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Hussle vs. Hassle: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Hussle" is an incorrect spelling, while "hassle" is the correct spelling. Hassle means trouble or irritation, often involving repeated or persistent difficulties.

Which is correct: Hussle or Hassle

How to spell Hassle?

Hussle is Incorrect

Hassle is Correct


Key Differences

Link "hassle" with its meaning of annoyance, as both have 'ss'.
Remember that "hassle" has double 's' and single 'l', unlike "hussle."
Visualize the word "hassle" with a red 's' to highlight the correct spelling.
Emphasize the double 's' sound in "hassle" to recall its spelling.
Associate "hassle" with its Germanic root, implying difficulty.

Correct usage of Hassle

The dog's constant barking was a major hussle in getting some work done at home.
The dog's constant barking was a major hassle in getting some work done at home.
She didn't want to hussle with returning the defective product.
She didn't want to hassle with returning the defective product.
Trying to hussle everyone for the group photo was like herding cats.
Trying to hassle everyone for the group photo was like herding cats.
He thought waking up early would be a hussle, but it actually made his day more productive.
He thought waking up early would be a hassle, but it actually made his day more productive.
I don't see the point in going through all this hussle for a simple task.
I don't see the point in going through all this hassle for a simple task.

Hassle Definitions

Hassle refers to a minor irritation or inconvenience.
Finding parking downtown is always a hassle.
Hassle can mean a heated argument or dispute.
They had a hassle over the bill at the restaurant.
Hassle denotes repeated or persistent difficulties.
Dealing with the old software was a constant hassle.
Hassle implies a task that is irritatingly demanding.
Organizing the event was a huge hassle.
Hassle can also mean excessive or unnecessary bureaucratic procedures.
Going through customs was a real hassle.
An argument or a fight.
Trouble; bother.
To argue or fight
Customers hassling with merchants over high prices.

Hassle Sentences

The hassle of assembling the furniture was not worth the savings.
Returning the item turned out to be a huge hassle.
I don't want to deal with the hassle of moving again.
The hassle of airport security makes traveling less enjoyable.
The hassle of finding a good plumber made her wish she could DIY.
He wanted no part of the legal hassle that was coming.
Avoiding the hassle of holiday shopping by doing it online.
The hassle of getting a visa deterred many from traveling.
It's such a hassle to renew your passport.
She didn't need the extra hassle during exam week.
She felt the hassle of party planning was worth the joy it brought.
The paperwork was a necessary but annoying hassle.
To avoid the hassle, he paid extra for premium service.
Dealing with customer service can often be a hassle.
Dealing with car repairs is always a hassle.
The hassle of daily chores can be tiring.
The hassle of dealing with insurance claims is stressful.
I wish I could skip the hassle of morning traffic.
Negotiating a refund can be quite a hassle.
Changing phone providers was more hassle than he expected.

Hassle Idioms & Phrases

Go through the hassle

To endure the trouble or difficulty of doing something.
She went through the hassle of baking from scratch because she loves homemade cookies.

Save someone the hassle

To prevent someone from having to go through trouble or difficulty.
I booked our tickets online to save us the hassle of waiting in line.

Not worth the hassle

Something is not worth the effort or trouble because it is too complicated or annoying.
He decided that arguing over a few dollars was not worth the hassle.

Too much hassle

An excessive amount of trouble or difficulty.
She found that keeping up with the latest fashion trends was too much hassle.

A big hassle

Something that is very troublesome or difficult to deal with.
Moving houses is always a big hassle.

Worth the hassle

Something that, despite requiring effort or trouble, results in a reward or benefit making it worthwhile.
Planning a surprise party is worth the hassle when you see their reaction.

The lesser of two hassles

A variation of the phrase the lesser of two evils, where the chosen option is seen as less troublesome than the alternative.
Driving instead of flying was the lesser of two hassles for their family trip.

A hassle-free experience

An experience that does not involve any problems, difficulties, or effort.
Our aim is to provide our customers with a hassle-free shopping experience.

Without any hassle

To do something smoothly and without any problems or difficulties.
We were able to return the item without any hassle.

Avoid the hassle

To prevent or steer clear of problems or difficulties.
He paid extra for the direct flight to avoid the hassle of layovers.

Make a hassle out of [something]

To create unnecessary trouble or complications.
Let's not make a hassle out of this meeting and keep it straightforward.

To be more hassle than it's worth

When the effort needed to do something outweighs the benefits it brings.
Fixing the old car turned out to be more hassle than it's worth.

Hassle-free installation

A process of setting up or installing something that is easy and does not involve problems.
The software promises hassle-free installation for all users.

Hassle someone into doing something

To bother or pressure someone repeatedly until they do what is being asked.
She hassled her brother into helping her with the project.

A minor hassle

A small or insignificant problem or difficulty.
Registering the product online was a minor hassle but it extended the warranty.

Cut the hassle

To reduce or eliminate the trouble or difficulty involved in a process.
Using these pre-measured ingredients really cuts the hassle in cooking.

Hassle over something

To argue or fight over something trivial or not worth the trouble.
They had a big hassle over who left the lights on, which seemed so pointless.

Hassle-free checkout

A shopping or payment process that is straightforward and free from problems.
The store's new app provides a hassle-free checkout experience.

Hassle-free returns

A policy or process that allows customers to return products easily without difficulty.
One reason I shop here is because of their hassle-free returns policy.

A hassle at every turn

Facing difficulties or obstacles with every step in a process.
Trying to get that project approved was a hassle at every turn, with endless paperwork and requirements.


What is the root word of hassle?

The root word of "hassle" is uncertain, but it may be related to "haggle" or a dialect term "hassel".

Why is it called hassle?

"Hassle" comes from the early 20th century, possibly derived from dialect hassel meaning 'hack, hew' or associated with 'haggle'.

Which vowel is used before hassle?

Commonly, the vowel 'a' as in "a hassle".

What is the singular form of hassle?

The singular form is "hassle".

What is the plural form of hassle?

The plural form is "hassles".

What is the pronunciation of hassle?

Hassle is pronounced as /ˈhæs.əl/.

Which preposition is used with hassle?

Prepositions like 'with', 'over', and 'about' are used with "hassle".

What is the verb form of hassle?

The verb form of "hassle" is also "hassle" (e.g., hassling, hassled).

Which conjunction is used with hassle?

Conjunctions such as 'and', 'or', and 'but' can be used with "hassle".

Is hassle a vowel or consonant?

"Hassle" is a word, not a vowel or consonant.

Is the word hassle imperative?

No, "hassle" is not inherently imperative; it's a noun and verb.

How do we divide hassle into syllables?

Hassle is divided as has-sle.

What part of speech is hassle?

"Hassle" is both a noun and a verb.

What is the third form of hassle?

The third form is "hassled", used as the past participle in verbs.

Is hassle an adverb?

No, "hassle" is not an adverb.

Is hassle an abstract noun?

Yes, "hassle" is an abstract noun, representing a concept or state.

Is hassle a negative or positive word?

"Hassle" is generally used in a negative context.

Is hassle a countable noun?

Yes, "hassle" is a countable noun (e.g., many hassles).

Is the hassle term a metaphor?

It can be used metaphorically to describe troublesome situations.

What is another term for hassle?

Another term for hassle is "nuisance" or "inconvenience".

What is the opposite of hassle?

The opposite of "hassle" could be "ease" or "comfort".

Which determiner is used with hassle?

Determiners like 'this', 'that', 'some', 'any' are used with "hassle".

What is the second form of hassle?

The second form is "hassled", as the past tense of the verb.

Is hassle a collective noun?

No, "hassle" is not typically used as a collective noun.

Which article is used with hassle?

Both definite ('the') and indefinite ('a', 'an') articles are used with "hassle".

Is hassle a noun or adjective?

"Hassle" is primarily a noun, but it can also be used as a verb.

How many syllables are in hassle?

There are two syllables in "hassle".

What is a stressed syllable in hassle?

The first syllable 'has' is stressed in "hassle".

What is the first form of hassle?

The first form is "hassle", as a noun and verb.

How is hassle used in a sentence?

Example: "Completing the paperwork was a big hassle."
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