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Biennally vs. Biannually: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Harlon Moss || By Janet White || Updated on March 12, 2024
"Biennally" is a misspelling. The correct term is "biannually," which means twice a year.

Which is correct: Biennally or Biannually

How to spell Biannually?

Biennally is Incorrect

Biannually is Correct


Key Differences

Focus on the double "n" in "biannually" to associate with the number two.
Visualize calendar reminders twice a year for "biannually" appointments.
Think of it like "bi-weekly" which also uses a double consonant.
Associate "biannually" with common events that happen twice a year, like semi-annual sales.
Remember the root words: "bi-" means two and "annual" means yearly, so "biannually" logically means twice a year.

Correct usage of Biannually

The magazine is published biennially, in the spring and fall.
The magazine is published biannually, in the spring and fall.
Our club holds biennially meetings to plan activities and discuss books.
Our club holds biannually meetings to plan activities and discuss books.
Membership fees are collected biennially to fund club events and activities.
Membership fees are collected biannually to fund club events and activities.
The financial audit is conducted biennially to ensure transparency.
The financial audit is conducted biannually to ensure transparency.
The garden requires biennially fertilization for optimal growth.
The garden requires biannually fertilization for optimal growth.

Biannually Definitions

Biannually denotes a frequency of every six months.
She visits her hometown biannually.
Biannually can describe periodic occurrences within a year.
The report is published biannually.
Biannually signifies two instances within a single year.
The organization holds biannually conferences.
Biannually means occurring twice a year.
The company hosts meetings biannually.
Biannually refers to actions or events that repeat semi-annually.
The festival is held biannually.
Occurring twice each year; semiannual.
Occurring every two years; biennial.
Taking place twice per year, semiannually.
Taking place every two years, biennially.
Twice a year;
We hold our big sale biannually

Biannually Sentences

Biannually dental check-ups are essential for maintaining oral health.
Members are required to attend biannually training sessions to enhance their skills.
The newsletter, issued biannually, keeps the community informed about local events.
The garden's biannually plant sale is a popular event among horticulturists.
The cultural festival is celebrated biannually, attracting tourists from across the globe.
The charity conducts biannually fundraising drives to support its programs.
Parents meet with teachers biannually to discuss their children's progress.
Homeowners are advised to perform biannually maintenance on their heating systems.
The biannually inventory helps the store manage its stock efficiently.
The library holds biannually book sales to clear out old inventory and raise funds.
The council holds biannually public hearings to discuss city planning and development.
The biannually check on emergency equipment ensures readiness in case of a crisis.
The biannually wellness program encourages employees to maintain healthy lifestyles.
The company reviews employee performance biannually for possible promotions or raises.
The biannually audit ensures the organization's finances are in order.
The biannually update of the membership directory keeps the club's records current.
Subscribers receive a biannually magazine filled with articles, interviews, and reviews.
Volunteers gather biannually to organize charity events and community service projects.
Athletes undergo biannually physical assessments to monitor their fitness levels.
Biannually meetings of the board are open to shareholders interested in the company's direction.
Home insurance policies are often reviewed biannually to adjust coverage as needed.
Residents pay their community dues biannually to cover maintenance and amenities.
Companies are required to file biannually tax returns in many jurisdictions.
The biannually renewal of professional licenses is required in many fields.
The cooperative holds biannually elections to choose its governing board.


What is the singular form of Biannually?

"Biannually" does not have a singular or plural form. It's an adverb describing frequency.

What is the root word of Biannually?

The root word is "annual."

What is the verb form of Biannually?

There is no verb form of "biannually." It's an adverb.

Which vowel is used before Biannually?

The context determines the vowel, but it's often used without a vowel preceding it.

Why is it called Biannually?

It's called "biannually" because "bi-" means two and "annually" means yearly, denoting something that happens twice within a year.

What is the plural form of Biannually?

"Biannually" doesn't have a plural form.

What is the pronunciation of Biannually?

It's pronounced as /baɪˈænjuəli/.

Which conjunction is used with Biannually?

No specific conjunction is exclusive to "biannually."

Is Biannually an abstract noun?

No, "biannually" is not a noun.

Is Biannually a negative or positive word?

"Biannually" is neutral.

Is Biannually an adverb?

Yes, "biannually" is an adverb.

Is Biannually a countable noun?

"Biannually" is not a noun.

Is the word Biannually imperative?

No, "biannually" describes frequency.

What is a stressed syllable in Biannually?

The second syllable, "an," is stressed.

What part of speech is Biannually?

"Biannually" is an adverb.

Which preposition is used with Biannually?

Common prepositions might be "held biannually" or "occurs biannually."

Is Biannually a vowel or consonant?

"Biannually" is a word, not a singular letter.

Is Biannually a collective noun?

No, "biannually" is not a collective noun.

Is Biannually a noun or adjective?

"Biannually" is an adverb.

How many syllables are in Biannually?

"Biannually" has five syllables.

What is the opposite of Biannually?

The opposite might be "biennially," which means every two years.

Which determiner is used with Biannually?

Determiners like "this," "that," "these," or "those" can be used depending on context.

What is the first form of Biannually?

"Biannually" doesn't have forms as it's an adverb.

What is the second form of Biannually?

"Biannually" doesn't have verb forms.

How is Biannually used in a sentence?

"The journal publishes biannually, in January and July."

Which article is used with Biannually?

Either "a" or "the" can be used depending on the context.

Is the Biannually term a metaphor?

No, "biannually" is not a metaphor.

What is another term for Biannually?

Another term is "semi-annually."

What is the third form of Biannually?

"Biannually" doesn't have verb forms.

How do we divide Biannually into syllables?

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