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Contast vs. Contrast: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Contast" is a common misspelling. The correct spelling is "Contrast," which means to compare in order to show differences.

Which is correct: Contast or Contrast

How to spell Contrast?

Contast is Incorrect

Contrast is Correct


Key Differences

Think of "contrast" as comparing two different "stars" (con + stars = contrast).
Visualize contrasting light and dark to remember the full word.
Recall "contrast colors" in art, emphasizing the “trast” ending.
Associate "contrast" with "comparing" which both have the "con-" prefix.
Remember "contrast" contains the word "ast" like in "last."

Correct usage of Contrast

The colors provide a beautiful contast in the painting.
The colors provide a beautiful contrast in the painting.
She enjoyed the contast between the busy city life and the quiet countryside.
She enjoyed the contrast between the busy city life and the quiet countryside.
The documentary highlighted the contast between wealth and poverty.
The documentary highlighted the contrast between wealth and poverty.
His opinions are in sharp contast to mine.
His opinions are in sharp contrast to mine.
The contast of flavors in the dish was remarkable.
The contrast of flavors in the dish was remarkable.

Contrast Definitions

Contrast refers to the difference or comparison between two things.
The contrast between night and day is evident.
In visual arts, Contrast describes the arrangement of opposite elements.
Black and white provide a stark contrast.
In literature, Contrast means to describe differences among characters or events.
The author contrasted the protagonist's and antagonist's personalities.
To set in opposition in order to show or emphasize differences
An essay that contrasts city and country life.
Contrasted this computer with inferior models.
To show differences when compared
Siblings who contrast sharply in interests and abilities.
A color that contrasted clearly with the dark background.
(Linguistics) To evince a difference that can distinguish meaning
Voiced and voiceless stops contrast in English but not in Cree.
The act of contrasting; a setting off of dissimilar entities or objects.
The state of being contrasted
Red berries standing in vivid contrast against the snow.
A difference, especially a strong dissimilarity, between entities or objects compared
The contrast between Northern and Southern speech patterns.
One thing that is strikingly dissimilar to another
My new school was a welcome contrast to the one before.
The use of opposing elements, such as colors, forms, or lines, in proximity to produce an intensified effect in a work of art.
The difference in brightness between the light and dark areas of a picture, such as a photograph or video image.
(Linguistics) A difference between units, especially one that distinguishes meaning.
(countable) A difference in lightness, brightness and/or hue between two colours that makes them more or less distinguishable.
(uncountable) The degree of this difference.
The red and the orange don't have much contrast between them — I can hardly tell them apart.
(countable) A control on a television, etc, that adjusts the amount of contrast in the images being displayed.
(countable) A difference between two objects, people or concepts.
Israel is a country of many contrasts.
(countable) Something that is opposite of or strikingly different from something else.
(transitive) To set in opposition in order to show the difference or differences between.
(intransitive) To form a contrast.
Foreground and background strongly contrast.
To stand in opposition; to exhibit difference, unlikeness, or opposition of qualities.
The joints which divide the sandstone contrast finely with the divisional planes which separate the basalt into pillars.
To set in opposition, or over against, in order to show the differences between, or the comparative excellences and defects of; to compare by difference or contrariety of qualities; as, to contrast the present with the past.
To give greater effect to, as to a figure or other object, by putting it in some relation of opposition to another figure or object.
The figures of the groups must not be all on side . . . but must contrast each other by their several position.
The act of contrasting, or the state of being contrasted; comparison by contrariety of qualities.
Place the prospect of the soulIn sober contrast with reality.
Opposition or dissimilitude of things or qualities; unlikeness, esp. as shown by juxtaposition or comparison.
The contrasts and resemblances of the seasons.
The opposition of varied forms, colors, etc., which by such juxtaposition more vividly express each other's peculiarities.
The opposition or dissimilarity of things that are compared;
In contrast to
By contrast
The act of distinguishing by comparing differences
A conceptual separation or demarcation;
There is a narrow line between sanity and insanity
The perceptual effect of the juxtaposition of very different colors
The range of optical density and tone on a photographic negative or print (or the extent to which adjacent areas on a television screen differ in brightness)
Put in opposition to show or emphasize differences;
The middle school teacher contrasted her best student's work with that of her weakest student
To show differences when compared; be different;
The students contrast considerably in their artistic abilities
Technically, Contrast is the degree of difference between colors or tones.
Adjusting the contrast on a monitor can enhance clarity.
As a verb, Contrast means to compare to highlight differences.
The article contrasted urban and rural lifestyles.

Contrast Sentences

There is a significant contrast in temperatures from day to night in the desert.
The artist used contrast to bring depth to her paintings.
The novel presents a stark contrast between the protagonist's dreams and reality.
The contrast in their personalities made them an interesting couple.
In her essay, she explored the contrast of light and darkness in Gothic literature.
High contrast images tend to stand out more to viewers.
The teacher used a contrast of teaching methods to engage the students.
The economic contrast between the two countries is quite significant.
The chef's new recipe creates a delicious contrast of sweet and salty flavors.
The contrast between the old and new buildings is striking.
The photographer captured the contrast between the bustling market and the serene lake.
The contrast of luxury and simplicity was a theme of the fashion show.
The contrast of opinions led to a lively debate.
The film’s color palette uses contrast to enhance the mood of each scene.
The contrast in work culture between the companies was noticeable.
The play uses contrast effectively to convey its message.
The contrast between traditional and modern music styles was evident in the concert.
The garden was designed with plants that contrast in color and texture.
In writing, contrast can be used to highlight differences in characters or settings.
The book highlights the contrast between human and animal communication.
The contrast in weather patterns this year has been extreme.
She found the contrast between her expectations and the reality of travel enlightening.
The contrast setting on the TV was adjusted for clearer images.
The historian discussed the contrast between different historical periods.
The documentary drew a contrast between the lives of farmers and city dwellers.

Contrast Idioms & Phrases

Stand in contrast to

To be very different from something, especially in a way that is very obvious.
The simplicity of the rural lifestyle stands in contrast to urban complexity.

In contrast to

Showing or highlighting differences when compared.
In contrast to his early works, his latest novel is quite dark.

The contrast could not be more striking

Used to emphasize the extreme differences between two or more things.
Between the desolate wasteland and the lush forest, the contrast could not be more striking.

A marked contrast

A very noticeable difference.
There's a marked contrast in their attitudes towards work and leisure.

A study in contrast

Describing a situation or comparison that shows significant differences between the things being compared.
The two leaders are a study in contrast, with opposing policies and personalities.

Set in contrast

To place things side by side to emphasize their differences.
The exhibit was designed to set the ancient artifacts in contrast with modern pieces.

To throw into contrast

To cause something to appear different or more noticeable when compared with something else.
The recent success of the team throws their previous failures into contrast.

Draw a contrast

To make a comparison in order to show differences.
The speaker drew a contrast between the lives of the rich and the poor.

By contrast

Used to introduce a statement that starkly differs from the preceding one.
He loves the city; by contrast, she prefers the quiet of the countryside.

Contrast sharply with

To differ in a very noticeable or significant way.
Her optimistic outlook contrasts sharply with his pessimism.

Contrast with the fact

To show a difference when compared with a particular truth or reality.
His cheerful demeanor contrasts with the fact that he has faced many hardships.

Serve as a contrast

To act as a means of highlighting differences.
The bright, sunny weather served as a contrast to the previous week's storms.

To paint a contrast

To describe or show differences in a vivid or detailed manner.
The writer paints a contrast between hope and despair in the narrative.

Live in contrast to

To have a lifestyle or beliefs that are very different from someone else's.
She lives in contrast to her sister, choosing a minimalist lifestyle over material wealth.

Highlight the contrast

To emphasize or make more noticeable the differences between two or more things.
The documentary aims to highlight the contrast between traditional and contemporary lifestyles.

To form a contrast

To create a difference that is easily seen or understood.
The modern architecture of the new museum forms a contrast with the historical buildings surrounding it.

In stark contrast

Highlighting an extremely clear difference.
The lush green of the fields was in stark contrast to the barren mountains.

To offer a contrast

To provide an example or situation that shows how two things are different.
The two films offer a contrast in how they portray the hero's journey.

Define by contrast

To understand or appreciate something better by comparing it with something very different.
The sweetness of the dessert is defined by contrast with the savory main course.


What is the verb form of Contrast?


What is the root word of Contrast?

The Latin "contrāstāre."

What is the pronunciation of Contrast?

/kənˈtræst/ for the verb and /ˈkɒn.træst/ for the noun.

Which vowel is used before Contrast?

The vowel "a" as in "a contrast."

Which preposition is used with Contrast?

"With," as in "contrast with."

Which conjunction is used with Contrast?

Any conjunction can be used depending on the sentence context.

What is the plural form of Contrast?


Is Contrast a noun or adjective?

Contrast can be both a noun and a verb.

Is Contrast an abstract noun?

Yes, as it represents an idea rather than a tangible thing.

Why is it called Contrast?

It's derived from the Latin "contrāstāre" which means "to stand against," emphasizing differences.

Which article is used with Contrast?

Both "a" and "the" can be used.

What is the opposite of Contrast?

Similarity or likeness.

Which determiner is used with Contrast?

"This," "that," or "each" can be used.

What is the first form of Contrast?

"Contrast" itself.

What is the second form of Contrast?

N/A for nouns, but for the verb, it remains "Contrast."

What is the third form of Contrast?

N/A for nouns, but for the verb, it remains "Contrasted."

What is the singular form of Contrast?

"Contrast" itself is singular.

Is Contrast an adverb?


Is Contrast a countable noun?


Is Contrast a collective noun?


Is the word Contrast imperative?

No, but it can be used in imperative sentences.

How do we divide Contrast into syllables?


Is Contrast a negative or positive word?

Neutral, but context can change the perception.

Is Contrast a vowel or consonant?

"Contrast" is a word containing both vowels and consonants.

How many syllables are in Contrast?

Two syllables.

What is a stressed syllable in Contrast?

The second syllable, "trast."

What part of speech is Contrast?

Noun and verb.

How is Contrast used in a sentence?

The bright yellow flowers provided a stunning contrast against the dark green foliage.

Is the Contrast term a metaphor?

Not inherently, but it can be used metaphorically.

What is another term for Contrast?

Differentiate or distinction.
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