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Financialy vs. Financially: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on March 8, 2024
Financialy is an incorrect spelling; the correct spelling is "financially" which refers to matters related to finance, money, or how resources are managed, spent, or saved.

Which is correct: Financialy or Financially

How to spell Financially?

Financialy is Incorrect

Financially is Correct


Key Differences

Remember, double 'l' in financially, representing the double effort in managing finances.
Visualize balancing two coins on top of each other, representing the double 'l' in financially.
Financially contains "ally," common in adverbs, hinting at its adverbial nature.
The word financially reflects stability, just like the balanced double 'l's in the middle.
Financially is finance with "ally," as in being allied with proper financial management.

Correct usage of Financially

He is doing well financialy.
He is doing well financially.
It's important to plan financialy for retirement.
It's important to plan financially for retirement.
The project is not viable financialy.
The project is not viable financially.
They were affected financialy by the crisis.
They were affected financially by the crisis.
The company is sound financialy.
The company is sound financially.

Financially Definitions

Pertaining to finances or monetary transactions.
Financially speaking, the project is a huge risk.
In terms of money or economic status.
She is financially independent, owing to her successful business.
From the perspective of monetary resources or wealth.
He is doing well financially after securing a high-paying job.
Relating to the fiscal or economic aspect of a situation.
The country is financially stable after years of reforms.
In a manner that involves fiscal transactions or money management.
The couple is planning their future financially to avoid debt.
Of, relating to, or involving finance, finances, or financiers.
In terms of finance or money.
He helped his daughter out financially, paying her rent and utilities, until she recovered from the accident.
In a financial manner.
From a financial point of view;
This was financially unattractive

Financially Sentences

The pandemic hit many businesses financially.
They are looking for ways to become more financially stable.
It's wise to be financially literate.
Many people struggle financially after losing a job.
Financially, the investment was a success.
The scholarship helped me financially during college.
The country is becoming financially stronger.
She is financially independent.
Saving money is important for becoming financially secure.
They are financially better off than they were last year.
He advised me on how to be financially savvy.
The decision was financially motivated.
Financially supporting a family can be challenging.
Being financially well-off does not guarantee happiness.
Financially, investing in education pays off.
The new policy will impact small businesses financially.
Planning financially can prevent future stress.
Financially, it doesn't make sense to buy a new car.
The disaster left the region financially devastated.
Financially planning for your children's education is important.
Financially, it was a tough year for the industry.
They donated financially to the cause.
To retire early, one must be financially prepared.
The program aims to help young adults be financially responsible.
The crisis affected everyone financially in some way.

Financially Idioms & Phrases

To be in the black financially

To be profitable or financially solvent.
After years of struggle, the business is finally in the black financially.

Financially viable

Capable of making a profit or sustaining oneself economically.
We need to ensure the project is financially viable before proceeding.

To tighten one's belt financially

To spend less money; to live on a tighter budget.
After the job loss, they had to tighten their belt financially.

Financially strapped

Having little or no money available.
After the medical bills, they were financially strapped.

Financially sound

Having a stable financial situation and good economic health.
It's important to choose a financially sound company for long-term investment.

Financially insolvent

Unable to pay debts owed; bankrupt.
The store closed down after becoming financially insolvent.

Financially burdened

Having significant financial obligations or difficulties.
Many graduates are financially burdened with student loans.

Financially savvy

Knowledgeable about financial matters and smart with money.
Being financially savvy can help you save for the future.

To dig oneself out of a hole financially

To recover from a bad financial situation.
It took years to dig themselves out of a hole financially after the business failed.

Financially flush

Having a lot of money; financially well-off.
After the deal, the company was financially flush.

To keep one's head above water financially

To manage to survive financially; to avoid going into debt.
Despite the economic downturn, they managed to keep their head above water financially.

To be in the red financially

To be losing money; to be in debt.
The report showed that we were in the red financially last quarter.

Financially literate

Having knowledge and understanding of financial matters.
Being financially literate is key to managing your personal finances successfully.

To go from rags to riches financially

To move from being very poor to very wealthy.
His business success is a classic story of going from rags to riches financially.

To hit rock bottom financially

To reach the lowest point in one's financial situation.
After the bankruptcy, he felt he had hit rock bottom financially.

To be on a tightrope financially

To be in a precarious or risky financial situation.
After investing heavily, he was on a tightrope financially.

To turn the corner financially

To pass a critical point in financial recovery.
After restructuring, the company finally turned the corner financially.

To live beyond one's means financially

To spend more money than one can afford.
They were living beyond their means financially, which led to considerable debt.

To make ends meet financially

To have just enough money to pay for one's necessities.
Many people are working multiple jobs just to make ends meet financially.

Financially independent

Having enough wealth to live without needing to work for basic necessities.
My goal is to become financially independent by 40.


What is the root word of financially?

The root word of financially is "finance," derived from French.

What is the verb form of financially?

Financially is an adverb. The related verb is "finance."

Which conjunction is used with financially?

"And" is commonly used, as in "financially and economically."

Why is it called financially?

The term "financially" is derived from the word "financial," which comes from the early 17th century (in the sense of pertaining to public revenue), from the French word "financiel" or Latin "financia," related to fines or ending.

What is the pronunciation of financially?

Financially is pronounced as /fɪˈnænʃəli/.

Which preposition is used with financially?

"From" is often used with financially, as in "financially from last year."

Which vowel is used before financially?

Typically, the word "financially" doesn't require a preceding vowel, but "a" can be used if necessary, as in "a financially sound decision."

What is the singular form of financially?

Financially is an adverb and does not have a singular or plural form.

Is financially an adverb?

Yes, financially is an adverb.

Is financially an abstract noun?

No, financially is not a noun.

Is financially a negative or positive word?

Financially is a neutral word, but it can have positive or negative connotations depending on the context.

Is financially a countable noun?

Financially is not a noun; it's an adverb.

Is the word financially imperative?

No, financially is not imperative; it's an adverb.

Is financially a collective noun?

No, financially is not a collective noun.

Is financially a vowel or consonant?

The word "financially" starts with a consonant sound.

Is the financially term a metaphor?

Financially can be part of metaphorical expressions, but it is not a metaphor by itself.

Which determiner is used with financially?

Determiners are typically not used directly with adverbs like financially.

What is the second form of financially?

Financially does not have verb forms; it's an adverb.

What is the third form of financially?

Financially does not have verb forms; it's an adverb.

What is the plural form of financially?

Financially is an adverb and does not have a singular or plural form.

Which article is used with financially?

Articles are typically not used with adverbs like financially.

Is financially a noun or adjective?

Financially is an adverb.

What is a stressed syllable in financially?

The second syllable "nan" is stressed in financially.

What is another term for financially?

Another term for financially could be "monetarily" or "in financial terms."

What is the opposite of financially?

There isn't a direct opposite, but in certain contexts, "non-financially" could work.

How is financially used in a sentence?

"The company is looking to expand, provided it remains viable financially."

How many syllables are in financially?

There are four syllables in financially.

How do we divide financially into syllables?

Financially is divided as: fi-nan-cial-ly.

What part of speech is financially?

Financially is an adverb.

What is the first form of financially?

Financially does not have verb forms; it's an adverb.
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