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Immidiately vs. Immediately: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Harlon Moss || By Janet White || Updated on March 11, 2024
"Immidiately" is incorrect; the right spelling is "Immediately," meaning "without any delay."

Which is correct: Immidiately or Immediately

How to spell Immediately?

Immidiately is Incorrect

Immediately is Correct


Key Differences

"Immediately" relates to instant actions; the 'di' sound is quicker than saying 'di-a,' which can prompt the memory of the correct spelling.
There's no extra 'i' in the middle, so "immediately" doesn’t have the same pattern as "immediately."
Think of "immediately" as two parts: “immediate” and the suffix “-ly”; recognizing “immediate” makes it clear that “immidiately” is incorrect.
Recall that "immediately" begins with the prefix "im-" not "immi-."
The word "mediate" is the core of "immediately," helping to remember the correct sequence of letters.

Correct usage of Immediately

She needed to leave immidiately after hearing the news.
She needed to leave immediately after hearing the news.
He responded immidiately to the email.
He responded immediately to the email.
I realized my mistake immidiately and corrected it.
I realized my mistake immediately and corrected it.
Call me immidiately if there are any changes.
Call me immediately if there are any changes.
The project needs to be completed immidiately to meet the deadline.
The project needs to be completed immediately to meet the deadline.

Immediately Definitions

Immediately means without any delay
For example, He left immediately after dinner.
Immediately can denote in direct relation or proximity
E.g., Situated immediately next to the library.
Immediately signifies instantly in time
For example, The news had an immediately visible effect.
Immediately refers to taking action at once
For instance, She responded immediately to the email.
Without delay.
Without an intermediary; directly
The parties immediately involved in the suit.
As soon as; directly
They phoned immediately they reached home.
In an immediate manner; instantly or without delay.
I hope we can begin immediately.
Directly (as soon as), instantly, the moment that. Indicates that the independent clause describes something that occurs immediately after the dependent clause's referent does.
In an immediate manner; without intervention of any other person or thing; proximately; directly; - opposed to mediately; as, immediately contiguous.
God's acceptance of it either immediately by himself, or mediately by the hands of the bishop.
Without interval of time; without delay; promptly; instantly; at once.
And Jesus . . . touched him, saying, I will; be thou clean. And immediately his leprosy was cleansed.
As soon as. Cf. Directly, 8, Note.
Without delay or hesitation; with no time intervening;
He answered immediately
Found an answer straightaway
An official accused of dishonesty should be suspended forthwith
Come here now!
Near or close by;
He passed immediately behind her
Bearing an immediate relation;
This immediately concerns your future
Immediately implies with no intermediary
For instance, He reported immediately to the boss.

Immediately Sentences

She immediately apologized for the misunderstanding.
I felt better immediately after taking the medicine.
She finished her homework immediately after school.
They immediately accepted the offer without hesitation.
I immediately regretted my decision.
The dog ran to the door immediately when it heard its owner.
The movie will start immediately, so find your seats quickly.
He immediately knew the answer to the question.
We must leave immediately to catch the train.
She immediately recognized her friend in the crowd.
The lights went out immediately during the storm.
The phone rang, and she answered it immediately.
Please reply to this message immediately.
She immediately called for help when she saw the accident.
The decision was made immediately after the meeting concluded.
The power was restored immediately after the repair.
They immediately started cleaning up after the party was over.
You should see a doctor immediately if you feel sick.
The child immediately stopped crying when his mother picked him up.
He immediately began to work on the new project.
The teacher asked for silence, and the classroom became quiet immediately.
The game was paused immediately after the player was injured.
The news spread immediately through the small town.
He immediately noticed the mistake in the report.
The concert was canceled immediately due to the bad weather.

Immediately Idioms & Phrases

Start immediately

To begin a task or activity without any delay.
The project is urgent, so we need to start immediately.

Act immediately

To take action right away without delay.
The doctor said to act immediately if the symptoms worsen.

Go there immediately

To proceed to a location without any delay.
If you find your lost wallet, go there immediately to claim it.

Respond immediately

To reply or react without any delay.
She was expected to respond immediately to the urgent message.

Come here immediately

To approach or come to the speaker without delay.
When I call your name, come here immediately.

Reply immediately

To answer a message or question without any delay.
I need your decision on this, so please reply immediately.

Stop immediately

To cease an action or behavior right away.
If you hear the alarm, stop immediately and follow the evacuation plan.

Arrive immediately

To reach a destination without any delay.
The ambulance was dispatched and arrived immediately at the scene.

Leave immediately

To depart right away without any delay.
We were told to leave immediately due to the approaching storm.

Fix it immediately

To repair or correct something right away.
The leak was so bad, the plumber had to fix it immediately.

Call me immediately

To contact someone right away without delay.
If you see any suspicious activity, call me immediately.

Pack immediately

To prepare luggage or items for travel without delay.
We need to leave early in the morning, so pack immediately.

Check it immediately

To inspect or look over something right away.
I heard a strange noise, so I went to check it immediately.

Leave the room immediately

To exit a room or area right away.
For safety drills, leave the room immediately when you hear the beep.

Follow me immediately

To come along or accompany someone without delay.
In case of an emergency, follow me immediately to the exit.

Finish it immediately

To complete a task or assignment without any further delay.
This assignment is due tomorrow; finish it immediately.

Send it immediately

To dispatch or forward something without delay.
Once you've signed the document, send it immediately.

Report immediately

To inform or notify someone about something without delay.
If you notice any data breaches, report immediately.

Correct it immediately

To amend or rectify something right away.
There's a typo in the report; please correct it immediately.

Shut it down immediately

To turn off or deactivate something right away.
If the computer overheats, shut it down immediately.


Why is it called Immediately?

It's derived from "immediate," indicating the lack of any delay or intermediary.

What is the verb form of Immediately?

Immediately is an adverb, not a verb, so it doesn't have a verb form.

What is the pronunciation of Immediately?

It's pronounced as /ɪˈmiːdiətli/.

Which vowel is used before Immediately?

The vowel “i” is used.

What is the root word of Immediately?

The root word is "immediate."

What is the plural form of Immediately?

Adverbs do not have plural forms, so it remains "immediately."

Is Immediately a noun or adjective?

It's an adverb.

Is Immediately an adverb?

Yes, it is an adverb.

Is Immediately an abstract noun?

No, it is an adverb, not a noun.

Which preposition is used with Immediately?

“After,” “before,” and “upon” are commonly used with "immediately."

Which conjunction is used with Immediately?

Conjunctions aren't typically used directly with "immediately," but in sentences, "and" or "but" could connect clauses involving it.

Is Immediately a vowel or consonant?

It's neither; it's an adverb, a type of word.

Is Immediately a collective noun?

No, it's an adverb.

What is the first form of Immediately?

It's "immediately"; adverbs don't have forms like verbs do.

What is the second form of Immediately?

There isn't a second form; it remains "immediately."

What is the singular form of Immediately?

Immediately doesn’t have a singular form as it’s an adverb.

Is the word Immediately imperative?

No, it describes the manner of an action, not a command.

How do we divide Immediately into syllables?

It's divided as im-me-di-ate-ly.

What is the stressed syllable in Immediately?

The stress is on the second syllable: "me."

What is the opposite of Immediately?

Eventually, later, or indirectly.

Which determiner is used with Immediately?

Determiners are not typically used with adverbs.

Is Immediately a negative or positive word?

It's neutral; context determines positive or negative connotations.

Is Immediately a countable noun?

No, it's not a noun; it's an adverb.

Is the Immediately term a metaphor?

Not on its own, but it can be part of a metaphorical expression.

What is another term for Immediately?

Instantly, directly, right away.

What is the third form of Immediately?

Adverbs don’t have a third form; it’s still "immediately."

Which article is used with Immediately?

Articles are generally not used with adverbs like "immediately."

How many syllables are in Immediately?

There are five syllables.

What part of speech is Immediately?

It is an adverb.

How is Immediately used in a sentence?

"As soon as the show ended, they left immediately."
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