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Compreble vs. Comparable: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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The incorrect spelling is "Compreble". The correct spelling is "Comparable", meaning able to be likened to another.

Which is correct: Compreble or Comparable

How to spell Comparable?

Compreble is Incorrect

Comparable is Correct


Key Differences

Visualize two objects side by side, being "compar-able" or able to be compared.
Note that "compreble" sounds off when you pronounce it, reinforcing that it's the incorrect spelling.
Think of the "able" in "comparable" as a hint that something can be done, in this case, compared.
"Comparable" contains the word "compare", which can be a reminder of its meaning and spelling.
Associate "comparable" with its antonym "incomparable" to emphasize the correct "a" sound in the middle.

Correct usage of Comparable

Their prices are not very compreble.
Their prices are not very comparable.
You need to find something more compreble for a fair comparison.
You need to find something more comparable for a fair comparison.
The two studies are hardly compreble in scope.
The two studies are hardly comparable in scope.
Compreble levels of success are not common.
Comparable levels of success are not common.
The quality of these products is not compreble.
The quality of these products is not comparable.

Comparable Definitions

"Comparable" refers to things that can be compared due to similarities.
The quality of these two brands is comparable.
"Comparable" can indicate equivalence in tasks or roles.
His role in the company is comparable to hers.
"Comparable" can signify things that are worthy of comparison.
The new model's speed is not comparable to the older one.
Admitting of comparison with another or others
“The satellite revolution is comparable to Gutenberg's invention of movable type” (Irvin Molotsky).
Similar or equivalent
Pianists of comparable ability.
(often with to) Able to be compared (to).
An elephant is comparable in size to a double-decker bus.
You can't say that robbing a bank is like pickpocketing. The two are just not comparable.
(often with to) Similar (to); like.
(mathematics) Constituting a pair in a particular partial order.
Six and forty-two are comparable in the divides order, but six and nine are not.
(grammar) Said of an adjective that has comparative and superlative forms.
"Big" is a comparable adjective, since it can take the forms "bigger" and "biggest"; but "unique" is not comparable, except in disputed, but common, usage.
Something suitable for comparison.
Capable of being compared; worthy of comparison.
There is no blessing of life comparable to the enjoyment of a discreet and virtuous friend.
Able to be compared or worthy of comparison
Conforming in every respect;
Boxes with corresponding dimensions
The like period of the preceding year
"Comparable" can denote similar in size, amount, or degree.
Her achievements are comparable to his.
"Comparable" often means having no significant difference when compared.
The prices of these two items are comparable.

Comparable Sentences

The climates of the two regions are not comparable.
The performance of the two cars is quite comparable.
Students' grades are comparable across different schools.
The taste of these two brands of chocolate is quite comparable.
Finding a comparable replacement for her skill set will be difficult.
In terms of features, our product is comparable to the leading brand.
His salary is comparable to that of his colleagues.
The size of the two houses is comparable.
Their achievements in the field are comparable.
The durability of these materials is comparable.
The nutritional value of the two foods is comparable.
Comparable studies show similar results.
The efficiency of the two machines is comparable.
Their levels of experience are comparable.
The cost of living in the two cities is fairly comparable.
The two athletes have comparable abilities.
The two jobs offer comparable benefits.
The two incidents are not directly comparable.
The risk levels of the two investments are comparable.
Her work is comparable in quality to that of her peers.


What is the verb form of Comparable?

The verb form is "compare".

Which preposition is used with Comparable?

"To" is a common preposition used with "comparable", as in "comparable to".

Why is it called Comparable?

It is called "comparable" because it describes things that can be likened or compared to one another.

What is the root word of Comparable?

The root word of "comparable" is "compare".

Which vowel is used before Comparable?

Depending on the sentence context, various vowels or even consonants can precede "comparable".

Which article is used with Comparable?

"A" or "an" can be used with "comparable" based on the noun it describes.

Which conjunction is used with Comparable?

Conjunction usage is context-dependent. There's no specific conjunction always paired with "comparable".

Is Comparable an adverb?

No, "comparable" is not an adverb.

What is the pronunciation of Comparable?

The pronunciation of "comparable" is /kəmˈpærəbəl/.

What is the plural form of Comparable?

The term "comparable" is an adjective and doesn't have a plural form.

Is Comparable a noun or adjective?

"Comparable" is an adjective.

What is the singular form of Comparable?

The singular form is "comparable".

Is Comparable a collective noun?

No, "comparable" is not a collective noun.

Is the Comparable term a metaphor?

No, "comparable" is not inherently metaphorical, though it can be used in metaphorical contexts.

Is the word Comparable imperative?

No, "comparable" is not an imperative word.

Is Comparable a vowel or consonant?

The word "comparable" begins with a consonant.

What part of speech is Comparable?

"Comparable" is an adjective.

What is the first form of Comparable?

As an adjective, "comparable" doesn't have verb forms.

What is the second form of Comparable?

Refer to the above; "comparable" is an adjective and doesn't have verb forms.

Is Comparable an abstract noun?

No, "comparable" is an adjective.

Is Comparable a negative or positive word?

"Comparable" is a neutral word. Its connotation depends on context.

How many syllables are in Comparable?

"Comparable" has four syllables.

Which determiner is used with Comparable?

Determiners like "this", "that", "my", or "her" can be used with "comparable".

How is Comparable used in a sentence?

"The two products are comparable in terms of quality."

How do we divide Comparable into syllables?

"Comparable" is divided as com-par-a-ble.

What is another term for Comparable?

Another term for "comparable" is "akin" or "similar".

What is the opposite of Comparable?

The opposite of "comparable" is "incomparable".

Is Comparable a countable noun?

"Comparable" is an adjective and doesn't have countable properties.

What is a stressed syllable in Comparable?

The stressed syllable is "par" in "comparable".

What is the third form of Comparable?

Like the above, "comparable" is an adjective, not a verb, so it doesn't have verb forms.
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