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Filtre vs. Filter: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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Filtre is an incorrect spelling; the correct spelling is "filter" which refers to a device or process used to remove unwanted parts from a substance, especially impurities from liquids or air.

Which is correct: Filtre or Filter

How to spell Filter?

Filtre is Incorrect

Filter is Correct


Key Differences

Visualize a water filter; the 'e' represents the clean water exiting the filter.
Filter contains "filt," which sounds like "felt," something you might filter through.
Remember, 'e' before 'r' in filter, like in "water."
The word filter ends in "ter," like many other English words (e.g., water, later, center).
Filter has the same "er" as "water," and filters are often used with water.

Correct usage of Filter

The coffee machine's filtre is clogged.
The coffee machine's filter is clogged.
Can you please change the air filtre in the car?
Can you please change the air filter in the car?
He forgot to clean the pool's filtre last week.
He forgot to clean the pool's filter last week.
The water filtre needs to be replaced.
The water filter needs to be replaced.
The camera lens filtre enhances the photo quality.
The camera lens filter enhances the photo quality.

Filter Definitions

A device or material that removes impurities or separates particles from air or liquids.
He installed a new filter in the air conditioning unit.
To remove or separate unwanted substances.
She filtered the coffee to get rid of the grounds.
To selectively present or withhold information.
The news app filters content based on the user's preferences.
To pass through or be processed to remove impurities.
Sunlight filtered through the leaves of the trees.
A feature in software that sorts or blocks content.
He used a filter in the spreadsheet to sort the data by date.
A porous material through which a liquid or gas is passed in order to separate the fluid from suspended particulate matter.
A device containing such a material, especially one used to extract impurities from air or water.
Any of various electric, electronic, acoustic, or optical devices used to reject signals, vibrations, or radiations of certain frequencies while allowing others to pass.

Filter Sentences

I use a filter to remove chlorine from drinking water.
She installed a new filter in the air purifier.
The filter on the camera app made the picture look vintage.
Changing the oil filter is part of routine car maintenance.
A sand filter is commonly used in swimming pools.
He prefers using a paper filter for his coffee.
The software filter blocks inappropriate content online.
The filter in the pond needs to be cleaned regularly.
The filter in the aquarium keeps the water clean.
She uses a special filter to brew loose leaf tea.
A filter helps reduce the allergens in the air.
The filter on her social media photos makes them stand out.
They added a filter to their tap to improve water taste.
The filter must be replaced every few months for efficiency.
The filter captures dust particles and improves air quality.
The filter collects grease and smoke particles in the kitchen.
A carbon filter is effective at removing odors.
UV filters protect the lens from sun damage.
Using a filter can prevent coffee grounds from getting into your cup.
A pop filter is essential for recording clear vocals.
Installing a whole-house water filter was a smart decision.
The filter indicator light turns red when it's time to change it.
The noise filter reduces background sound during calls.
She uses a neutral density filter for long exposure photography.
The filter ensures clean air circulates throughout the home.

Filter Idioms & Phrases

Through the filter of

To be perceived, understood, or interpreted in a particular way because of one's personal bias.
She saw everything through the filter of her own experiences.

Filter out the noise

To ignore irrelevant information or distractions.
It's important to filter out the noise and focus on what truly matters.

Filter through

For information, light, or people to slowly come through a barrier or from one place to another.
News of the merger began to filter through the company.

Have a filter

To be cautious about what one says or to avoid saying things that are inappropriate or offensive.
He needs to learn to have a filter, especially in professional settings.

Set filters

To establish criteria or limits to what is acceptable.
You can set filters on your email to block spam.

Put something through a filter

To process or examine something to remove unwanted parts.
We put our ideas through a filter to ensure they align with our values.

Filter back

For people or information to return slowly.
Fans began to filter back into the stadium after the rain delay.

A filter between brain and mouth

The ability to think before speaking.
Sometimes it feels like he has no filter between his brain and his mouth.

Pass through the filter of

To undergo a process of scrutiny or analysis.
Every proposal must pass through the filter of approval by the board.

Filtering process

A method or procedure used to separate wanted from unwanted material or information.
The filtering process ensures that only the most relevant data is analyzed.

No filter

Speaking without thinking about the consequences, often leading to blunt or offensive comments.
She's known for having no filter, which sometimes gets her into trouble.

Social filter

The process of managing or adjusting one's social interactions or expressions in various contexts.
He struggles with the social filter necessary in diplomatic conversations.

Off the filter

Beyond what is normally acceptable; extreme or excessive.
His comments were off the filter and offended many people.

The filter of history

Understanding or interpreting events in the context of their historical significance.
Events are often clearer when seen through the filter of history.

Filter down

For information or a substance to slowly pass down through levels or layers.
The CEO's decisions filter down through the management layers to all employees.

Run something through the filter

To process something to remove unwanted elements.
Run your report through the filter of our guidelines to ensure it's on point.

Through a different filter

Seeing or understanding something from a unique perspective.
Viewing the problem through a different filter might offer new solutions.

Like a filter

Serving to purify or clarify.
Good journalism acts like a filter, separating fact from fiction.

Filter in

For light or people to enter a place slowly.
Morning light began to filter in through the curtains.

Filter out

To remove or separate out something unwanted.
The new policy is designed to filter out inefficiencies in the system.


What is the pronunciation of filter?

Filter is pronounced as /ˈfɪltər/.

Which vowel is used before filter?

Typically, the indefinite article 'a' is used before filter, as in "a filter."

Why is it called filter?

The term "filter" comes from the Medieval Latin "filtrum," meaning felt, which was used as a filtering material.

What is the verb form of filter?

The verb form is "filter," as in to filter water.

What is the root word of filter?

The root word of filter is the Medieval Latin "filtrum."

Which preposition is used with filter?

"Through" is often used with filter, as in "filter through."

Is filter a negative or positive word?

Filter is a neutral word.

What is the singular form of filter?

The singular form is "filter."

Is filter an adverb?

No, filter is not an adverb.

Which article is used with filter?

Both "a" and "the" can be used, depending on the context.

Is filter a countable noun?

Yes, filter is a countable noun.

What is the opposite of filter?

The opposite of filter could be "contaminate" or "pollute."

Which conjunction is used with filter?

"And" is commonly used, as in "filter and purify."

Is the filter term a metaphor?

Filter can be used metaphorically to describe the process of selectively presenting information.

What is a stressed syllable in filter?

The first syllable "fil" is stressed in filter.

What is the plural form of filter?

The plural form is "filters."

Is filter a noun or adjective?

Filter is primarily a noun, but can also be used as a verb.

Is filter an abstract noun?

No, filter is a concrete noun.

Is filter a vowel or consonant?

The word "filter" starts with a consonant sound.

Is the word filter imperative?

Filter can be used as an imperative verb in commands, such as "Filter the water."

What part of speech is filter?

Filter is a noun and can also be used as a verb.

What is another term for filter?

Another term for filter is "purifier" or "strainer."

Which determiner is used with filter?

Determiners like "a," "the," and "this" can be used with filter.

What is the first form of filter?

The first form is "filter" (present tense).

What is the second form of filter?

The second form is "filtered" (past tense).

What is the third form of filter?

The third form is "filtered" (past participle).

How is filter used in a sentence?

"To ensure clean drinking water, it's essential to filter it properly before use."

How many syllables are in filter?

There are two syllables in filter.

Is filter a collective noun?

No, filter is not a collective noun.

How do we divide filter into syllables?

Filter is divided as: fil-ter.
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