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Movment vs. Movement: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on March 19, 2024
"Movment" is incorrect, while "movement" is correct and refers to the act of moving or a group advocating a particular cause.

Which is correct: Movment or Movement

How to spell Movement?

Movment is Incorrect

Movement is Correct


Key Differences

Remember that "movement" has the same "e" as "change," often its result.
Recall "move" is in "movement," emphasizing action or change.
Link "movement" with "development," both ending in "ment" signifying the process.
Associate "movement" with motion, both containing the letter "e."
Note that most words ending with "-ment" have an "e" before it, like "movement."

Correct usage of Movement

She's part of a social movment for environmental change.
She's part of a social movement for environmental change.
The movment of the planets around the sun is fascinating.
The movement of the planets around the sun is fascinating.
The dance requires a lot of fluid movment.
The dance requires a lot of fluid movement.
The clock's movment is very precise.
The clock's movement is very precise.
There's been significant movment in the stock market today.
There's been significant movement in the stock market today.

Movement Definitions

Movement refers to the act of changing physical position or location.
His sudden movement startled the cat.
A social movement is a collective effort by a large group advocating for change.
The civil rights movement transformed society.
An art movement is a style or tendency in art with a specific common philosophy.
Impressionism was a revolutionary art movement.
A movement in music refers to a self-contained part of a musical composition.
The symphony's first movement was captivating.
In machinery, movement denotes the working parts responsible for transferring motion.
The clock's movement keeps precise time.
The act or an instance of moving; a change in place or position.
A particular manner of moving.
A change in the location of troops, ships, or aircraft for tactical or strategic purposes.

Movement Sentences

The movement of the ocean waves was hypnotic.
The artist captured the movement of the dancers beautifully.
The movement of the hands on the clock seemed slow.
Yoga improves flexibility and movement.
He joined the movement for democratic reforms.
He noticed a slight movement in the shadows.
The civil rights movement changed history.
Wildlife conservation is an important global movement.
The movement towards renewable energy is growing.
Every movement in the market was closely monitored.
The movement of the birds was a sign of changing seasons.
The slow food movement emphasizes local and sustainable food.
The minimalist movement has influenced many designers.
The new political movement gained a lot of support.
The movement in the painting gives it a sense of life.
Her speech sparked a movement for change.
There was significant movement in technology stocks today.
The grassroots movement mobilized thousands of volunteers.
The environmental movement has been gaining momentum.
The anti-plastic movement has become very popular.
He documented the movement of glaciers over time.
The movement of the stars can be predicted.
The movement of troops was strategically planned.
She teaches movement and dance to children.

Movement Idioms & Phrases

Freedom of movement

The right to travel freely.
The treaty guaranteed freedom of movement across borders.

Movement for change

A group or effort aimed at creating a difference in society or a particular field.
The movement for change has been advocating for policy reforms.


Why is it called movement?

It's called movement because it denotes change or progression in position, condition, or action.

What is the verb form of movement?

The verb form related to "movement" is "move."

What is the pronunciation of movement?

Movement is pronounced as /ˈmuːvmənt/.

What is the plural form of movement?

The plural form is "movements."

Which conjunction is used with movement?

Conjunctions like "and" or "but" can be used with movement, depending on the sentence structure.

What is the root word of movement?

The root word of movement is "move."

Is movement a negative or positive word?

Movement is neutral; context determines its positive or negative connotation.

Is the word movement imperative?

No, movement is not imperative; it is a noun.

What is the first form of movement?

The first form is "movement," as it is a noun, not a verb.

Which vowel is used before movement?

"A" or "the" is used before movement, depending on the context.

Is movement an adverb?

No, movement is not an adverb.

Is movement a vowel or consonant?

The word movement starts with a consonant.

Is movement a countable noun?

Yes, movement is a countable noun.

What is the singular form of movement?

The singular form is "movement."

How many syllables are in movement?

Movement has three syllables.

What part of speech is movement?

Movement is a noun.

What is another term for movement?

Another term for movement is "motion" or "shift," depending on the context.

Which preposition is used with movement?

Prepositions like "of," "in," or "to" can be used with movement, depending on the context.

Is the movement term a metaphor?

It can be, especially in contexts like "movement of thought."

What is the second form of movement?

Movement doesn't have a second form; it remains "movement."

Which article is used with movement?

"The" or "a" is used, depending on whether the movement is previously known or not.

Is movement an abstract noun?

Movement can be both concrete (physical movement) and abstract (social movement).

Is movement a collective noun?

Yes, when referring to a collective effort like a social movement.

What is a stressed syllable in movement?

The first syllable "move" is stressed in movement.

What is the opposite of movement?

The opposite of movement is "stillness" or "inertia."

Which determiner is used with movement?

Determiners like "the," "a," or "this" can be used with movement.

How is movement used in a sentence?

Example: The movement towards sustainable living is gaining momentum globally.

Is movement a noun or adjective?

Movement is a noun.

How do we divide movement into syllables?

Movement is divided as move-ment.

What is the third form of movement?

Movement doesn't have a third form; it remains "movement."
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