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Grately vs. Greatly: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Updated on March 13, 2024
"Grately" is an incorrect spelling, while "Greatly" is the correct form, denoting to a large extent or degree.

Which is correct: Grately or Greatly

How to spell Greatly?

Grately is Incorrect

Greatly is Correct


Key Differences

Visualize the word "Greatly" emphasizing on a large trophy, indicating something significant or to a high degree.
Associating "Greatly" with common adverbs that end in "-ly" can be helpful, such as "quickly" or "softly."
"Greatly" starts with the root word "great," followed by the suffix "-ly."
Remember the phrase: "It's great to be timely," emphasizing the "great" and "-ly" components of the word.
Think of the word "late" in "Grately" to remind you that this spelling is "late" to the correct spelling party.

Correct usage of Greatly

She was grately affected by the news.
She was greatly affected by the news.
They were grately disappointed by the delay.
They were greatly disappointed by the delay.
Grately appreciated, his efforts went unnoticed.
Greatly appreciated, his efforts went unnoticed.
His contribution was grately valued by the community.
His contribution was greatly valued by the community.
The team's performance improved grately after the training.
The team's performance improved greatly after the training.

Greatly Definitions

In a manner showing much appreciation or respect.
She is greatly admired by her peers.
To a significant extent or degree.
His health improved greatly.
To an extent that causes strong emotion.
We were greatly moved by the film.
At a high intensity or scale.
Prices have risen greatly.
Very large in size, extent, or intensity
A great pile of rubble.
A great storm.
Of a larger size than other, similar forms
The great anteater.
Large in quantity or number
A great throng awaited us.
Extensive in time or distance
A great delay.
A great way off.
Remarkable or outstanding in magnitude, degree, or extent
A great crisis.
Great anticipation.
Of outstanding significance or importance
A great work of art.
Chief or principal
The great house on the estate.
Superior in quality or character; noble
A great man who dedicated himself to helping others.
Powerful; influential
One of the great nations of the West.
Eminent; distinguished
A great leader.
Very good; first-rate
We had a great time at the dance.
Very skillful
She is great at algebra.
A great lover of music.
Being one generation removed from the relative specified. Often used in combination
A great-granddaughter.
(Archaic) Pregnant.
Pl. greats or great One that is great
A composer considered among the greats.
A division of most pipe organs, usually containing the most powerful ranks of pipes.
A similar division of other organs.
Very well
Got along great with the teacher.
Used as an intensive with certain adjectives
A great big kiss.
To a great extent or degree.
Expenses greatly exceeded revenues this year.
He was more greatly beloved than anyone in living memory.
(archaic) Nobly; magnanimously.
In a great degree; much.
I will greatly multiply thy sorrow.
Nobly; illustriously; magnanimously.
By a high fate thou greatly didst expire.
To a great extent or degree;
He improved greatly
Greatly reduced
In a manner indicating importance or prominence.
His contributions were greatly recognized.

Greatly Sentences

His help was greatly appreciated during the difficult times.
The situation has greatly improved since last week.
Her attitude has changed greatly since the new year.
Their support greatly influenced the project's success.
He greatly enjoys playing the piano in his free time.
The cost of living has greatly risen in recent years.
She was greatly relieved when she found her lost dog.
I greatly admire your dedication to learning.
The event was greatly enjoyed by all who attended.
The landscape has changed greatly over the past decade.
The quality of the product has greatly increased.
We are greatly concerned about the environmental impact.
This book has greatly influenced my thinking.
The project's scope has greatly widened.
The debate greatly deepened our understanding of the issue.
Our understanding of the topic has greatly expanded.
Their efforts greatly contributed to the charity's success.
The population of the area has greatly increased.
Our chances of success have greatly improved.
This discovery will greatly benefit the scientific community.
The team's performance was greatly enhanced by the new coach.
The policy changes have greatly affected small businesses.
The city has greatly expanded its public transportation system.
Technology has greatly advanced in the last century.
She was greatly moved by the film's message.

Greatly Idioms & Phrases

Greatly valued

Considered to be of great worth or importance.
Her contributions to the research were greatly valued by the team.

Greatly improved

Enhanced or bettered to a significant extent.
His health has greatly improved since he started exercising.

Greatly appreciated

A way to express deep gratitude for someone's help or kindness.
Your support during this project was greatly appreciated.

Greatly disappointed

Experiencing a significant level of dissatisfaction or sadness.
They were greatly disappointed when the event was canceled.

Greatly influenced

Having a strong impact on someone's decisions, behavior, or thoughts.
She was greatly influenced by her mentor's advice.

Greatly enjoyed

Experiencing a lot of pleasure or satisfaction from something.
We greatly enjoyed our vacation to the mountains.

Greatly affected

Significantly influenced or changed by something.
The coastal towns were greatly affected by the hurricane.

Greatly concerned

Worried or anxious to a significant degree.
The community is greatly concerned about the proposed changes to the law.

Greatly enhanced

Improved significantly in value, quality, or attractiveness.
The renovation has greatly enhanced the museum's appeal.

Greatly admires

Holds in very high regard or respects immensely.
He greatly admires the work of environmental activists.

Greatly benefited

Received a significant advantage or positive outcome.
The research has greatly benefited from the new funding.

Greatly contributed

Played a significant part in achieving something.
Volunteers have greatly contributed to the success of the event.

Greatly moved

Deeply touched or emotionally affected.
The audience was greatly moved by the performance.

Greatly advanced

Progressed significantly in development or achievement.
Medical science has greatly advanced in the past decades.

Greatly expanded

Increased significantly in size, scope, or extent.
The company has greatly expanded its operations overseas.

Greatly increased

Grew significantly in amount or number.
The demand for renewable energy has greatly increased.

Greatly deepened

Became significantly more intense, knowledgeable, or profound.
The course greatly deepened my understanding of philosophy.


What is the pronunciation of Greatly?

It's pronounced as /ˈɡreɪtli/.

Why is it called Greatly?

It's derived from the word "great" with the suffix "-ly," indicating a manner or extent.

What is the verb form of Greatly?

"Greatly" is an adverb, not a verb.

Which preposition is used with Greatly?

Various prepositions can be used depending on the context, but commonly "by" as in "greatly appreciated by many."

Is Greatly an adverb?

Yes, "Greatly" is an adverb.

Is Greatly a noun or adjective?

"Greatly" is an adverb.

What is the root word of Greatly?

The root word is "great."

Which vowel is used before Greatly?

The vowel "a" is used before "Greatly."

What is the plural form of Greatly?

Adverbs don't have plural forms, so "Greatly" remains unchanged.

What is the singular form of Greatly?

"Greatly" is an adverb and does not have a singular form.

Which conjunction is used with Greatly?

Any conjunction can be used, depending on the sentence structure.

Is Greatly a vowel or consonant?

"Greatly" is a word, not a single letter.

Is Greatly a collective noun?

No, "Greatly" is not a collective noun.

Is Greatly a negative or positive word?

It's neutral but often used in positive contexts.

Is the word Greatly is imperative?

No, "Greatly" is not imperative.

What is the second form of Greatly?

"Greatly" doesn't have verb forms.

What is the third form of Greatly?

"Greatly" doesn't have verb forms.

Is Greatly a countable noun?

No, "Greatly" is an adverb.

What part of speech is Greatly?

It's an adverb.

What is another term for Greatly?


What is the opposite of Greatly?


Which determiner is used with Greatly?

Determiners are not typically used with adverbs.

What is the first form of Greatly?

"Greatly" is an adverb and doesn't have verb forms.

Is the Greatly term a metaphor?

No, it's not a metaphor.

How many syllables are in Greatly?

There are two syllables in "Greatly."

How do we divide Greatly into syllables?


How is Greatly used in a sentence?

"She greatly admires her mentor's wisdom."

Which article is used with Greatly?

"Greatly" typically doesn't require an article. However, in sentences, it might be preceded by "the," "a," or "an" based on the context.

Is Greatly an abstract noun?

No, "Greatly" is not an abstract noun.

What is a stressed syllable in Greatly?

The first syllable, "Great."
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