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Briliant vs. Brilliant: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Updated on March 13, 2024
The incorrect spelling is "Briliant," while the correct spelling is "Brilliant." Brilliant refers to exceptional brightness, intelligence, or talent

Which is correct: Briliant or Brilliant

How to spell Brilliant?

Briliant is Incorrect

Brilliant is Correct


Key Differences

Associate the word with "brilliant diamonds," which are too good to have a letter missing.
Consider the phrase "two Ls are too brilliant to forget" as a mnemonic.
Double the 'l' to match the doubled brilliance of the word itself.
Think of the word as being 'brill' (as in 'brilliant') plus '-iant.'
Remember that it's 'brill' like 'grill,' both have double 'l's.

Correct usage of Brilliant

Their strategy was briliant in its simplicity and effectiveness.
Their strategy was brilliant in its simplicity and effectiveness.
He gave a briliant performance in the lead role of the play.
He gave a brilliant performance in the lead role of the play.
She was known for her briliant mind in mathematics.
She was known for her brilliant mind in mathematics.
The briliant colors of the sunset took my breath away.
The brilliant colors of the sunset took my breath away.
His briliant idea saved the company a lot of money.
His brilliant idea saved the company a lot of money.

Brilliant Definitions

In terms of intelligence, brilliant describes a very high level of mental ability.
She is a brilliant scientist.
Brilliant also describes something exceptional or outstanding in quality.
That was a brilliant performance.
In gemology, brilliant describes a diamond cut to reflect maximum brightness.
She received a ring with a brilliant diamond.
Full of light; shining.
Relating to or being a hue that has a combination of high lightness and strong saturation.
Sharp and clear in tone
A recording with brilliant sound.
Glorious; magnificent
The brilliant court life at Versailles.
Superb; wonderful
The soloist gave a brilliant performance.
Having or showing unusual and impressive intelligence
A brilliant mind.
A brilliant solution to the problem.
A precious gem, especially a diamond, finely cut in any of various forms with numerous facets.
Shining brightly.
The brilliant lights along the promenade
(of a colour) Both bright and saturated.
Butterflies with brilliant blue wings
(of a voice or sound) Having a sharp, clear tone
(British) Of surpassing excellence.
The actor's performance in the play was simply brilliant.
(British) Magnificent or wonderful.
Highly intelligent.
She is a brilliant scientist.
A finely cut gemstone, especially a diamond, cut in a particular form with numerous facets so as to maximize light return through the top (called "table") of the stone.
The size of type between excelsior and diamond, standardized as 4-point.
Most hummingbird species of the genus Heliodoxa.
A kind of cotton goods, figured on the weaving.
Sparkling with luster; glittering; very bright; as, a brilliant star.
Distinguished by qualities which excite admiration; splendid; shining; as, brilliant talents.
Washington was more solicitous to avoid fatal mistakes than to perform brilliant exploits.
Exceedingly intelligent, or of distinguished accomplishment in a field; - as, a brilliant chemist.
A diamond or other gem of the finest cut, formed into faces and facets, so as to reflect and refract the light, by which it is rendered more brilliant. It has at the middle, or top, a principal face, called the table, which is surrounded by a number of sloping facets forming a bizet; below, it has a small face or collet, parallel to the table, connected with the girdle by a pavilion of elongated facets. It is thus distinguished from the rose diamond, which is entirely covered with facets on the surface, and is flat below.
This snuffbox - on the hinge see brilliants shine.
The smallest size of type used in England printing.
Of surpassing excellence;
A brilliant performance
A superb actor
Having or marked by unusual and impressive intelligence;
Some men dislike brainy women
A brilliant mind
A brilliant solution to the problem
Characterized by or attended with brilliance or grandeur;
The brilliant court life at Versailles
A glorious work of art
Magnificent cathedrals
The splendid coronation ceremony
Having striking color;
Bright greens
Brilliant tapestries
A bird with vivid plumage
Full of light; shining intensely;
A brilliant star
Brilliant chandeliers
Clear and sharp and ringing;
The bright sound of the trumpet section
The brilliant sound of the trumpets
Brilliant refers to something that is extremely bright or radiant.
The sun was brilliant today.
Brilliant can refer to vivid and striking colors.
The painting had brilliant hues.

Brilliant Sentences

She had a brilliant way of solving complex problems.
A brilliant student often stands out in class.
His brilliant humor made the book a joy to read.
The novel was brilliant, capturing the imagination of its readers.
The film's brilliant ending left the audience speechless.
The scientist made a brilliant discovery that changed the field.
His brilliant speech inspired everyone in the audience.
She received a brilliant score on her exam.
The teacher's brilliant explanation clarified the concept for everyone.
The sky was filled with brilliant stars.
She wore a dress with brilliant blue that matched her eyes.
The artist's brilliant use of color brought the painting to life.
A brilliant idea can come from anywhere.
A brilliant strategy can lead to unexpected success.
He possessed a brilliant ability to connect with people.
Their brilliant collaboration resulted in a successful project.
He had a brilliant career ahead of him.
Her brilliant smile lit up the room.
The play received brilliant reviews from critics.
The invention was nothing short of brilliant.

Brilliant Idioms & Phrases

Brilliant minds think alike

A humorous way of saying that intelligent people often come up with the same ideas independently.
You brought the same solution? Brilliant minds think alike!

A brilliant flash of insight

A sudden, clear understanding of something complex.
He had a brilliant flash of insight that solved the longstanding problem.

A brilliant piece of work

Something created or performed with exceptional skill.
His latest painting is a brilliant piece of work that critics praise.

A brilliant stroke

An action or decision that is very clever and successful.
Hiring the renowned expert was a brilliant stroke for the company.

To have a brilliant future

To have great potential for success in the future.
With her talent and determination, she is sure to have a brilliant future.

A brilliant track record

A history of outstanding achievements.
The CEO has a brilliant track record of leading companies to success.

Cut a brilliant figure

To present oneself impressively in appearance or demeanor.
At the gala, she cut a brilliant figure in her designer gown.


Why is it called Brilliant?

The term comes from the French word "brilliant," which means "shining."

What is the verb form of Brilliant?

There is no standard verb form for "brilliant."

What is the pronunciation of Brilliant?

It is pronounced as "bril-yuhnt."

What is the root word of Brilliant?

The root word is "brill," derived from the French "briller," meaning "to shine."

Which vowel is used before Brilliant?

The vowel 'i' is used before Brilliant.

What is the plural form of Brilliant?

The plural form is "Brilliants" when referring to multiple instances of the adjective, though this is uncommon.

Which article is used with Brilliant?

The articles "a" and "the" can be used depending on the context.

Is Brilliant a noun or adjective?

"Brilliant" is primarily an adjective.

What is the singular form of Brilliant?

The singular form is "Brilliant."

Is Brilliant an abstract noun?

No, it is an adjective, not an abstract noun.

Which preposition is used with Brilliant?

Prepositions like "of," "in," and "with" can be used with Brilliant.

Is Brilliant a collective noun?

No, it is not a collective noun.

Which determiner is used with Brilliant?

Determiners like "this," "that," and "a" can be used with Brilliant.

What is the second form of Brilliant?

There is no second form as it is primarily an adjective.

Which conjunction is used with Brilliant?

The conjunction "and" is commonly used with Brilliant.

Is Brilliant an adverb?

No, it is not an adverb, though "brilliantly" serves as its adverbial form.

Is Brilliant a countable noun?

"Brilliant" is not usually used as a noun; it is an adjective.

What is the third form of Brilliant?

There is no third form as it is primarily an adjective.

Is Brilliant a vowel or consonant?

"Brilliant" starts with a consonant.

Is the word Brilliant imperative?

No, it is not imperative.

What is another term for Brilliant?

Another term could be "exceptional" or "outstanding."

Is Brilliant a negative or positive word?

It is a positive word.

How many syllables are in Brilliant?

There are 2 syllables in "Brilliant."

How is Brilliant used in a sentence?

Example: His brilliant idea solved the complex problem effortlessly.

Is the Brilliant term a metaphor?

It can be used metaphorically to describe non-luminous things that are exceptional.

How do we divide Brilliant into syllables?

It can be divided as "Bril-liant."

What is a stressed syllable in Brilliant?

The stressed syllable is "Bril."

What part of speech is Brilliant?

It is an adjective.

What is the opposite of Brilliant?

The opposite could be "dull" or "unimpressive."

What is the first form of Brilliant?

The first form is "Brilliant."
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