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Comraderie vs. Camaraderie: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Comraderie" is the incorrect spelling; the correct spelling is "camaraderie," which means mutual trust and friendship among people.

Which is correct: Comraderie or Camaraderie

How to spell Camaraderie?

Comraderie is Incorrect

Camaraderie is Correct


Key Differences

Pronounce it as "ka-muh-RAH-duh-ree" to remember its spelling.
Think of "camera," a word that starts similarly, and "ride," to make "camaraderie."
Remember the ‘a’ in 'camaraderie' to avoid confusing it with ‘o’ in 'comraderie.'
“Camaraderie” ends with "-ie," not "-y," which distinguishes it from words like "friendly."
"Camaraderie" contains the word 'rad,' a way to remember its "radical" sense of friendship.

Correct usage of Camaraderie

The comraderie in the classroom helps students learn better.
The camaraderie in the classroom helps students learn better.
Their comraderie made the workplace much more enjoyable.
Their camaraderie made the workplace much more enjoyable.
We built comraderie during our time in the training program.
We built camaraderie during our time in the training program.
The team's comraderie was evident in their teamwork.
The team's camaraderie was evident in their teamwork.
You can sense the comraderie among the players on the field.
You can sense the camaraderie among the players on the field.

Camaraderie Definitions

Mutual respect and comfort in a group.
Camaraderie was evident in the workplace.
A social atmosphere of good fellowship.
The camaraderie at the party was noticeable.
A feeling of trust and friendship among people.
There was a sense of camaraderie among the teammates.
A warm feeling of friendship in a group.
The camaraderie helped them achieve their goals.
An emotional bond among comrades.
The soldiers felt a deep camaraderie.
Goodwill and lighthearted rapport between or among friends; comradeship.
Close friendship in a group of friends or teammates.
A spirit of familiarity and closeness.
Comradeship and loyalty.
The spirit of camaraderie is strong among these riders of the plains.
The quality of affording easy familiarity and sociability

Camaraderie Sentences

The camaraderie in our book club makes every meeting enjoyable.
You could feel the camaraderie at the family reunion.
Camaraderie among soldiers helps them through tough times.
Camaraderie in the workplace can lead to higher job satisfaction.
Volunteering together built a strong sense of camaraderie among us.
A good team leader fosters camaraderie among their team.
Camping trips create a unique camaraderie among friends.
The camaraderie among musicians in an orchestra is crucial for harmony.
The camaraderie among team members contributed to their success.
Camaraderie among nurses helps them handle the stresses of their job.
Artists often find camaraderie in shared studio spaces.
School projects often build camaraderie among students.
The sports team's camaraderie was visible to all their fans.
Our neighborhood camaraderie makes it a great place to live.
Reunions are a great time to renew old camaraderie.
Camaraderie among coworkers makes the office a better place to work.
Camaraderie is essential in times of crisis to keep morale high.
Team-building activities are designed to enhance camaraderie.
The camaraderie on the basketball court improves team performance.
Camaraderie is what makes a group of people feel like a community.

Camaraderie Idioms & Phrases

Camaraderie in arms

The bond and friendship among soldiers in battle.
The soldiers' camaraderie in arms kept their spirits high in tough times.

Camaraderie at work

The sense of fellowship and friendliness among coworkers.
The new initiative boosted camaraderie at work, improving overall productivity.

Camaraderie of the seas

The solidarity and mutual support among sailors or those who work at sea.
The old fishermen spoke fondly of the camaraderie of the seas.

Camaraderie of the stage

The bond between performers, actors, or musicians who perform together.
The cast's camaraderie of the stage made every performance memorable.

Camaraderie in exploration

The companionship and solidarity among explorers.
The team's camaraderie in exploration helped them face the unknown with courage.

Camaraderie of the road

The bond formed between travelers or people on a journey.
The cyclists shared a camaraderie of the road, supporting each other through challenges.

Camaraderie in adversity

The close friendship that develops between people facing tough situations together.
The community's camaraderie in adversity helped them rebuild after the storm.

Camaraderie under fire

The strong bond formed among individuals who experience intense and dangerous situations together.
The platoon's camaraderie under fire was a testament to their training and trust in each other.

Camaraderie of the pen

The fellowship among writers or journalists.
The writers' retreat was a great place to experience the camaraderie of the pen.

Camaraderie of the skies

The fellowship among pilots or aircrew members.
The veteran pilot reminisced about the camaraderie of the skies during his flying days.

Camaraderie on the trail

The friendship among hikers or mountaineers.
The camaraderie on the trail made the long journey seem shorter.

Camaraderie on the field

The friendship and mutual trust among team members in sports.
Their camaraderie on the field led to a stunning victory.

Camaraderie in learning

The cooperative spirit among individuals in educational pursuits.
The study group's camaraderie in learning made tackling difficult subjects easier.

Camaraderie in the classroom

The mutual respect and friendship among students.
The project fostered a strong camaraderie in the classroom, making learning more enjoyable.

Camaraderie of the craft

The bond among craftsmen or artisans.
The woodworking class developed a camaraderie of the craft that lasted beyond the course.

Camaraderie in service

The close relationship among individuals serving others, such as in hospitality.
The team's camaraderie in service was evident in their attention to guest satisfaction.

Camaraderie of the heart

The deep friendship and emotional connection among a group of people.
The support group formed a camaraderie of the heart, sharing and healing together.

Camaraderie of the journey

The bond that forms between individuals sharing any life journey.
The retirees found a new camaraderie of the journey in their shared hobbies.

Camaraderie in the arts

The mutual support and fellowship among artists.
The gallery opening showcased not just art, but the camaraderie in the arts.

Camaraderie in innovation

The collaborative spirit among inventors or entrepreneurs.
The startup incubator was buzzing with the camaraderie in innovation among its members.


What is the pronunciation of camaraderie?

/ˌkæməˈrɑːdəri/ in American English.

What is the verb form of camaraderie?

There is no verb form; it's a noun.

Which vowel is used before camaraderie?

The vowel 'a' as in "a camaraderie."

What is the root word of camaraderie?

The root is the French word "camarade."

Which article is used with camaraderie?

"The," as in "the camaraderie was amazing."

Why is it called camaraderie?

Derived from the French word "camaraderie," which is based on "camarade," meaning comrade or friend.

What is the plural form of camaraderie?


Is camaraderie an adverb?


What is the singular form of camaraderie?


Which conjunction is used with camaraderie?

"And," as in "trust and camaraderie."

Is camaraderie a noun or adjective?


Is camaraderie a countable noun?


Is the term camaraderie a metaphor?


What part of speech is camaraderie?


Which preposition is used with camaraderie?

"Among," as in "camaraderie among friends."

Is camaraderie a negative or positive word?


What is a stressed syllable in camaraderie?

The third syllable, "rad."

What is the second form of camaraderie?


Is camaraderie a vowel or consonant?

Starts with a consonant (C).

How many syllables are in camaraderie?

5 syllables.

What is another term for camaraderie?


What is the first form of camaraderie?

Camaraderie (it's a noun, so it doesn't have forms).

Is camaraderie an abstract noun?


Is camaraderie a collective noun?


Is the word camaraderie imperative?


How do we divide camaraderie into syllables?


What is the opposite of camaraderie?


Which determiner is used with camaraderie?

"The," as in "the camaraderie was strong."

What is the third form of camaraderie?


How is camaraderie used in a sentence?

"Their camaraderie was evident during the team-building exercises."
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