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Imeadiately vs. Immediately: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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Imeadiately is an incorrect spelling; the correct spelling is "immediately" which means right away or without delay.

Which is correct: Imeadiately or Immediately

How to spell Immediately?

Imeadiately is Incorrect

Immediately is Correct


Key Differences

Remember "immediately" includes "mediate," suggesting no time to mediate or delay.
Associate "immediately" with "directly," as both imply no delay, helping remember the "i" at the beginning and the double "e."
Think of "immediately" as "I'm mediately" to break it down, emphasizing the "medi" part.
Use the mnemonic "Immediate action, no waiting" to remember the double "m" and "e" after "i."
Recall "immediately" has the same "ate" as "mediate" to connect the spelling.

Correct usage of Immediately

They started working on the project imeadiately after it was assigned.
They started working on the project immediately after it was assigned.
I imeadiately knew something was wrong when I entered the room.
I immediately knew something was wrong when I entered the room.
He called his friend imeadiately when he heard the news.
He called his friend immediately when he heard the news.
She went to the doctor imeadiately after feeling sick.
She went to the doctor immediately after feeling sick.
The game was paused imeadiately due to the rain.
The game was paused immediately due to the rain.

Immediately Definitions

Directly or very close in time or space.
She sat immediately next to me.
In a direct and prompt manner.
He immediately understood the implications of the news.
Without any delay.
The response came immediately after the request was made.
Pertaining to actions taken without hesitation.
She immediately called for help upon seeing the accident.
Used to describe something that happens right at the moment.
The alarm sounded, and we evacuated immediately.
Without delay.
Without an intermediary; directly
The parties immediately involved in the suit.
As soon as; directly
They phoned immediately they reached home.
In an immediate manner; instantly or without delay.
I hope we can begin immediately.
Directly (as soon as), instantly, the moment that. Indicates that the independent clause describes something that occurs immediately after the dependent clause's referent does.
In an immediate manner; without intervention of any other person or thing; proximately; directly; - opposed to mediately; as, immediately contiguous.
God's acceptance of it either immediately by himself, or mediately by the hands of the bishop.
Without interval of time; without delay; promptly; instantly; at once.
And Jesus . . . touched him, saying, I will; be thou clean. And immediately his leprosy was cleansed.
As soon as. Cf. Directly, 8, Note.
Without delay or hesitation; with no time intervening;
He answered immediately
Found an answer straightaway
An official accused of dishonesty should be suspended forthwith
Come here now!
Near or close by;
He passed immediately behind her
Bearing an immediate relation;
This immediately concerns your future

Immediately Sentences

I immediately recognized her voice on the phone.
He immediately regretted his decision.
Please come to my office immediately after class.
The response to the emergency was handled immediately.
I will call you back immediately after the meeting.
The teacher asked the students to stop talking immediately.
We must act immediately to solve this issue.
She immediately understood the problem.
The movie starts immediately at 7 PM.
The children immediately cleaned up their toys.
My headache went away immediately after taking the medicine.
She immediately noticed the change in the room.
The concert tickets sold out immediately.
The lights went out, and everyone was immediately silent.
They immediately agreed to the terms of the contract.
The game was immediately cancelled due to bad weather.
He immediately went to the aid of the injured person.
She immediately fell asleep after laying down.
They immediately started working on the new project.
She felt better immediately after the exercise.
The team immediately began to celebrate their victory.
He immediately apologized for his mistake.
The alarm went off, and we exited the building immediately.
Please reply to this email immediately.
He immediately turned off the stove when he smelled gas.

Immediately Idioms & Phrases

Immediately following

Happening right after something else without any delay.
Immediately following the ceremony, the reception will begin.

Respond immediately

To reply or react without any delay.
When you call our customer service line, we will respond immediately to your concerns.

Immediately apparent

Something that is obvious or clear without needing much thought.
It was immediately apparent that the child had painted the wall; the evidence was all over his hands.

Immediately effective

Something that begins to work or applies as soon as it is implemented.
The new safety regulations were immediately effective, reducing accidents at the factory.

Act immediately

To take action right away without delay.
When the fire alarm rang, we were instructed to act immediately and evacuate the building.

Available immediately

Something that can be accessed or utilized right away.
The apartment was available immediately, so they moved in the next day.

Leave immediately

To depart right away without delay.
Due to the emergency, all staff and students must leave the building immediately.

Seek medical attention immediately

A directive to get medical help as soon as possible.
If you experience symptoms of a severe allergic reaction, seek medical attention immediately.

Immediately visible

Easily seen or noticed right away.
The stain on the shirt was immediately visible to anyone who looked.

Stop immediately

To cease an action right away.
The driver was instructed to stop immediately at the sight of the stop sign.

Immediately preceding

Occurring right before something else.
The rehearsal dinner is the event immediately preceding the wedding day.

Immediately accessible

Something that can be reached or used without any delay.
The fire extinguisher is immediately accessible in case of an emergency.

Begin immediately

To start something without any delay.
Work on the new project will begin immediately after the meeting.

Report immediately

To inform someone about something right away.
Any incidents of bullying should be reported immediately to a teacher.


Which vowel is used before immediately?

The vowel "an" is used before "immediately" when necessary, as in "an immediately noticeable effect," based on pronunciation rather than spelling.

Why is it called immediately?

Derived from "immediate," implying no intermediary or delay, from Latin "immediatus."

Which preposition is used with immediately?

"After" is commonly used, as in "immediately after."

What is the pronunciation of immediately?

Immediately is pronounced as /ɪˈmiː.di.ət.li/.

What is the root word of immediately?

The root word is "immediate," from Latin "immediatus" meaning direct or without intervening space.

What is the plural form of immediately?

As an adverb, "immediately" does not have a plural form.

Which conjunction is used with immediately?

"And" can be used, as in "stopped and immediately started."

Is immediately an abstract noun?

No, it is an adverb, not a noun.

What is the singular form of immediately?

"Immediately" is an adverb and does not have singular or plural forms.

What is the verb form of immediately?

"Immediately" is an adverb; it modifies verbs and does not have a verb form.

Is immediately a collective noun?

No, it is an adverb.

What is the second form of immediately?

N/A, not applicable.

Is immediately a countable noun?

It is not a noun, so it is not countable.

What is a stressed syllable in immediately?

The stress is on the second syllable: "me."

What is the opposite of immediately?

"Eventually" or "later."

Which determiner is used with immediately?

Determiners are not typically used with adverbs.

Which article is used with immediately?

Articles are not typically used directly with adverbs like "immediately."

Is immediately a vowel or consonant?

It starts with the vowel "i."

Is the word immediately is imperative?

It can be used in imperative sentences to stress urgency.

How many syllables are in immediately?

There are five syllables in "immediately."

What is the first form of immediately?

N/A, as "immediately" does not have verb forms.

What is the third form of immediately?

N/A, not applicable.

Is the immediately term a metaphor?

It can be used metaphorically to emphasize urgency or promptness.

What part of speech is immediately?

Immediately is an adverb.

What is another term for immediately?

"Instantly" or "straightaway."

Is immediately a noun or adjective?

Immediately is an adverb.

Is immediately an adverb?

Yes, immediately is an adverb.

Is immediately a negative or positive word?

Neutral; context determines its positivity or negativity.

How do we divide immediately into syllables?


How is immediately used in a sentence?

"He answered the phone immediately it rang."
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