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Opposit vs. Opposite: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Opposit" is incorrect, while "opposite" is correct. Opposite refers to contrary or radically different in some respect.

Which is correct: Opposit or Opposite

How to spell Opposite?

Opposit is Incorrect

Opposite is Correct


Key Differences

Use the phrase "op-po-site" to break down the spelling phonetically, emphasizing the 'o' and 'i'.
Think of "opposite" as having a 'site' in it, as in a location that is opposite.
The word "opposite" ends in "ite," similar to other complete words like 'site' or 'bite.'
"Opposite" has the same number of 'p's and 's's: two of each.
The prefix "op-" and the suffix "-site" in "opposite" are balanced, each with two letters.

Correct usage of Opposite

She lives in the building opposit ours.
She lives in the building opposite ours.
We have opposit views on this topic.
We have opposite views on this topic.
Your opinion is completely opposit to mine.
Your opinion is completely opposite to mine.
The store is on the opposit corner of the street.
The store is on the opposite corner of the street.
He stood on the opposit side of the room.
He stood on the opposite side of the room.

Opposite Definitions

Directly conflicting or contrasting in nature or characteristics.
His opinions are often the exact opposite of mine.
A person or thing that is totally different from or the reverse of someone or something else.
Light is the opposite of darkness.
Positioned diametrically or contrarily, especially in location or perspective.
The two friends sat on opposite sides of the table.
In a role, position, or situation directly contrasting with another.
She played the opposite role to her co-star.
Being the other of a pair in a symmetrical or matching set.
She wore shoes of opposite colors.
Placed or located directly across from something else or from each other
Opposite sides of a building.
Facing the other way; moving or tending away from each other
Opposite directions.

Opposite Sentences

The school is directly opposite my house.
We have opposite tastes in music, which is interesting.
The kitchen is located at the opposite end of the house.
She works in the building opposite the park.
The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference.
When I say go left, you always do the opposite.
Our new classroom is on the opposite side of the school.
He sat opposite me at the table.
To understand fully, consider the situation from the opposite perspective.
She always argues the opposite point, no matter the topic.
The opposite team played very well in the last game.
If you think this test will be easy, think the opposite.
In math, the opposite of a number is its additive inverse.
The museum's entrance is opposite the central plaza.
Place the sofa on the opposite wall for better room balance.
Despite being twins, they have opposite personalities.
Moving to the countryside was the opposite of what I expected.
Reading books is the opposite of boring for her.

Opposite Idioms & Phrases

Opposites attract

A phrase suggesting that people with completely different characteristics are often attracted to each other.
He's so quiet and I'm outgoing; it's true that opposites attract.

The direct opposite

Something that is completely different in every way.
Working here is the direct opposite of what I used to do.

On the opposite side of the coin

Looking at a situation from a contrasting viewpoint.
On the opposite side of the coin, working longer hours might mean more financial stability.

The opposite number

A person holding an equivalent position in another organization or team.
I'll be meeting my opposite number from the other company tomorrow.

To have opposite effects

When actions result in completely different outcomes than expected.
This medicine can have opposite effects, depending on the dosage.

To be on the opposite page

To have a different understanding or perspective on a situation.
We need to communicate better; it feels like we're always on the opposite page.

180 degrees the opposite

To change direction or position to the exact opposite.
After the break, the team's strategy was 180 degrees the opposite.

The opposite field

In sports, especially baseball, hitting the ball to the part of the field opposite the batter's stance.
He's really good at hitting to the opposite field.

Go in opposite directions

To move or proceed in completely different paths or ways of life.
After graduation, we all went in opposite directions.

From opposite sides

Approaching or considering something from different viewpoints.
They come from opposite sides of the political debate.

The opposite end of the deal

The other side or aspect of an agreement or situation.
I know what I get from the deal, but what's the opposite end of the deal for you?

At opposite ends of the spectrum

Referring to two things that are completely different from each other.
Their political views are at opposite ends of the spectrum.

From the opposite perspective

Considering something from a different or contrasting point of view.
Looking at the problem from the opposite perspective might help us find a solution.

Opposite ranks

In a hierarchical organization, those at entirely different levels.
Despite coming from opposite ranks, they worked together seamlessly.

To face in opposite directions

Literally or figuratively facing away from each other, indicating disagreement or divergence.
The two statues face in opposite directions, symbolizing the city's historical conflict.

Opposite charges attract

From physics, used metaphorically to suggest that people with differing characteristics are attracted to each other.
Just like in science, it seems opposite charges attract in their relationship.


What is the verb form of opposite?

There is no verb form of "opposite;" it is primarily an adjective or noun.

Why is it called opposite?

It is called "opposite" because it denotes a position, direction, or condition diametrically different from another.

What is the pronunciation of opposite?

Opposite is pronounced as /ˈɑpəzɪt/.

Is opposite an adverb?

No, "opposite" is not typically used as an adverb.

What is the root word of opposite?

The root word of "opposite" is the Latin "oppositus," meaning "set against."

What is the singular form of opposite?

The singular form is "opposite."

Which conjunction is used with opposite?

"And" is commonly used as a conjunction with "opposite."

Which article is used with opposite?

The article "the" is typically used with "opposite."

Is opposite a noun or adjective?

"Opposite" can be both a noun and an adjective.

Is opposite a negative or positive word?

"Opposite" is neutral; it conveys a difference without a positive or negative connotation.

Which vowel is used before opposite?

Typically, "the" is the vowel used before "opposite."

What is the plural form of opposite?

The plural form is "opposites."

Is opposite a vowel or consonant?

"Opposite" is a word, not a vowel or consonant.

Which preposition is used with opposite?

"To" or "of" are often used as prepositions with "opposite."

Is opposite an abstract noun?

As a noun, "opposite" is not abstract; it refers to a concrete counterpart.

Is opposite a countable noun?

Yes, when used as a noun, "opposite" is countable.

What part of speech is opposite?

"Opposite" is primarily an adjective, but it can also be a noun.

How is opposite used in a sentence?

"The library is located opposite the school."

Is the word opposite imperative?

No, "opposite" is not an imperative form; it is descriptive.

How many syllables are in opposite?

There are three syllables in "opposite."

How do we divide opposite into syllables?

It is divided as op-po-site.

What is a stressed syllable in opposite?

The first syllable "op-" is stressed in "opposite."

What is the opposite of opposite?

The opposite of "opposite" is "same" or "similar."

What is the first form of opposite?

The first form is "opposite" itself, as an adjective or noun.

Is the opposite term a metaphor?

"Opposite" can be used metaphorically, but it is not inherently a metaphor.

What is another term for opposite?

Another term for "opposite" is "antithesis" or "contrary."

Which determiner is used with opposite?

Determiners like "the" or "this" are used with "opposite."

What is the second form of opposite?

There is no second form; "opposite" remains unchanged.

What is the third form of opposite?

"Opposite" does not have a third form.

Is opposite a collective noun?

No, "opposite" is not a collective noun.
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