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Driveable vs. Drivable: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Updated on March 9, 2024
"Driveable" is an incorrect spelling, while "drivable" is the correct version, meaning capable of being driven.

Which is correct: Driveable or Drivable

How to spell Drivable?

Driveable is Incorrect

Drivable is Correct


Key Differences

Remember, simpler spellings are often correct; thus, "drivable" without the extra 'e'.
Recall that "drive" loses the 'e' when forming "drivable."
Think of "drivable" as "drive" plus "able" without extra letters.
Note that both "drive" and "drivable" have the same number of vowels.
Associate "drivable" with "viable" for similar endings.

Correct usage of Drivable

The old road was barely driveable due to the potholes.
The old road was barely drivable due to the potholes.
The mechanic said the car wasn't driveable anymore.
The mechanic said the car wasn't drivable anymore.
How driveable is the vehicle after the accident?
How drivable is the vehicle after the accident?
His new car is very driveable in snow.
His new car is very drivable in snow.
The city roads are more driveable after the repair work.
The city roads are more drivable after the repair work.

Drivable Definitions

Capable of being driven on or suitable for driving.
The newly paved road was perfectly drivable.
Fit for use by vehicles; passable.
After the storm, the path remained drivable.
In a condition that allows driving or operation of a vehicle.
The car was deemed drivable after quick repairs.
Suitable for safe driving; not hazardous.
The snow was cleared to make the streets drivable again.
Referring to the capability of a road or vehicle for driving.
The old truck was surprisingly drivable despite its age.
To push, propel, or press onward forcibly; urge forward
Drove the horses into the corral.
To repulse or put to flight by force or influence
Drove the attackers away.
Drove out any thought of failure.
To guide, control, or direct (a vehicle).
To convey or transport in a vehicle
Drove the children to school.
To traverse in a vehicle
Drive the freeways to work.
To supply the motive force or power to and cause to function
Steam drives the engine.
To cause or sustain, as if by supplying force or power
"The current merger mania is apparently driven by an urge ... to reduce risk or to exploit opportunities in a very rapidly changing business environment" (Peter Passell).
To compel or force to work, often excessively
"Every serious dancer is driven by notions of perfection—perfect expressiveness, perfect technique" (Susan Sontag).
To force into or from a particular act or state
Indecision drives me crazy.
To force to go through or penetrate
Drove the stake into the ground.
To create or produce by penetrating forcibly
The nail drove a hole in the tire.
To carry through vigorously to a conclusion
Drove home his point.
Drive a hard bargain.
(Sports) To throw, strike, or cast (a ball, for example) hard or rapidly.
(Basketball) To move with the ball directly through
Drove the lane and scored.
(Baseball) To cause (a run or runner) to be scored by batting. Often used with in.
(Football) To advance the ball over (certain yardage) in plays from scrimmage.
To chase (game) into the open or into traps or nets.
To search (an area) for game in such a manner.
To move along or advance quickly
We could hear the trucks driving along the highway.
To rush, dash, or advance violently against an obstruction
The wind drove into my face.
To operate a vehicle, such as a car
How long has he been driving?.
To go or be transported in a vehicle
We all got in the car and drove to the supermarket.
(Sports) To hit, throw, or impel a ball or other missile forcibly.
(Basketball) To move directly to the basket with the ball.
(Football) To advance the ball in plays from scrimmage.
To make an effort to reach or achieve an objective; aim.
The act of driving
Took the car out for a drive after dinner.
A trip or journey in a vehicle
It's a long drive to Eau Claire from here.
Abbr. Dr. A road for automobiles and other vehicles.
The means or apparatus for transmitting motion or power to a machine or from one machine part to another.
The position or operating condition of such a mechanism
"He put his car into drive and started home" (Charles Baxter).
The means by which automotive power is applied to a roadway
Four-wheel drive.
The means or apparatus for controlling and directing an automobile
Right-hand drive.
(Computers) A device that reads data from and often writes data onto a storage medium, such as an optical disc or flash memory.
A strong organized effort to accomplish a purpose
A drive to finish the project before the deadline.
Energy, push, or aggressiveness
An executive with a lot of drive.
(Psychology) A strong motivating tendency or instinct related to self-preservation, reproduction, or aggression that prompts activity toward a particular end.
A massive, sustained military offensive.
(Sports) The act of hitting, knocking, or thrusting a ball very swiftly.
(Sports) The stroke or thrust by which a ball is driven
An awkward drive on the first tee that sent the ball into the woods.
(Sports) The ball or puck as it is propelled
The goalie stopped a hard drive in the opening minute.
(Basketball) The act of moving with the ball directly to the basket.
(Football) A series of downs in which the ball is advanced by the offensive team.
A rounding up and driving of livestock to new pastures or to market.
A gathering and driving of logs down a river.
The cattle or logs thus driven.
Capable of being driven (as a vehicle).
Capable of being driven on safely or successfully (as a road or other surface).

Drivable Sentences

His drivable artwork attracted attention everywhere.
The new tires made the old truck perfectly drivable.
They questioned whether the bridge was drivable.
The path through the forest is barely drivable.
After the snowstorm, the roads were surprisingly drivable.
The drivable age varies from country to country.
Her invention made wheelchairs drivable with a joystick.
The drivable distance without refueling impressed everyone.
The flooded streets were not drivable.
Only four-wheel drives were drivable on the beach.
The mechanic made the car drivable again.
They created a drivable prototype in just weeks.
The drivable simulator helps new drivers learn safely.
She found the small car very drivable.
Drivable electric cars are becoming more popular.
The new policy made golf carts drivable in the village.
He assessed the car's condition to be drivable.
The scenic route is drivable and offers breathtaking views.
After the cleanup, the roads were drivable again.
The race track is drivable for amateurs during certain hours.
The park roads are drivable but narrow.
The drivable area around the city expanded with new roads.
The driveway was drivable after the snow plow passed.
Making ancient vehicles drivable is his hobby.

Drivable Idioms & Phrases

Make the road drivable

To repair or clear a road so that vehicles can pass through.
The crew worked overnight to make the road drivable after the landslide.

Drivable distance

A measure of how far a place or destination is in terms of driving.
The lake is within a drivable distance, so we can easily go there this weekend.

Drivable condition

A state in which a vehicle is safe and functional for driving.
After the repairs, the mechanic assured us the car was in drivable condition.

Not drivable

Describing a vehicle or path that cannot be driven on due to conditions or damage.
After the accident, the car was deemed not drivable.

Keep it drivable

A phrase advising the maintenance of a vehicle to ensure it remains in good driving condition.
Regular oil changes are necessary to keep it drivable.

Make something drivable

To repair or modify something so it can be driven.
They worked all night to make the old car drivable for the parade.

Drivable project

A vehicle or initiative that is in a condition to be driven, often referring to cars being restored.
His latest drivable project is a vintage car from the 1960s.

As drivable as

Comparing the ease or capability of driving one thing to another.
The new model is as drivable as the previous one, despite the added features.

Within drivable reach

Something that can be easily driven to from a particular location.
The coastal town is within drivable reach, making it a perfect weekend getaway.

Drivable for all

A concept or initiative aimed at making driving accessible to everyone.
The new policy aims to make the city drivable for all, including those with disabilities.

Check if it's drivable

To examine or test a vehicle to determine if it is in a condition to be driven.
Before we plan our trip, let's check if the old camper is drivable.

Barely drivable

A description of a road or vehicle that is just capable of being used for driving, often implying difficulty.
The old road to the farm is barely drivable, especially after rain.

Turn something into drivable

To modify or repair something so that it becomes capable of being driven.
With some work, he plans to turn the old truck into something drivable.

From drivable to delightful

Enhancing a vehicle or driving experience from merely functional to enjoyable and delightful.
The new features in the car model took it from drivable to delightful.

Drivable challenge

A problem or obstacle related to making or keeping something drivable.
The mechanic faced a drivable challenge with the car's outdated engine.

Make the impossible drivable

To overcome challenges and make something that seemed undrivable, drivable.
The team's effort to make the impossible drivable paid off when their prototype car succeeded.

Drivable masterpiece

A vehicle that is not only functional and drivable but also exceptionally well-crafted or beautiful.
The car show featured a drivable masterpiece from the early 20th century.

Drivable dream

A car that is both in good condition for driving and highly desirable.
His 1957 convertible is a true drivable dream.

Beyond drivable

Referring to a vehicle or road that is too damaged or difficult to drive on.
The potholes made the street beyond drivable.

From not drivable to navigable

Turning a situation around from a vehicle or route being undrivable to being able to navigate it successfully.
The road repair team turned the situation from not drivable to navigable in just a few days.


What is the root word of drivable?

The root word of drivable is "drive."

What is the verb form of drivable?

Drivable is derived from the verb "drive."

Which vowel is used before drivable?

The vowel 'i' is used in drivable.

What is the singular form of drivable?

The singular form is "drivable."

Which preposition is used with drivable?

Common prepositions used with drivable include "on" and "in."

Why is it called drivable?

It's called drivable because it describes something that can be driven or is suitable for driving.

What is the plural form of drivable?

Drivable does not have a plural form as it's an adjective.

Is drivable an abstract noun?

No, it is an adjective, not a noun.

Which conjunction is used with drivable?

Conjunctions like "and" or "but" are used with drivable.

Which article is used with drivable?

Articles "a," "an," or "the" can be used with drivable.

Is drivable a noun or adjective?

Drivable is an adjective.

Is drivable an adverb?

No, drivable is not an adverb.

What is the pronunciation of drivable?

Drivable is pronounced as DRY-vuh-buhl.

Is drivable a countable noun?

Drivable is not a noun, so it's neither countable nor uncountable.

Is the word drivable is imperative?

No, it is descriptive, not imperative.

What is the third form of drivable?

Adjectives like drivable do not have a third form.

Is drivable a vowel or consonant?

The word begins with the consonant 'd.'

Is drivable a collective noun?

No, it is not a collective noun.

How do we divide drivable into syllables?

It is divided as dri-va-ble.

Which determiner is used with drivable?

Determiners like "the," "a," "this," can be used.

Is drivable a negative or positive word?

It is neutral, indicating a capability.

What part of speech is drivable?

Drivable is an adjective.

What is another term for drivable?

Another term could be "navigable" for roads or "operable" for vehicles.

What is the second form of drivable?

There is no second form as it is an adjective.

How many syllables are in drivable?

There are three syllables.

How is drivable used in a sentence?

Example: "Despite the heavy snowfall, the main roads were still drivable."

Is the drivable term a metaphor?

It is not typically used as a metaphor.

What is a stressed syllable in drivable?

The stressed syllable is 'dri.'

What is the opposite of drivable?

The opposite is "undrivable" or "impassable."

What is the first form of drivable?

The first form is "drivable" itself (adjective).
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