end.

Correct usage of Panic

The sudden storm caused the sailors to panick.
The sudden storm caused the sailors to panic.
The crowd began to panick after hearing the alarm.
The crowd began to panic after hearing the alarm.
Trying not to panick, she called for help.
Trying not to panic, she called for help.
She started to panick when she couldn't find her keys.
She started to panic when she couldn't find her keys.
He tends to panick before exams, even if he's studied.
He tends to panic before exams, even if he's studied.

Panic Definitions

Panic denotes a sudden, overwhelming fear.
The fire caused a panic among the residents.
Panic can refer to a widespread financial fear causing market downturns.
The stock market crash led to a financial panic.
Panic can also be a sudden, large-scale disturbance or disorder due to fear.
News of the invasion caused a panic in the city.
A sudden, overpowering feeling of fear, often affecting many people at once.
A state of extreme anxiety, such as that involved in a panic attack.
A state of frantic activity, usually accompanied by extreme concern or anxiety
The office was in a panic as the deadline approached.
A sudden widespread alarm concerning finances, often resulting in a rush to sell property to raise cash.
(Slang) A person or thing that is considered extremely funny.
Of, relating to, or resulting from sudden, overwhelming terror
Panic flight.
Of or resulting from a financial panic
Panic selling of securities.
Often Panic(Mythology) Of or relating to Pan.
To affect or be affected with panic.
Alternative case form of Panic
(by extension (see the etymology))
Of fear, fright, etc: overwhelming or sudden.
Pertaining to or resulting from overwhelming fear or fright.
(uncountable) Overwhelming fear or fright, often affecting groups of people or animals; (countable) an instance of this; a fright, a scare.
; (by extension) any computer system crash.
A rapid reduction in asset prices due to broad efforts to raise cash in anticipation of such prices continuing to decline.
A highly amusing or entertaining performer, performance, or show; a riot, a scream.
(originally) Foxtail millet or Italian millet (Setaria italica), the second-most widely grown species of millet.
(by extension) A plant of the genus Panicum, or of similar plants of other genera (especially Echinochloa and Setaria) formerly included within Panicum; panicgrass or panic grass.
The edible grain obtained from one of the above plants.
To cause (someone) to feel fright]]; also, to frighten (someone) into acting hastily.
(computing) To cause (a computer system) to crash.
To highly amuse, entertain, or impress (an audience watching a performance or show).
To feel panic, or overwhelming fear or fright; to freak out, to lose one's head.
(computing) Of a computer system: to crash.
A plant of the genus Panicum; panic grass; also, the edible grain of some species of panic grass.
A sudden, overpowering fright; esp., a sudden and groundless fright; terror inspired by a trifling cause or a misapprehension of danger; as, the troops were seized with a panic; they fled in a panic.
By extension: A sudden widespread fright or apprehension concerning financial affairs.
Extreme or sudden and causeless; unreasonable; - said of fear or fright; as, panic fear, terror, alarm.
An overwhelming feeling of fear and anxiety
Sudden mass fear and anxiety over anticipated events;
Panic in the stock market
A war scare
A bomb scare led them to evacuate the building
Be overcome by a sudden fear;
The students panicked when told that final exams were less than a week away
Cause sudden fear in or fill with sudden panic;
The mere thought of an isolation cell panicked the prisoners
Panic describes a hasty, unthinking action due to fear.
He sold all his shares in a panic.
Panic is the fear or anxiety that prevents rational thought.
She felt a sense of panic when she couldn't find her passport.

Panic Sentences

During the blackout, her calm voice helped prevent panic among the residents.
Learning how to manage panic attacks can significantly improve quality of life.
The news of the earthquake caused widespread panic in the city.
The sudden drop in the stock market caused panic among investors.
When you start to feel panic, take deep breaths to calm down.
The captain's experience helped him remain calm and prevent panic on the ship.
In case of fire, try not to panic and follow the safety procedures.
He experienced a moment of panic when his parachute didn't open immediately.
Experiencing panic at heights, she decided to avoid climbing the tower.
The authorities urged the public not to panic and to stay informed.
Her first instinct was to panic, but she knew she needed to stay focused.
She felt a wave of panic when she realized she was lost.
Panic buying can lead to shortages of essential supplies.
Teaching children not to panic in emergencies can save lives.
Understanding the psychology behind panic can help in designing safer public spaces.
The emergency drills are designed to prevent panic in dangerous situations.
Parents often feel a sense of panic when they can't find their child in a crowded place.
Avoid spreading rumors that can cause panic during emergencies.
The novel describes the panic that ensued after the disaster.
When he couldn't breathe, panic set in, but he remembered his training.

Panic Idioms & Phrases

Panic button

A metaphorical button one might 'press' when reacting hastily or with alarm in stressful situations.
He hit the panic button when he realized the deadline was today, not next week.

Don't panic

A phrase advising someone to remain calm in a stressful situation.
When the lights went out, the teacher said, Don't panic, we'll have them back on soon.

Panic buying

Purchasing large quantities of goods in fear of a shortage or crisis.
The threat of the storm led to panic buying, emptying store shelves.

Panic stations

A state of high alert, where people prepare for an emergency with urgency.
It was panic stations at the office when the server crashed an hour before the project deadline.

In a panic

Experiencing a sudden sensation of fear, which often causes hasty decisions.
She was in a panic after losing her passport abroad.

Spread panic

To cause alarm and fear among a group of people.
False alarms should be avoided as they spread panic unnecessarily.

Panic attack

A sudden onset of intense fear or discomfort, often with no obvious cause.
She learned breathing techniques to help when she feels a panic attack coming on.

Mass panic

Widespread alarm and fear among a large group of people, often leading to chaotic behavior.
The rumor of an impending disaster caused mass panic in the town.

Fuel the panic

To increase fear and anxiety in a situation.
Spreading unverified news can fuel the panic during emergencies.

Blind panic

A state of extreme fear where one cannot think or see clearly.
He was in blind panic when he couldn't find his way out of the burning building.

To panic the market

To cause investors to sell off their shares rapidly due to fear of losses.
The sudden resignation of the CEO panicked the market.

Panic room

A secure room in a house, designed to provide safety during a break-in or other dangers.
The family retreated to the panic room when they heard the break-in.

Panic over

To worry excessively about something, perhaps more than necessary.
There's no need to panic over every little mistake; we can fix this.


Affected by a sudden and intense fear.
The panic-stricken crowd rushed towards the exits.

Panic sell

To sell off investments hastily due to fear of loss, often without considering the consequences.
Investors began to panic sell when the stock prices started to plummet.

Cause for panic

A situation that justifies a fearful or anxious reaction.
The rising water levels in the dam were cause for panic.

False panic

Unnecessary fear or alarm caused by a misunderstanding or misinformation.
It turned out to be a false panic; the supposed danger was just a drill.

Wave of panic

A sudden and overwhelming feeling of fear spreading among people.
A wave of panic swept through the audience when the fire alarm sounded.

Keep your head in a panic

To remain calm and think clearly even when in a highly stressful situation.
Despite the chaos, she kept her head in a panic and found a way out.

Panic mode

A state of behaving irrationally due to fear or anxiety.
As the deadline approached, the whole team went into panic mode.


What is the verb form of Panic?

The verb form is "to panic."

Why is it called Panic?

It's called "Panic" from the Greek god Pan, who was believed to cause sudden fear.

What is the root word of Panic?

The root comes from the Greek "panikos," meaning "pertaining to Pan."

Which conjunction is used with Panic?

No specific conjunction is associated exclusively with "Panic."

What is the pronunciation of Panic?

It's pronounced as /ˈpænɪk/.

Is Panic a noun or adjective?

"Panic" can be both a noun and an adjective.

Which vowel is used before Panic?

The letter "a" is used.

Is Panic an abstract noun?

Yes, as it refers to an emotion or state of mind.

What is the singular form of Panic?

"Panic" is already in its singular form.

Which article is used with Panic?

Both "a" and "the" can be used, depending on the context.

Is Panic a countable noun?

Yes, e.g., "There were several panics in the 19th century."

Is the Panic term a metaphor?

Not inherently, but it can be used metaphorically.

Is the word Panic imperative?

No, "Panic" is not used in the imperative form.

Is Panic an adverb?

No, "Panic" is not an adverb.

What is a stressed syllable in Panic?

The first syllable, "Pan," is stressed.

What part of speech is Panic?

"Panic" can be a noun or an adjective.

Which determiner is used with Panic?

Determiners like "this," "that," or "a" can be used with "Panic."

What is the first form of Panic?

As a verb, the first form is "panic."

What is the plural form of Panic?

The plural form is "panics."

Which preposition is used with Panic?

"In" is commonly used, as in "in a panic."

Is Panic a collective noun?

No, "Panic" is not a collective noun.

How many syllables are in Panic?

There are two syllables in "Panic."

What is another term for Panic?

Another term could be "fright" or "alarm."

What is the opposite of Panic?

The opposite might be "calmness" or "composure."

Is Panic a vowel or consonant?

"Panic" is a word containing both vowels and consonants.

What is the second form of Panic?

As a verb, the second form is "panicked."

What is the third form of Panic?

As a verb, the third form is "panicked."

Is Panic a negative or positive word?

It's generally perceived as a negative word due to its association with fear and disorder.

How do we divide Panic into syllables?


How is Panic used in a sentence?

When the alarm sounded, a panic ensued as people rushed to the exits.
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