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Consert vs. Concert: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Consert" is an incorrect spelling; the correct spelling is "concert" which means a live performance of music before an audience. It's a gathering for musical entertainment.

Which is correct: Consert or Concert

How to spell Concert?

Consert is Incorrect

Concert is Correct


Key Differences

Remember, "concert" contains "cert," hinting at "certified" fun and music, unlike "consert."
Visualize a concert ticket; the correct spelling is always on it, not "consert."
Link "concert" with "orchestra," as both relate to music, helping distinguish it from the incorrect "consert."
Associate "concert" with "concrete," as both start with "con" but only one ends in a musical gathering.
Think of "concert" as a combination of "con" (together) and "cert" (certify), as it certifies a collective music experience.

Correct usage of Concert

Did you hear about the charity consert happening next month?
Did you hear about the charity concert happening next month?
The school is hosting a consert for the parents this weekend.
The school is hosting a concert for the parents this weekend.
We went to the consert last night and it was amazing.
We went to the concert last night and it was amazing.
My favorite band is playing in a consert tomorrow.
My favorite band is playing in a concert tomorrow.
I bought consert tickets for my friend's birthday.
I bought concert tickets for my friend's birthday.

Concert Definitions

A concert is a live performance of music in front of an audience.
The band played an unforgettable concert last night.
Concert can refer to a coordinated effort among individuals.
They worked in concert to finish the project on time.
Concert also means agreement or harmony in purpose or action.
The two companies acted in concert to develop new technology.
A concert is an event where musicians perform for an audience.
We attended a classical music concert at the hall.
A concert involves public musical performances, typically by multiple artists.
The outdoor concert featured several famous singers and bands.
(Music) A performance given by one or more singers or instrumentalists or both in the presence of an audience.
Unity achieved by mutual communication of views, ideas, and opinions
Acted in concert on the issue.

Concert Sentences

The school's annual concert is a showcase of students' musical talents.
Everyone was excited to see their favorite singer perform live in concert.
We got front-row seats for the jazz concert at the club downtown.
The community center hosts a free concert every month for residents.
The band announced their concert tour dates on social media yesterday.
The orchestra's concert was held in the city's largest auditorium.
To raise funds, the local charity organized a benefit concert.
Last summer, the beach concert series was a hit among tourists and locals.
The pianist received a standing ovation at the end of the concert.
Parents brought their children to the family-friendly concert in the park.
The concert ended with a spectacular fireworks display.
During the concert, the crowd sang along to every song.
The acoustic concert in the small venue offered a intimate experience.
The concert began with a stunning violin solo that captivated the audience.
For her birthday, all she wanted was tickets to the rock concert.
The outdoor concert was postponed due to unexpected rain.
The choir's Christmas concert is a beloved tradition in our town.
The concert lineup features artists from various genres of music.
The live concert recording will be available on DVD next month.
After the concert, fans gathered outside hoping to see the performers.
Attending a classical music concert can be a very soothing experience.
They won backstage passes to meet the band after the concert.
At the concert, they sold merchandise like posters and t-shirts.
The concert hall was filled to capacity with eager fans.
The festival's highlight was the surprise concert by a famous band.

Concert Idioms & Phrases

In concert

Working together harmoniously.
The team worked in concert to complete the project on time.

To concert a plan

To arrange or devise a plan in cooperation with others.
They concerted a plan to surprise their friend on her birthday.

Concert pitch

The standard pitch reference for tuning musical instruments.
Before the concert began, the orchestra tuned their instruments to concert pitch.

A concert of opinions

A general agreement among a group.
There was a concert of opinions on the need to improve school lunches.

To be in concert with

To be in agreement or harmony with something or someone.
His plans were in concert with the company's goals.

Give a concert

To perform a musical show.
The community choir will give a concert next weekend.

Hold a concert

To organize and execute a musical performance.
The city holds a concert every year to celebrate the summer solstice.

A farewell concert

A final performance, typically before retirement.
The band's farewell concert was an emotional evening for fans.

A charity concert

Similar to a benefit concert, it's organized to raise money for charity.
The charity concert raised thousands for disaster relief.

At concert pitch

Ready and prepared, often used in reference to being emotionally charged or excited.
The fans were at concert pitch long before the band took the stage.

Play in concert

To perform music together in a group.
The string quartet played in concert, creating beautiful harmony.

Concert tour

A series of concerts performed in different locations by an artist or band.
The pop star's concert tour sold out in minutes.

Sell out a concert

When all tickets for a concert are sold.
The legendary singer managed to sell out the concert within hours.

Concert series

A number of concerts held over a period of time, often with a unifying theme or lineup.
The summer concert series features a different genre of music each week.

A solo concert

A performance by a single musician.
The pianist's solo concert was a profound display of musical talent.

A benefit concert

A performance intended to raise funds for a charitable cause.
Celebrities often participate in benefit concerts to support various causes.


A person who frequently attends concerts.
As an avid concert-goer, she has an impressive collection of ticket stubs.

A live concert

A performance of music in front of an audience, as opposed to a recorded session.
Nothing beats the experience of a live concert.

Opening act of a concert

The first performance in a concert, usually before the main performer.
The opening act of the concert got the audience energized.

Concert lineup

The list of performers scheduled to play at a concert.
This year's festival has an incredibly diverse concert lineup.


What is the verb form of concert?

The verb form is "concert" or "to concert," meaning to arrange or act together.

Which vowel is used before concert?

The vowel "o" is used before "n" in "concert."

Why is it called concert?

Derived from Italian "concerto" and French "concert," meaning agreement or harmony, reflecting coordinated musical performance.

What is the root word of concert?

The root word is the Italian "concerto," meaning a joining together.

What is the pronunciation of concert?

Concert is pronounced as /ˈkɒnsərt/.

Which article is used with concert?

The indefinite article "a" or the definite article "the" can be used with "concert."

Which preposition is used with concert?

The preposition "at" is commonly used with concert, as in "at a concert."

Is concert a negative or positive word?

Concert is neutral but often carries a positive connotation due to its association with enjoyment.

Is concert a collective noun?

It can be considered a collective noun when referring to a group performance.

What part of speech is concert?

Concert is a noun and can also be used as a verb in certain contexts.

What is the singular form of concert?

The singular form is "concert."

Which conjunction is used with concert?

The conjunction "and" can be used to connect concert with other concepts.

Is concert a vowel or consonant?

The word "concert" starts with a consonant.

Is the word concert imperative?

Concert is not typically used as an imperative; it describes an event or action.

What is another term for concert?

Another term for concert is "recital" or "performance."

What is the second form of concert?

There is no second form; "concerted" could be a verb form meaning arranged or agreed upon.

What is the third form of concert?

Similar to the second form, "concerted" would be used in verb contexts.

What is the plural form of concert?

The plural form is "concerts."

Is concert a noun or adjective?

Concert is primarily a noun but can function as an adjective in terms like "concert hall."

Is concert an adverb?

No, concert is not an adverb.

Is concert a countable noun?

Yes, concert is a countable noun.

Is the concert term a metaphor?

"In concert" can be used metaphorically to describe coordinated actions.

What is the opposite of concert?

The opposite of concert could be "solo performance" or "disunity" in non-musical contexts.

How many syllables are in concert?

There are two syllables in "concert."

What is a stressed syllable in concert?

The stressed syllable in "concert" is the first, "con."

How is concert used in a sentence?

"The city park hosts a free concert every summer weekend."

Is concert an abstract noun?

No, concert is a concrete noun, referring to a specific event.

How do we divide concert into syllables?

Concert is divided into syllables as con-cert.

Which determiner is used with concert?

Determiners like "the," "a," or "this" can be used with concert.

What is the first form of concert?

The first form is "concert" as a noun or "to concert" as a verb.
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