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Gramer vs. Grammar: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Gramer" is incorrect, whereas "Grammar" is the correct spelling, referring to the system and structure of a language, including syntax and morphology.

Which is correct: Gramer or Grammar

How to spell Grammar?

Gramer is Incorrect

Grammar is Correct


Key Differences

Think of "grammar" having more structure, symbolized by the extra "m" compared to "gramer."
Associate the word with "grammatical," reminding you of the correct spelling with "grammar" at its root.
Remember that "grammar" is about letters, and it needs more of them, so it has an extra "m."
Remember the phrase, "Grandma's grammar," highlighting the shared "a" in both words.
"Grammar" rules the language, and rulers are often firm, hence the double "m."

Correct usage of Grammar

She won a prize for her excellent gramer.
She won a prize for her excellent grammar.
He needs to improve his gramer to write better reports.
He needs to improve his grammar to write better reports.
Learning gramer can be challenging but rewarding.
Learning grammar can be challenging but rewarding.
Good gramer is important for writing essays.
Good grammar is important for writing essays.
Gramer rules are essential for clear communication.
Grammar rules are essential for clear communication.

Grammar Definitions

"Grammar" encompasses the rules for standard language
Her grammar is impeccable, demonstrating her linguistic proficiency.
"Grammar" implies a system governing language composition
Understanding grammar is crucial for learning new languages.
"Grammar" is the structural foundation of language use
Proper grammar ensures clear communication.
"Grammar" dictates linguistic correctness
He revised the book to correct its grammar.
The study of how words and their component parts combine to form sentences.
The study of structural relationships in language or in a language, sometimes including pronunciation, meaning, and linguistic history.
The system of inflections, syntax, and word formation of a language.
The system of rules implicit in a language, viewed as a mechanism for generating all sentences possible in that language.
A normative or prescriptive set of rules setting forth the current standard of usage for pedagogical or reference purposes.
Writing or speech judged with regard to such a set of rules.
A book containing the morphologic, syntactic, and semantic rules for a specific language.
The basic principles of an area of knowledge
The grammar of music.
A book dealing with such principles.
A system of rules and principles for speaking and writing a language.
The study of the internal structure of words (morphology) and the use of words in the construction of phrases and sentences (syntax).
A book describing the rules of grammar of a language.
(computing theory) A formal system specifying the syntax of a language.
Actual or presumed prescriptive notions about the correct use of a language.
(computing theory) A formal system defining a formal language
The basic rules or principles of a field of knowledge or a particular skill.
A book describing these rules or principles; a textbook.
A grammar of geography
(UK) A grammar school.
To discourse according to the rules of grammar; to use grammar.
The science which treats of the principles of language; the study of forms of speech, and their relations to one another; the art concerned with the right use and application of the rules of a language, in speaking or writing.
The art of speaking or writing with correctness or according to established usage; speech considered with regard to the rules of a grammar.
The original bad grammar and bad spelling.
A treatise on the principles of language; a book containing the principles and rules for correctness in speaking or writing.
Treatise on the elements or principles of any science; as, a grammar of geography.
When any town shall increase to the number of a hundredfamilies or householders, they shall set up a grammar school, the master thereof being able to instruct youth so far as they may be fitted for the University.
Studies of the formation of basic linguistic units
"Grammar" refers to syntax and word arrangement
The sentence disrupts conventional grammar but holds artistic merit.

Grammar Sentences

Many people use grammar checking tools to improve their writing.
Grammar lessons can be interesting with creative teaching methods.
The English language has complex grammar rules that vary with tense and number.
Grammar helps you communicate your ideas clearly and effectively.
Understanding grammar is crucial for learning new languages.
Grammar quizzes are a fun way to test your knowledge.
Reading extensively can improve your grammar skills over time.
Proper grammar use makes a good impression on readers and listeners.
Grammar guides help writers navigate the complexities of language.
Teachers emphasize the importance of grammar in academic writing.
She studies grammar to enhance her editing skills.
Students learn grammar through practice and repetition.
Online forums are great places to ask grammar-related questions.
Children begin learning grammar at a young age through listening and speaking.
Learning the grammar of a foreign language can be a daunting task.
Grammar is a subject that requires attention to detail.
Writing workshops often include sessions on grammar and style.
Peer editing is a helpful way to find and correct grammar mistakes.
Grammar rules vary between British and American English.
Celebrated authors often play with grammar rules to create stylistic effects.
Grammar errors can sometimes lead to misunderstandings.
Advanced grammar topics include subjunctive mood and passive voice.
Grammar apps provide interactive ways to learn and practice.
Good grammar is the backbone of effective communication.
Daily writing practice can significantly improve your grammar skills.

Grammar Idioms & Phrases

Grammar police

Someone who frequently corrects others' grammar.
My sister is the grammar police; she corrects my texts all the time.


Which vowel is used before Grammar?

The vowel "a" is used before "grammar."

What is the pronunciation of Grammar?

It's pronounced as /ˈɡramər/.

Which preposition is used with Grammar?

"Of," as in "the grammar of the English language."

What is the singular form of Grammar?

"Grammar" is the singular form.

Is Grammar a negative or positive word?

"Grammar" is neutral; it's not inherently negative or positive.

Why is it called Grammar?

It's called "grammar" from Old French "gramaire," ultimately from Greek "grammatikē," meaning the art of letters.

What is the verb form of Grammar?

There's no verb form of "grammar;" however, "grammaticalize" is a verb pertaining to grammar development.

Which article is used with Grammar?

Both "a" and "the" can be used with "grammar," depending on the context.

What is the root word of Grammar?

The root word is the Latin "grammatica," derived from Greek "grammatikē."

Is Grammar a countable noun?

It can be countable when referring to specific systems (e.g., different grammars of languages).

Is Grammar an adverb?

No, "grammar" is not an adverb.

What is the plural form of Grammar?

"Grammars" is the plural form, referring to specific types of language systems.

Which conjunction is used with Grammar?

There’s no specific conjunction used exclusively with "grammar;" it depends on the sentence.

Is Grammar a noun or adjective?

"Grammar" is a noun.

Is Grammar a vowel or consonant?

"Grammar" is a word, not a vowel or consonant.

Is the Grammar term a metaphor?

Not generally, but it can be used metaphorically in creative contexts.

What is the second form of Grammar?

It doesn't have this form; "grammar" is a noun.

What is another term for Grammar?

"Syntax" or "linguistic rules" can be synonyms.

Is Grammar a collective noun?

No, "grammar" is not a collective noun.

How many syllables are in Grammar?

"Grammar" has two syllables.

How do we divide Grammar into syllables?

It's divided as gram-mar.

What is a stressed syllable in Grammar?

The stress is on the first syllable: "gram."

What part of speech is Grammar?

"Grammar" is a noun.

What is the opposite of Grammar?

There's no direct opposite, but "ungrammaticality" describes a lack of grammar.

Which determiner is used with Grammar?

Common determiners like "the" or "a" can be used, depending on the context.

What is the first form of Grammar?

"Grammar" is not a verb, so it doesn't have verb forms.

Is Grammar an abstract noun?

Yes, "grammar" is an abstract noun, as it's a concept.

Is the word Grammar imperative?

No, "grammar" is not imperative.

What is the third form of Grammar?

It doesn't have this form; "grammar" is a noun.

How is Grammar used in a sentence?

"Studying grammar is essential for mastering a language."
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