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Choosen vs. Chosen: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Choosen" is incorrect; the correct spelling is "Chosen," which means selected or picked out from a group.

Which is correct: Choosen or Chosen

How to spell Chosen?

Choosen is Incorrect

Chosen is Correct


Key Differences

Associate "Chosen" with "rose," focusing on the single 'o' and ending 'en'.
Recall that "Chosen" rhymes with "frozen," both ending with 'en' not 'en'.
Think of "Chosen" as "cho" + "sen", emphasizing the absence of double 'o'.
Use mnemonic i.e. “Choose once, but be chosen,” linking the act of choosing with being chosen.
Remember "Chosen" has the same number of letters as "select," another word for chosen.

Correct usage of Chosen

He was choosen as the team captain.
He was chosen as the team captain.
The best player was finally choosen.
The best player was finally chosen.
The dress was choosen by her mother.
The dress was chosen by her mother.
I was choosen to represent our class.
I was chosen to represent our class.
They have choosen the wrong path in the forest.
They have chosen the wrong path in the forest.

Chosen Definitions

Selected or designated from a group.
He was the chosen candidate for the job.
Elected or decided upon as the best option.
The chosen method proved effective.
Appointed or deemed fit for a purpose.
They were the chosen participants for the study.
Designated as a favorite or preferred option.
Blue was his chosen color for the painting.
Preferred or picked out.
This was her chosen path in life.
Past participle of choose.
Selected from or preferred above others
The chosen few.
Having been selected by God; elect.
The elect considered as a group. Often used with the.
Inflection of choose
Picked; selected
Selected from a number; picked out; choice.
Seven hundred chosen men left-handed.
One who, or that which is the object of choice or special favor.
One who is the object of choice; who is given preference;
She was Mama's chosen
The name for Korea as a Japanese province (1910-1945)
An exclusive group of people;
One of the elect who have power inside the government
Preferred above all others;
The chosen few
Her chosen abode

Chosen Sentences

The chosen path led them to a beautiful clearing in the woods.
Chosen for the role, she practiced her lines every day.
He felt honored to be chosen as the project leader.
After much deliberation, the blue shirt was chosen for the school uniform.
The chosen book for this month's club meeting is a mystery novel.
She was chosen for the scholarship because of her excellent grades.
The chosen theme for the party was "Under the Sea."
The design chosen for the new playground was both safe and fun.
For the lead role, the chosen actor had to undergo intense training.
The chosen solution to the problem was simple yet effective.
The chosen date for the wedding was in the middle of spring.
The chosen location for the new library was in the city center.
For her birthday, the chosen gift was a handmade bracelet.
The chosen candidate for the job had years of experience.
Out of all the puppies, the smallest one was chosen by the family.
Among the options, vanilla was chosen as the best ice cream flavor.
The chosen method for the experiment proved to be the most accurate.
He was chosen to be part of the elite sports team.
The chosen route for the marathon included several scenic spots.
Out of all the entries, her artwork was chosen for the exhibition.
She was chosen to give the keynote speech at the conference.
After reviewing all proposals, the chosen plan was announced.
The materials chosen for the project were environmentally friendly.
The chosen contestants competed in the final round of the competition.
The chosen melody for the song was catchy and memorable.

Chosen Idioms & Phrases

Chosen few

A select group of people who are given special privilege or access.
The chosen few were invited to the exclusive premiere.

Chosen one

Someone who is selected or destined for a special purpose.
In many stories, the protagonist is the chosen one destined to save the world.


Carefully selected by someone, typically with expertise or authority.
The ingredients for the dish were hand-chosen by the chef for their quality.


Aptly or suitably selected.
Her well-chosen words during the speech moved everyone in the audience.

Chosen path

The route or course of action someone decides to take.
Despite the challenges, he remained committed to his chosen path.

Ill-chosen words

Words that are poorly selected and may cause offense or misunderstanding.
His apology contained a few ill-chosen words that only made the situation worse.

Chosen field

The area of work or study someone has decided to specialize in.
She excelled in her chosen field of marine biology.

Chosen words carefully

To select what one says with great care, often to avoid offending or escalating a situation.
She chose her words carefully when discussing the sensitive topic.

Randomly chosen

Selected without any method or conscious decision, purely by chance.
The winners were randomly chosen from a hat.

Chosen few club

Referring to a group or club that is very exclusive.
Membership in the chosen few club was coveted by all the students.

Chosen at random

Selected without a particular pattern, order, or reason.
Names were chosen at random for the team assignments.

The chosen method

The specific way or technique selected to do something.
The chosen method for the research was both innovative and effective.

Chosen strategy

The plan or approach selected to achieve a goal.
Their chosen strategy for the game proved to be successful.

Carefully chosen

Selected with a lot of thought and consideration.
The carefully chosen colors for the painting created a harmonious effect.

Chosen for greatness

Believed or destined to achieve great things.
From a young age, she was chosen for greatness in the field of science.

Chosen with care

Selected with attention and consideration to detail.
Each piece of artwork was chosen with care for the exhibition.

Jointly chosen

Selected or decided upon together by two or more parties.
The movie for the night was jointly chosen by all friends.

Universally chosen

Agreed upon or selected by everyone involved.
The universally chosen solution satisfied all parties.

Specially chosen

Selected for a specific purpose or because of special qualities.
The specially chosen ingredients made the recipe unique.


What is the verb form of chosen?

The verb form is "choose".

Which vowel is used before chosen?

The vowel 'o' is used before "chosen".

What is the root word of chosen?

The root word of "chosen" is "choose".

What is the singular form of chosen?

"Chosen" is both singular and plural; it does not change.

What is the pronunciation of chosen?

Chosen is pronounced as /ˈchoʊzən/.

Why is it called chosen?

It is called "chosen" because it represents the past participle of "choose," implying a selection has been made.

Is chosen a noun or adjective?

"Chosen" is primarily used as an adjective.

Is chosen an adverb?

No, "chosen" is not an adverb.

What is the plural form of chosen?

The plural form is also "chosen".

Which preposition is used with chosen?

The preposition "as" or "for" is often used with "chosen", as in "chosen as/for something".

Which conjunction is used with chosen?

Conjunctions like "and", "or", and "but" can be used with "chosen".

Is the word chosen imperative?

No, "chosen" is not an imperative form; it's a past participle.

How many syllables are in chosen?

There are two syllables in "chosen".

What is another term for chosen?

Another term for "chosen" is "selected".

What is the first form of chosen?

The first form is "choose".

What is the third form of chosen?

The third form is "chosen".

How is chosen used in a sentence?

Example: "She was the chosen representative for the committee."

Is the chosen term a metaphor?

"Chosen" can be used metaphorically.

Is chosen a negative or positive word?

"Chosen" is neutral; it can be positive or negative depending on context.

Is chosen a vowel or consonant?

"Chosen" is a word, not a vowel or consonant.

How do we divide chosen into syllables?

It is divided as cho-sen.

What part of speech is chosen?

"Chosen" is an adjective.

What is the opposite of chosen?

The opposite of "chosen" is "rejected" or "overlooked".

What is the second form of chosen?

The second form is "chose".

Which article is used with chosen?

Both "a" and "the" can be used, depending on the context.

Is chosen a countable noun?

"Chosen" is not a noun; it's an adjective.

Is chosen a collective noun?

No, "chosen" is not a collective noun.

What is a stressed syllable in chosen?

The stressed syllable in "chosen" is the first one, 'cho'.

Which determiner is used with chosen?

Determiners like "the", "a", "this", "that" can be used with "chosen".

Is chosen an abstract noun?

"Chosen" is not a noun; it is an adjective.
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