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Possitive vs. Positive: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Possitive" is incorrect, while "positive" is the correct spelling. "Positive" means expressing approval, certainty, or good quality.

Which is correct: Possitive or Positive

How to spell Positive?

Possitive is Incorrect

Positive is Correct


Key Differences

Remember "positive" has a single 's' just like in "positive thinking."
Think of "positive" like "position," each with one 's'.
Link "positive" to "poise," focusing on the single 's'.
Recall "positive" as having the same number of 's's as "plus."
Associate "positive" with "opposite," both having a single 's'.

Correct usage of Positive

The feedback from the client was overwhelmingly possitive.
The feedback from the client was overwhelmingly positive.
His possitive attitude made everyone in the team feel better.
His positive attitude made everyone in the team feel better.
She has a very possitive outlook on life.
She has a very positive outlook on life.
We need to maintain a possitive relationship with our partners.
We need to maintain a positive relationship with our partners.
The test results came back possitive for the presence of contaminants.
The test results came back positive for the presence of contaminants.

Positive Definitions

Constructive, optimistic, or confident.
His attitude was very positive.
Containing an affirmation or assertion.
The statement was positive in tone.
With no possibility of doubt; clear and definite.
The results were positive.
In mathematics, greater than zero.
The number was positive.
Expressing certainty or affirmation.
She gave a positive response.
Characterized by or displaying certainty, acceptance, or affirmation
A positive answer.
Positive criticism.
Measured or moving forward or in a direction of increase or progress
Positive steps.
Desirable, admirable, or beneficial
A woman with many positive qualities.
The positive features of this new software.

Positive Sentences

A positive attitude can open many doors in your career.
The doctor confirmed that the test for antibodies was positive.
Positive reinforcement is a powerful tool in teaching and training.
His positive energy is contagious among his teammates.
Positive thinking can lead to better stress management.
Keeping a positive mindset can greatly influence your daily life.
The company's positive growth is a good sign for investors.
He tested positive for the virus and is currently in isolation.
The campaign had a positive impact on the community.
It's important to stay positive in challenging times.
They have a positive balance in their bank account.
She had a positive influence on her students.
They received positive feedback on their project proposal.
A positive work environment boosts productivity and satisfaction.
A positive charge attracts a negative charge.
The positive aspects of the plan outweigh the negatives.
Positive feedback motivates employees to perform better.
She always looks at the positive side of things.
Positive affirmations can help improve self-esteem and confidence.
The movie received positive reviews from critics.
The teacher uses positive reinforcement to encourage good behavior.
Maintaining a positive relationship with colleagues is important.
Focusing on positive outcomes can improve your problem-solving skills.
Engaging in positive social interactions is crucial for mental health.
The new policy has had a positive effect on the workplace.

Positive Idioms & Phrases

Test positive

To show that a specific substance or disease is present in a test.
He tested positive for the flu and had to stay home.

A positive spin

To present information in a way that appears favorable or beneficial.
The company put a positive spin on the news to avoid backlash.

On a positive note

Shifting focus to something good in a situation.
On a positive note, despite the rain, the event raised a lot of money for charity.

Positive reinforcement

The addition of a rewarding stimulus following a desired behavior.
Using positive reinforcement, she trained her dog to sit and stay.

Positive energy

The vibe or feeling one emits that is optimistic and uplifting.
You can really feel the positive energy in this room.

Positive vibes only

Encouraging an environment or mindset focused solely on positive thoughts.
She decorated her room with posters that said Positive vibes only to maintain a cheerful atmosphere.

With positive intent

Actions or words meant to be helpful and not harmful.
She offered the feedback with positive intent, aiming to help her colleague improve.

In the positive

Having more assets than liabilities; financially ahead.
After years of hard work, the business is finally in the positive.

Positive feedback loop

A process where the output of a system amplifies the system or increases its output.
The enthusiastic response created a positive feedback loop, encouraging more creativity.

Strike a positive note

To make a good impression or start off in a promising manner.
The meeting struck a positive note with a successful brainstorming session.

Hold a positive view

To believe in a favorable outcome.
Despite the setbacks, she holds a positive view on the success of the project.

Positive steps

Actions taken that lead to improvement.
The government took positive steps towards environmental protection.

A positive difference

A change that improves a situation.
Small acts of kindness can make a positive difference in someone's day.

Turn positive

To change for the better; to show improvement.
After the new strategy was implemented, the company's fortunes began to turn positive.

A positive attitude

An outlook that anticipates the best possible outcome.
Her positive attitude is truly inspiring to those around her.

Positive outlook

An optimistic view about the future.
Despite the challenges, he maintained a positive outlook.

Make a positive impact

To cause a beneficial effect or influence.
Volunteering at the shelter made a positive impact on her life.

Keep positive

To remain optimistic in difficult situations.
It's important to keep positive, even when things don't go as planned.

Embrace the positive

To accept and focus on the good aspects of a situation.
Learning to embrace the positive can significantly enhance your quality of life.

Positive change

A transformation that leads to a better state.
The new policy represents a positive change for the community.


What is the pronunciation of positive?

It's pronounced as /ˈpɑzɪtɪv/.

Which conjunction is used with positive?

Conjunctions like "and" or "but" can be used.

Which preposition is used with positive?

"About" and "towards" are commonly used, as in "positive about the future."

Which vowel is used before positive?

Typically, no specific vowel is used directly before "positive."

What is the singular form of positive?

"Positive" is both singular and plural.

Is positive an adverb?

No, it's not an adverb.

What is the plural form of positive?

It remains "positive"; the word doesn't change.

Why is it called positive?

Derived from the Latin 'positivus,' meaning placed or laid down.

What is the verb form of positive?

There's no direct verb form; "positive" is an adjective.

What is the root word of positive?

The root word is the Latin 'positivus'.

Is positive a countable noun?

No, as it's not a noun.

Is the positive term a metaphor?

It can be used metaphorically.

Is positive a noun or adjective?

It's an adjective.

Is positive an abstract noun?

No, it's an adjective.

Is positive a collective noun?

No, it's not a collective noun.

Is the word positive imperative?

No, it's not used in the imperative form.

How do we divide positive into syllables?

It's divided as pos-i-tive.

What is the second form of positive?

There's no second form for adjectives.

Which article is used with positive?

Articles like "the" or "a" can precede it, as in "a positive outcome."

Is positive a negative or positive word?

It's generally a positive word.

What part of speech is positive?

It's an adjective.

Which determiner is used with positive?

Determiners like "the" or "a" can be used.

What is the first form of positive?

"Positive" does not have forms as it's an adjective.

What is the third form of positive?

Adjectives don't have a third form.

Is positive a vowel or consonant?

The word contains both vowels and consonants.

How many syllables are in positive?

There are three syllables.

What is a stressed syllable in positive?

The first syllable, 'pos,' is stressed.

What is the opposite of positive?

"Negative" is the opposite.

What is another term for positive?

"Affirmative" or "optimistic" can be alternatives.

How is positive used in a sentence?

"Her positive attitude was inspiring to everyone."
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