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Brang vs. Brought: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Brang" is an incorrect form. The correct past tense and past participle of "bring" is "brought," meaning to have carried or conveyed something.

Which is correct: Brang or Brought

How to spell Brought?

Brang is Incorrect

Brought is Correct


Key Differences

Remember it as "br-ought," emphasizing the "ought" part.
Visualize someone "bringing" goods, and they "brought" them to you.
Associate "brought" with other "ought" ending words: bought, sought.
Rhyme "brought" with "fought" to keep the correct spelling in mind.
"Brought" contains the letters "ough," like "thought" and "bought."

Correct usage of Brought

She brang up an interesting point during the meeting.
She brought up an interesting point during the meeting.
They had brang their A-game to the final match.
They had brought their A-game to the final match.
He brang his new puppy to the park.
He brought his new puppy to the park.
They brang their own snacks to the movie theater.
They brought their own snacks to the movie theater.
He brang the conversation back to the main topic.
He brought the conversation back to the main topic.

Brought Definitions

It means to have conveyed or transported something.
The mailman brought the package.
Brought is the past tense of "bring," indicating a previous action.
She brought cookies to the party.
Brought can also imply introducing a topic.
He brought up an interesting point.
It denotes causing someone with you.
They brought their kids to the park.
Brought can suggest causing a specific condition.
The news brought joy.
Past tense and past participle of bring.
Simple past tense and past participle of bring

Brought Sentences

She brought her camera to capture the sunset.
My friend brought over some board games for us to play.
They brought a new energy to the team.
She brought a pie to the potluck dinner.
The movie brought tears to my eyes.
The event brought the community together.
The news brought relief to everyone in the room.
He brought his family to the beach for vacation.
She brought her report card home to show her parents.
He brought his concerns to the manager's attention.
The book brought back many childhood memories.
The crisis brought out the best in him.
The teacher brought the class to silence with a look.
The discussion brought to light some important issues.
She brought a lot of experience to the company.
He brought his signature dish to the dinner party.
The cold weather brought everyone indoors.
He brought his dog with him everywhere he went.
She brought her ideas into the project, making it better.
He brought up the rear, making sure no one was left behind.
The documentary brought awareness to the issue.
The proposal brought about significant changes in policy.
The magician brought a rabbit out of his hat.
The speaker brought the audience to its feet with his inspiring speech.
The storm brought down several trees in the area.

Brought Idioms & Phrases

Brought to a standstill

To cause to stop completely.
The accident brought traffic to a standstill.

Brought down to earth

To make someone recognize reality or the truth.
His first job after college brought him down to earth after years of academic life.

Brought to bear

To apply or exert.
All resources were brought to bear to complete the project on time.

Brought to justice

To be arrested or punished under the law.
The fugitive was finally brought to justice.

Brought into play

To cause to be used or to become involved.
New regulations were brought into play to improve safety.

Brought to light

To reveal or disclose.
The investigation brought to light new evidence.

Brought into the limelight

To make someone or something get public attention.
The award brought the actor into the limelight.

Brought under control

To manage or regulate something effectively.
The fire was quickly brought under control by the firefighters.

Brought to the table

To offer something, especially in a discussion or negotiation.
Both sides brought their demands to the table during the talks.

Brought into the fold

To be accepted as a member of a group.
New employees are quickly brought into the fold at our company.


What is the verb form of Brought?

"Brought" is both the past tense and past participle of the verb "bring."

What is the pronunciation of Brought?


Which vowel is used before Brought?

The article "a" or "the" can be used before "brought," depending on context.

What is the singular form of Brought?

"Brought" doesn't have a singular or plural form, as it's a verb form.

Which conjunction is used with Brought?

Any conjunction can be used, depending on the sentence.

Is Brought an abstract noun?


Which preposition is used with Brought?

"To" as in "brought to the table."

Is Brought a noun or adjective?

It's a verb.

Why is it called Brought?

It's derived from Old English "brōht," the past participle of "bringan," meaning to bring.

What is the root word of Brought?

The root word is "bring."

Is Brought a countable noun?

No, it's a verb.

Is Brought a vowel or consonant?

"Brought" is a word that contains both vowels and consonants.

Is the word Brought imperative?


What is the plural form of Brought?

"Brought" is invariant for number.

How many syllables are in Brought?

One syllable.

What is another term for Brought?


What is the first form of Brought?


What is the third form of Brought?


Is Brought a collective noun?


Is the Brought term a metaphor?

Not in itself, but it can be used metaphorically.

What is a stressed syllable in Brought?

The entire word "brought" is stressed.

What is the opposite of Brought?

Left or took away.

What is the second form of Brought?


Is Brought an adverb?


Is Brought a negative or positive word?

Neutral. Its connotation depends on context.

What part of speech is Brought?


Which determiner is used with Brought?

"This" or "that" can be used, depending on context.

How is Brought used in a sentence?

"She brought her favorite book to the reading club."

Which article is used with Brought?

Both "a" and "the" can be used, depending on the context.

How do we divide Brought into syllables?

Brought is one syllable and isn't divided.
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